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The Crusader: A Search for the Virtue Inside (an excerpt of an Epic Poem)

On through the darkness she searches the bones Seeking the hand of her love; Deep in the stillness, the maid searches on, Petitioning help from above. Onward she gropes through the flesh and the blood Of the warriors disfigured and maimed; She carries no hope for the life of her love - For naught but his body she came. To see his face and cradle his head, Hold him close to her breast; Shed bitter tears at her sweet love's end And give him peaceful rest.

Arizona Blue--Gunfighter: The Wolves Nest [Chapter One of Seven: The North]

[Episode Five]

The Exit Poems [Iron and Fire & No Heroes]

The Exit Poems [And Socrates]

An Old Wood Pile [a poem with notes]

Old skin, once held tight Against her skeleton? Rose no more, just draped Loosely over unpadded flesh; Un-tightened muscles, and tissue, Lost its courage, no-fortitude?, Gone are the days and years That stood against the Indomitable elements; The skeleton, now a landmark Hidden under flesh and blood Guts and moral fiber, backbone? Collapsed from drudgery Time, time: cascading inside?. Bones now leaving impressions Accepting fate Like tarnished silver!... Hands look like autumn leaves Fallen from a tree Winter?s around the corner The door of time is closing Like an old wood pile Being burnet up? Hard to open things Hard to do anything Precariously balanced? Painfully slow?

Breathing-in, Minnesota [a poem: now in Spanish and English]

In early fall, in Minnesota, the rain falls, falls, In buckets, buckets and more buckets?: drops Likened to music from its many streams?land Of ten-thousand lakes; moistened gravel, gravel Everywhere?

Grandpas House & From Iraq with Love [Two Poems]

Grandpa?s House [The ole Real House]

Uamaks Aquatic [suspense: now in Spanish and English]

Delicately, my mind was selecting a muffled tune, out of the dead dark empty space surrounding me?

Memoirs of a Wastelands Rim [a Poem: now in Spanish and English]

Memoirs of a Wasteland?s Rim

Ceasar Vallejo: Black Roses [In English and Spanish]

Cesar Vallejo: Black Roses

Wars, Air of Ambiguity [for: Lt. Laura Walker] in SPANISH and English

Wars, air of Ambiguity

Infected Ideologies [a Poetic Portrait]

the disease of extremism is infectious?; whoever cannot think of their child growing up without it is part of the phenomenon! (the choice of the day). fanaticism,-- with a powerful ideology are seeds for suicide! murder: giving reasons to rage!... ask: leninist che hitler bin laden they will show you to a noble act of death!... (that is what they say). throw out: poverty, the disadvantaged? save the ideology, that is the infected, the choice!?

Poetry and Popular Culture

Is poetry too complicated for the average reader? Is it too cryptic, scholarly? If you ask a large group of average people what they like or don't like about poetry, you'll get a few different answers, but there is an overwhelmingly common category of responses.

Ole Bulky Jeeps & Paper, Ink and Rain [two Peoms]

Ole Bulky Jeeps

Blind Designs [a Poem] and a Note by Rosa on The Other Door

Blind Designs

Daybreak at Pikes Creek [a Poem]

Daybreak at Pikes Creek [Summer of 2005]

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