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An Amazing, Hazy Look Into The Future

Sometimes we all sit and think. Sometimes we doodle with a pen. Do we ever look in depth at what we are thinking? I am amazed at the amount of people who say 'when the phone rang I knew it was you.' 'I was just going to call when you called.' 'I was just thinking of you and you rang me.' All now past and forgotten.

Simple Words

The words, the thoughts, the processes go on and on.

What Is Destiny? Is There Some Thing Called Free Will?

One of the greatest and everlasting debates of humanity has been about the role of destiny in the lives of human beings. There was a time when it was almost an accepted fact of life that each and every event was governed by destiny of human beings. Astrology was considered a science. Then with the advent of modern times the importance of role of destiny as a concept started losing weight. Today, belief in destiny is considered a superstition by majority of people. And rightly so, since there seems to be no evidence for the irrevocability of destiny.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Web

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them. The probability of that obviously is very low but laws of probability have often been known to falter at the crucial test of reality. For example, there is a statistical theory that if you gave a million monkeys typewriters and set them to work, they?d eventually comes up with the complete works of Shakespeare. Thanks to the Internet, we now know this isn?t true.

DNA, Fiction and Society; How it Affects Thought

A book called the Seven Daughters of Eve by Richard Sykes is worthy of a read and talks about what we have learned about the flow of human beings populations through DNA research. Thus it is safe to say that certain members of our species have developed differently and in different ways, meaning the brain also learns differently. As Scientists look at different human brains while doing various tasks and watch which areas light up with energy as it works through these different thoughts and tasks we are finding just how unique and different each mind really is.

Desire is the First Step

When a member of a species determines it wants something a thought is born, which triggers a desire and thus starts the brain into a cycle innovation and strategy. If it is hunger in a Bald Eagle it means flying over the river to catch a Salmon. If it is a tourist who is cold it means going in and buying a sweatshirt. This comes first and is the reason we must first discuss the flow of thought before we attempt to discuss any other issues in our society.

Culture and Knowledge

In eastern Cultures the passing of thought was considered valuable, so much in fact that even to this day members of those cultures respect their elders and listen to their advice. The passing of such thoughts and concepts and philosophies is of extreme value. The Christianity religion and its followers take those stories in the bible literally, almost to an absolute truth. Much of which is an incredible gift from those who came before us and experienced their lives and had something to say and tales to help the understanding of those who would come later. Jesus in the bible talks about important concepts and thoughts of what should be done and how to live with love towards your fellow man.

Humans Who Are Disrespected Seek Revenge

The easiest way to gain enemies is to disrespect people. Inherently for some reason; humans who are disrespected more often than not seek revenge. This should be a warning of what happens in business deals, corporate brainstorming (with regards to hard earned and developed Organizational Capital) or even an outcast member of society. What is the most unfortunate situation in all of these instances is that the whole of the group loses from the possible ideas and innovations of these individuals. A corporate executive who starts to attack their peers at work starts and unending spiral of negativity, thus killing productivity, innovation and higher thought which is what a company most needs to succeed. In the case of an individual in society we end up with those who withdraw their talents to the whole or plot the demise of the fiber holding the civilization together. We see this with vindictive writers, uni-bomber, small fringe groups promoting their agendas.

Tempus Fugit and the Dollar Doesnt

Money is time, a commodity which can be used to gage worth in respect to the time needed to construct, design, build, assemble, mine or in other ways accomplish a task, the creation of a product, a skill, an idea or any materialistic value. The value of a dollar changes from moment to moment depending on who possesses it at any specific point in time.

Choice and Social Acceptance in Human Organizations

Let?s discuss choice and social acceptance. I had the most interesting conversation the other day with a friend at a coffee shop. I was working on a quote and read it out loud and then we discussed it for hours. First here is the quote:

Platos Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?

Atlantis is often described as paranormal or mythical, but is it really? In two of Plato's great works, the Timaeus and the Critias, Plato describes an Athenian civilization in diaglogue between Critias, Socrates, Timaeus and Hermocrates. (Predating Plato by 9,000 years, or 9,600 BC) Atlantis, according to Critias, was a great Athenian city which, by the hand of mankind, met with cataclysmic destruction. By his (Solon) grandfather's education, Critias retold the story of an Athenian civiliation. Critias claimed that Solon (not only his grandfather, but a Greek traveler and historian from Egypt), stayed and interrelated with great Egyptian priests. The recordings from Solon were then given to Plato by Critias. Because Plato's works are considered historical fact, one can only assume that Atlantis DID indeed exist.

Quotes to Think About


All That We Are... Are Labels

Within the confines of the known universe, a madness is present that taints all of the knowledge which every human being has aquired within their life, and within the lives of others.

The Tree of Life and Allies

There are names in many languages and cultures or even within each culture, separate cults with different names for 'forces of nature'. Allies, guides, elementals, fairies, elves, gnomes, leprechauns and so the list would grow into the thousands. How many different dimensions or M-branes we might interact with at some level of our 'cosmic soup' is part of the question? There are different ways to access and varied levels or degrees of access. Not all are reliably replicable by the same techniques. Some element of consciousness exists in these ethereal forces which chooses not to communicate according to factors beyond the control of the soul or human who wishes such contact.

The Cosmic Eggs

One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World is reported (many years after all but the Great Pyramid had vanished) to be the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. This great goddess has what many archaeologists and historians have interpreted to be nearly a thousand breasts on her body. It is being commented on in this very manner as I type this. The Discovery Channel is interviewing an esteemed Cambridge scholar who looks to know his words are as wise as Solomon. The stupidity of such absurd explanations is not unusual but still it draws a smile from those who know better.

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