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Top 10+ Ways to Jumpstart your New Year?s Finances!

Of course, these don't have to be done in any particular order! Just pick one or two that particularly apply to your situation.

Budgeting your Savings - Did You Let Your Piggy Bank Get Away?

I think most of us have at some point in our lives. Some how we forget to feed the little piggy. And, like most neglected ?pets?, your piggy bank will disappear if you don?t feed it. A personal budget is important to create financial independence and setting goals for feeding that ?piggy bank? should be an important part of your budget!

Budget Planning - Its Elementary My Dear Watson

Does it feel like you have to be Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery behind balancing your personal budget? Are you living a mysterious thriller where your realization of "financial independence and security" is a vicious repeating cycle of debt? Don?t be afraid?...Somehow you?ve ended up lost in the ?plastic zone?. ' The "plastic zone" is a scary place. But you?re not alone. There are millions of people today living the same mysterious life in the plastic zone. Remember green money? You know, that green paper with presidents proudly displayed on them. They have virtually disappeared from the ?plastic zone.? Is real Money a foreign object to you? Is the balance of your checking account mysteriously stuck at Zero? It?s time to solve the mystery.

Save Money on your Clothing Budget. Tame the Closet Monster!

Reducing the clothing budget was a serious challenge for me. Two pre-teen girls and a teenage girl certainly didn?t make life any easier. My son wasn?t much of a challenge. Thank goodness, he?s not ?fashion conscious?.

More Money? My Cup Runneth Over...But Im Still Thirsty

Most of us, especially those of us who have debtor?s disease (if you have it you know what it is!), have commented or at least thought, ?If I could just win the lottery, or sweepstakes, everything would be better.? Unfortunately, even if that big dream did come true things probably would get worse instead of better.

How to Draw a Personal Budget that Works

Many people spend their little income haphazardly without any planning and end up getting broke before month-end. They then borrow to make ends meet and end up with more problems that they fail to repay their debts promptly.

5 Ways to Absolutely Destroy Your Finances!

Ben Stein has a book called How to Ruin Your Finances. To be honest, I?m not sure an entire book is needed on the subject?there are some fairly quick and easy ways to accomplish the task. (Before continuing, let me be clear that I do not actually recommend such activities?This is a reductio absurdum argument, meant to spur an opposing realization.)

A Fresh Start for Family Finances in 2005

While 40% to 50% of us make New Year?s resolutions on January 1?a ritual that has existed since ancient times?approximately 60% to 80% of us have already broken them by the end of February, according to researchers.

Money Matters: Strengthen Your Marriage by Putting Finances in Order

Did you know that 43% of all married couples argue over money issues, making it the major reason couples fight? If you and your spouse handle money differently, now is the time to talk, establish expectations, and draw up a financial plan.

Organizing Your Finances - Thinking Outside the (Shoe) Box

If you?re like most people, your personal financial records are most probably kept in less than ?Good Accounting Practices? standards. For example, stashing old ATM receipts and hanging on to a stub showing what you paid for a pack of mints two years ago (cash, of course), might be filed with your paycheck stubs, credit card statements ? paid and unpaid alike ? as well as a few tax forms, a stray paper clip and a penny. Anything from an old shoebox to a toolbox would do you for this method of personal financial tracking but you can do better than that.

Kundalini Lessons - Money

I've been going through and interesting growth period lately that I thought I'd share, as some of the lessons were pretty profound (at least for me).

Know Thy Finances

The first step to financial success lies in knowing your financial situation at any given time. There is an anecdote attributed to John D. Rockefeller--that as a child he was given a monthly allowance from his parents, but upon stipulation that he had to save 10% of it, give away 10% to charity, and account for the rest of it. While his parents required that he record down to the penny where he spent it--you can be a bit more lenient on yourself!

The Wright Place - Finances

Women have a love/hate relationship with money. Most of us do not enjoy dealing with it, yet we know not having finances under control will cause our entire family to suffer.

Whats The Truth Behind Your Finances?

Between 15 - 20% of people in our country (UK) own there own businesses. This statistic is on the rise thanks to the incredible invention of the Internet. The staggering truth is that of these only 5% are genuinely financially free! You may well see lots of expensive cars driving on our roads and big houses inhabited by the seemingly wealthy, but these houses and cars are not yet paid for.

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The benefits of having a personal financial plan include that it enables you to save for major, sometimes unexpected expenses and for the long-term.

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Author will headline Money School, a four-part documentary on Foxtel aimed at helping households pay bills.

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One expert expects taxpayers' projections to be much more accurate this year.

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On managing our personal finances, most people lack basic skills. We don't talk about money with our friends and family. We feel uncomfortable when people ...

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Not that long ago, most people worked for some type of an organization, such as a business or the government or a school district. But today, more and more ...

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Legislation recently introduced in the state House would permit public school students in grades 9-12 to apply up to one credit earned for completing a personal ...

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The first six months of this year have been kind to some, but others have found it almost impossible to get good deals on savings and other financial products.

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To understand how much your adviser is really getting paid, you have to ask the right question. Once you get the answer, take the value they bring to the table ...

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An interesting dichotomy has developed between the stock and bond markets over the past few weeks.

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RAND AND SENSE: Debt can be a useful financial tool if it is managed correctly, you should look out for ways in which you can make debt work for you.

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Dave, a mobile finance app that helps users avoid overdraft fees, announced it is launching a banking product and that it raised $110 million in debt.

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As SA continues to drift of economic stagnation, the disconnect between traditional lenders and entrepreneurs are widening, writes Gary Palmer.

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The first step in shaping your financial future lies in addressing the 3 expenses that could be absorbing more than 60% of your disposable income.

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