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Kids Clutter: Organizing at Every Age

Our children are probably the biggest clutter creators we have in our homes -- even more so than the dreaded paper flow. It starts out innocently, when we find out we are expecting; then the purchasing frenzy swings into high gear and does not let up until, well, let?s just say many years down the road.

Organizing Tips to Help You Conquer the Laundry Monster

Laundry. You sort, you wash, you fold, you blink ? and the pile of dirty clothes has grown all over again. Laundry is a fact of life, but approaching the task in an organized way can make it more manageable.

Memorabilia -- Use It or Lose It!

What do you do with those special items that have been passed down to you? Put them in the hall closet and hope the door will shut? Probably not a good choice for several reasons. First, you are unnecessarily creating clutter; second, if the item is very old and unstable, you will further the aging process; finally, and most importantly, what?s the point of keeping these special items if the only time you enjoy them is when you move or get the bug to clean out a closet!

Four Easy Steps to An Organized Closet

The National Association of Professional Organizers has dedicated January to clean out those closets, but don't wait for January -- now is the time. Exciting this task is not, but by devoting a couple of afternoons this month you can reduce unnecessary search time and you may even find some extra storage in the process.

The Organized Move: Unpacking with a Plan

(This is the third in a series of three articles on "The Organized Move")

3-Step Clean Sweep Program to Organize

Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 1

The following procedures will insure an organized and well run office.

Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 2

In part 1, we discussed a system you could use to organize your office. In this article we will discuss what material is needed to implement that system.

The Five Ways To Ease The Process Of Eliminating Clutter

I recently had a conversation with a friend about clutter. She shared that at times there was so much clutter around her home that she simply concluded her home was in a stage that she referred to as CHAOS or Can't Have Anyone Over Soon. We talked further and what she has discovered is that when there is too much stuff in a space, clutter simply cannot be organized. Of course eliminating our belongings can be quite a challenge. Words like, "I may need that sometime" can quickly come to our mind and shut down the activity. Eliminating clutter is not necessarily an easy process if you haven't done it much in the past. What are the top ways to ease the process of eliminating clutter?

Organizing Your Day

One of the hardest things for most individuals working from home is to stay focused. One of the best ways to stay focused is organization. In addition, being organized will help your time management skills. The two are very much intertwined.

Five Simple Tips to Get Organized Today!

Take time to declutter this summer...

Getting Organized - Getting Fit

In a speech entitled ?Organized Living in a Disorganized World? I made the statement ?Getting organized is much like exercise and healthy eating. It is something you incorporate into your daily living.? Immediately one attendee sighed loudly and blurted out, ?I?m doomed!? Many people feel the same way, but based on my own experience with incorporating exercise into my daily life style, I can offer new hope.

Get Organized - Stay Organized

My mother is one of the most productive people I know. She is 78 years old and still works full-time as the personal assistant to the CEO of a bank. (I come from great genes?it makes me very optimistic about my long-term future!) One of her secrets to productivity is what is often called ?a tickler file.? It used to be a popular organizational tool but eventually fell by the wayside. The tickler file is a reminder system based on the days of the month and months of the year. It simply consists of two sets of file folders: ?1-31? and ?January-December.? It?s time to bring that old system back.

The Love It Or Lose It Principle: One Simple Key to Living Clutter-Free Forever

It wasn?t long ago that you spent an entire weekend ?decluttering? ? and now you are expecting guests in two days, and the guestroom is full of ?stuff? again!

Secrets to Eliminating Emotional Clutter

Are you plagued by clutter in your personal or professional life? Is there someone in your family or your work who is? Based on my experience, the answer is probably ?Yes!?

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