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Some Tips For The Safe Use of Cell Phones And Batteries

1. Increase the life span of your cell phone and battery by following the manufacturer?s directions for using the phone and charging the battery.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans ? Are They For You?

Most Americans have cell phone plans with contracts that call for a certain number of minutes per month.

SMS 101 - Short Message Service Explained

Short Message Service (SMS) is a quick and simple way to communicate short messages via mobile phones, handheld devices, and increasingly even landline telephones. Commonly known as text messages, SMSes, or even texts the practice has spread rapidly throughout the world, evident by the fact that 500 billion such messages were sent in the last year alone. The practice has its popularity due in great part to its convenience and cost effectiveness. For example, a typical text message placed in the US at USD 0.05 per message is priced at just 10 to 20% that of a voice call. Such savings have made it the most popular form of communication in many countries, and the practice is quickly gaining in popularity in the United States as well.

Call Mexico at Rates as Amazing as the Murals

It?s a country that speaks through its numerous murals and is vibrantly creative and colorful in their representation of the ancient Mayan and Teotihuacán history. It?s little wonder that tourism is a booming industry in Mexico. Situated at the northeast border of the US, Mexico?s indigenous population comprising of the: Aztecs, Yucatan, Mayans and Chiapas, have not been too moved by the rapid pace of modernization in the US. Today contemporary literature hotshots like Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo and Octavio Paz continue to rekindle the Mexican tradition.

Cheap Long Distance or is It Really? The Search Continues...

Each month, there are countless Americans who are faced with phone bills that they simply cannot afford. In many cases, they are paying fees that they were never made aware of. Many are being charged far too much for long distance calls, as well. This is especially true for Americans who make international calls on a regular basis.

Buying a Business Telephone System

When buying a new telephone system, it's absolutely vital to go with a major name brand. Would you spend $3,000 on a new big screen TV from a company you never heard of? How about $25,000 on a new car from a no name company? Of course you wouldn't and you shouldn't risk your business on a phone system from a manufacturer you've never heard of either and here's why.......

Cell Phones Revealed

The cellphone is truly a marvelous invention. It has had such a major in pact on how our world has come to be today. As our world became more sophisticated so did our cell phones. Like any piece of technology, cell phones also seem to evolve at some sort of alien rate.

4 Dazzling Midrange Cell Phones

Your next cell phone can be a stripped down model or contain features virtually unheard of one year ago. Chances are you will select something in between; in any case we are featuring four dazzling midrange flip top cell phones for your examination. Shop, compare, and save!

10 Questions About Cellular Phones Answered

1. What's the difference between analog and digital phones?

Americans Catching on to Wireless Text Messaging

Once considered a teenage fad, text messaging popularity in the United States is rising dramatically. According to The Wall Street Journal, 4.7 billion text messages were sent in the USA in December, 2004 compared to 2.1 billion in December, 2003.

Choosing The Right Phone and Voice Mail System

Phone and voice mail systems can be pretty costly, even for companies with a low number phones. Before investing in any type of phone system or voice mail system, you need to estimate how much your company is likely to expand over the next few years and if possible how many phones you may require. Failure to do this could cost you or your company a lot of money in upgrade and restructuring costs further down the road. It is better and cheaper to plan and allow for expansion at an early stage, than wait until it is too late.

How to Find the Best Cellular Phone Service Deal

Finding the best cellular phone service deal can seem as frustrating and difficult as shopping for a new car. Nothing can be as vexing as trying to set up a new service plan that you?ll be locked into for two to three years of your life.

Call Russia Feeling Like a Royal Romanov

Get set to be greeted by the Russians, with a grandiose display of a regal past from the Romanov?s to Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. In the form of tall spires, arched bridges, graceful canals, onion domes, icon paintings and wedding-cake skyscrapers; a fusion of Western and Eastern influences can be found everywhere. Backed by a legacy of literary and art greats like: Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin, Rublev, Levitan and Vrubel; Russians are a cultured community who are widely read and attend theatre regularly.

Cell Phone in Forests

We are putting cell phone towers in the forests for safety, tourists and Forest Service Workers. Sounds like a good idea alright. They will also help when fighting fires, as they add a net-centric component to the ever-increasing fire fighting technologies to extinguish the big ones. Of course some will complain as they are hiking thru paradise or fly fishing that someone?s phone rings? Yes, but if you get injured, lost or the weather gets you, well then you will be darn happy to see four or five bars on the signal strength won?t you?

How Young is Too Young? Buying Cell Phones for Kids

Take a random tween, age 8-12, place them in front of a rotary phone and observe at the blank stare of bewilderment. Yes, gone are the days of the landline, pushed aside by the next wave of technological advancement. Mobile phones are fast displacing landlines in many homes; accompanying this movement is the fact kids regularly use and know how to use these cell phones. The mobility of cell phones means you can be anywhere and have the necessity, or should I say the convenience, of a phone.

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