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How Distressing is Social Phobia?

I remember a friend in college who would blush, sweat, and tremble when required by a teacher to speak in class. A few weeks before the presentation, he?d be anxious, agitated, and couldn?t sleep. Because I was still a student then, I didn?t have any clue what he was going through. But I knew that something was terribly wrong.

Joint Pain Relief

If you joints are constantly killing you, here are three suggestions:

A Very Medical Miracle

Madeline Mann once weighed less can a can of soda making her the tiniest surviving newborn known to medicine. Next week, she enters high school as something even more exrtaordinary? a honor student who likes to play violin and Rollerblade.

How You Can Erase Low Back Pain Using the Latest Medical Techniques!

?If you?re one the nine out of ten adults in the United States who suffers from low back pain, I have good news for you!? states Dr. Nathan Wei, a board-certified rheumatologist and Clinical Director of the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center of Maryland.

Eliminate Agonizing Hand Pain Quickly and Easily!

According to Dr. Nathan Wei, ?The hand and wrist are the mirrors of disease.? While the cause of hand pain can be a localized problem, hand pain can also be the presenting sign for other diseases.

Amazing Shoulder Pain Reversing Secrets!

Whether you?re a weekend athlete, or a gardener that overdid it, or a person with arthritis, there?s hope for you. According to Dr. Nathan Wei, Clinical Director of the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center of Maryland, ?Shoulder problems are one of the most common afflictions of modern times. Fortunately, there are many ways of helping people feel better.?

Medication Compliance Kit ... A Life Saver

Pill Proof LLC introduces the first, easy to use medication compliance kit for consumers and medical professionals. Owner, Jane Langdon, has a sister in law with Parkinson?s Disease. While visiting her sister in law?s doctor, he noted that the biggest problem with her progress was correctly taking her many medications. Jane asked if there was a system available to help her. The doctor replied,? No, I wish there was?. Jane asked if she made one, would he be interested in it. ?Make it and I will use it?, he said. After two prototypes, the doctor approved it. That was the beginning of her new business at

Fifteen Ways to Fight Heel Pain

There are many different causes of heel pain, but the most common cause is plantar fasciitis (plan * tar fash* ee * I * tis). If you experience a sharp pain in your heel when you first step down in the morning, it is most likely due to plantar fasciitis. This problem is a result of excess stress through a long ligament type structure (the plantar fascia) in the bottom of the foot. The excess stress causes tearing and results in inflammation and pain. The classic symptoms are pain in the heel at the first step in the morning, or upon rising after long periods of rest. Many will complain of a sharp pain in the heel when they step out of their car or after finishing their lunch break. Other individuals only experience heel pain at the end of the day or during certain types of activity like running, soccer or tennis. The pain may extend into the arch and feel achy at the end of the day.

Understanding Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is done using a local aesthetic. A large volume of saline solution containing the aesthetic and a drug called "Epinephrine" is injected directly into the areas where there are excessive fatty deposits. Epinephrine is important in the surgical process because it shrinks capillaries and minimizes blood loss. Minor sedation may be required for those who feel a little nervous about the surgery; however the patient is usually completely conscious during the surgery.

Polysomnography: One Tool in Helping in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Stop! and imagine for one moment that your body is being savagely and brutally attacked by chronic pain. This pain is so intense that you become less active. As you become less active you start to develop muscles weakness. Just trying to do normal daily activities such as, working, housekeeping, cooking, playing with the kids, shopping, walking the dog and sleeping has become an extreme ordeal. All is not peaceful in the Land of Nod. In fact, you as a fibromyalgia (FM) sufferer are downright restless.

FDA Orders Search Engines to Stop Online Pharmacies

How Does Online Pharmacies Affect Pharmacy Leaders?

The Check Doctor Credentials Theory

In 2003, there where more than 890 million doctor visits in the U.S. according to the (CDC) Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. "More now than ever consumers are not only researching their doctor, but are also demanding the highest quality of health care" says Hugo Gallegos, President of

Considerations in Distance Education for the Medical Assistant Instructor

Medical Assistant distance education is emerging to meet the demands of a new generation of students in the twenty first century. St. Augustine Medical Assistant School distance education program for medical assistant presents a good model for this integration of technology with medical assistant education. Distance education, particularly in its most recent form, online education, is being integrated into even the most cautious and conservative of educational institutions. Yet the impact of these alternative forms of teaching and learning on students, faculty, and institutions has yet to be broadly or deeply studied. New models such as that at St. Augustine Medical Assistant School are immerging. St. Augustine Medical Assistant School is available at:

?Ooohhh? my aching knee!!!? Insider Secrets on How You Can Get Relief Quickly and Easily!

When your knee hurts, getting relief is all that?s on your mind. Getting the right relief, though, depends on knowing what?s wrong. The correct diagnosis will lead to the correct treatment.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Simple Self-Help Tips

If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you will know how difficult it is to treat. Doctors can be dismissive of IBS symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating, and when treatment is offered it may only help for a short while before the distressing symptoms return.

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New Non-Profit Aims to Develop Digital Medicine Research, Standards  Xtelligent Healthcare Media

A new non-profit has formed to tackle the challenges of defining digital medicine and creating evidence-based standards for the adoption of mHealth technology.

Examining Ayurveda as an Alternative Medicine  NBC 10 Philadelphia

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient healing system from India, made up of unprocessed spices, foods and herbs. Dr. Douglas Beech from Beech Chiropractic and ...

The Digital Medicine Society Is Developing Evidence-Based Standards For Digital Health  Forbes

Digital Medicine Society and Digital Therapeutics Alliance work together to establish a higher level of standards of quality, safety and evidence generation in ...

Space Tourism Is About to Push Civilian Astronaut Medicine Into the Final Frontier

With space tourism slowly becoming a reality, space medicine needs to adapt to the changing health of would-be astronauts.

Trade War With China Threatens To Make Problems With Generic Medicine Worse  Forbes

Do you know where your medicines are made? Have you been switched between different generic forms of your medicine, only to find that you responded ...

The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Announced: Recognizing the Thought Leaders  Yahoo Finance

FREMONT, California, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine was announced today. It is an initiative by BIS Research and ...

Marijuana is a Psychoactive Drug. But is it Really a Medicine?  WTTW News

Marijuana laws are changing rapidly, but as of now, adults can use it recreationally in just 10 states. Medical marijuana, however, is legal in 33 states. So which ...

Regenerative medicine firm CollPlant launches Israel R&D center  Reuters

CollPlant, which makes products for tissue repair and organ manufacturing from its recombinant human collagen, has launched a new research and ...

Double Graduate Seeks to Improve Maternal Medicine Care  Columbia University

Etoro Ekpe, 26, knew she wanted to be an obstetrician-gynecologist when she was in junior high school. “I have always thought delivering babies was the most ...

Digital Medicine: Digital Health, Plus Evidence, Plus Humility  Forbes

I see a new generation of researchers who grew up immersed in data+digital beginning to populate incumbent healthcare organizations+pharma companies, ...

Penn Medicine drastically cuts opioid prescriptions for some cancer patients

A new pain management program implemented by Penn Medicine has limited the number opioids prescribed to urologic cancer patients. Now, they only receive ...

KU Athletics launches a new sports medicine model. Here’s how it will work  Wichita Eagle

Kansas Athletics will be changing its structure when it comes to its sports medicine staff, launching a new model where those roughly 40 employees will now be ...

Tarkanian Works to Improve Future of Medicine in Southern Nevada  UNLV NewsCenter

Longtime Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian is passionate about the burgeoning Las Vegas Medical District, the UNLV School of Medicine, and the ...

WVU Medicine Children's recognizes National EMS for Children Day  WVU Medicine

WVU Medicine Children's is joining hospitals around the country in recognizing National EMS for Children Day on Wednesday (May 22). Pediatric ambulances ...

Sauler Named ATS 2019 Rising Star > Internal Medicine | Yale School of Medicine  Yale News

Maor Sauler, MD, assistant professor of medicine (pulmonary, critical care & sleep medicine), was named the Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology ...

Civil War plant medicines blast drug-resistant bacteria in lab tests

During the height of the Civil War, the Confederate Surgeon General commissioned a guide to traditional plant remedies of the South, as battlefield physicians ...

U of Miami Health System debuts concierge medicine, executive health programs  Becker's Hospital Review

University of Miami Health System has launched a concierge medicine and executive health program, according to Community News.

Associate in Family Medicine opens new clinic, will host open house June 15  Greeley Tribune

WINDSOR — Northern Colorado-based Associates in Family Medicine opened a new medical clinic 1683 Main St., in Windsor on Monday and will host a ...

Patients, distributors worry about access to medicine as cannabis dispensaries set to close Friday  KERO 23ABC News

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — All cannabis dispensaries in Kern County are expected to close their doors this Friday, May 24 after the Kern County Board of ...

London School of Tropical Medicine Vectors of Disease Frieze  Atlas Obscura

Take a stroll down Gower Street, and you'll notice some curious corners adorning the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. These gilded images ...

Hailey Doctor Teaches Sports Medicine In Ghana  Boise State Public Radio

Dr. John "Hatz" Hatzenbuehler practices family and sports medicine at St. Luke's Wood River in Hailey. This spring, he traveled to Ghana with fellow.

Northwestern Medicine and Google use AI to improve lung cancer detection  Daily Northwestern

A new study from Google and Northwestern Medicine found deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence, was able to spot cancerous lung nodules in scans ...

Research program equips students with essential skills for careers in medicine  Penn State News

Nineteen medical students presented at the 2019 Medical Student Research Symposium at Penn State College of Medicine on May 13.

St. Claire Foundation Receives Gift for Family Medicine Locations from Physician's Father  WMKY

The St. Claire Foundation has received a gift of more than $76500 from the estate of the father of a longtime St. Claire HealthCare physician and.

Bioelectronic Medicine Startup Cala Health Nabs $50M for Wearable Neuromodulation Therapies -  HIT Consultant

Cala Health, Inc., a bioelectronic medicine company developing wearable therapies for chronic disease has raised $50 million in Series C funding.

Board Of Medicine Vacancies Take Toll  WUSF News

Vacancies and expired terms are starting to become a problem at the Florida Board of Medicine. Chairman Steven Rosenberg, a West Palm Beach physician, ...

Mercy Ships celebrates 100,000th surgical procedure: 'It's the purest form of medicine'  Fox News

The majority of the world's population doesn't have immediate access to safe medical care, but that's something Mercy Ships is hoping to change, one stop at a ...

'Food is Medicine State Plan' to begin providing services in June

A group met on Wednesday to make sure healthy food is available to everyone in western Massachusetts.

Stanford Medicine's Big Data in Precision Health event returns  Scope

Today, the annual Big Data in Precision Health conference returns to the Stanford Medicine campus. The event was created seven years ago to bring together ...

Penn Medicine employee 'misused' a patient's information, hospital privacy chief says  Becker's Hospital Review

Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine alerted around 900 patients that their information may have been improperly viewed by a former medical assistant at the ...

Northwestern Medicine's Chief Medical Officer explores the pitfalls of internet self-diagnosis  WGN Radio - Chicago

The doctor is in, Chief Medical Officer & SVP for Northwestern Medicine Dr. Jim Adams joins Roe Conn & Anna Davlantes to discuss why measles continues to ...

SIUE Alumnus Savoca is Commencement Speaker for School of Dental Medicine

EDWARDSVILLE - Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine (SIU SDM) emeritus faculty and SIUE alumnus Dr. Dennis “Denny” Savoca will ...

Patient-centric clerkship guides future physicians at College of Medicine  Penn State News

The Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship teaches Penn State College of Medicine students to be more empathetic physicians by working with the same patients for ...

Scientific & Commercial Aspects of Personalized Medicine Markets, 2028 - Focus on Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacoproteomics, and Metabolomics  Yahoo Finance

DUBLIN, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Personalized Medicine - Scientific & Commercial Aspects" report from Jain PharmaBiotech has been added to ...

New orthopedic, sports medicine clinic opens in Bristol  Bristol Herald Courier

BRISTOL, Tenn. — An orthopedic and sports medicine clinic operated by Holston Medical Group opened Monday.

Four Projects Aim to Shape Future of Family Medicine  AAFP News

The AAFP has launched new work that aims to move the needle for family medicine by focusing on administrative burden, public perception, advocacy and ...

Yankees Beat Rays With a Taste of Their Own Medicine  The New York Times

On the one-year anniversary of the Tampa Bay Rays' first use of a so-called opener, the Yankees copied the concept, having Chad Green, a reliever, start the ...

Together, 'Deep Medicine' And 'The Butchering Art' Reveal How Little Medicine Has Changed  Forbes

Judging by their covers, "Deep Medicine" and "The Butchering Art" seem to take place in different worlds. Reading them back to back reveals a shocking truth: ...

Ohio abortion, ectopic pregnancy bill: 'It's both bad medicine and bad law-making'

Ohio House Bill 182, authored by Rep. John Becker, ignores medical science and invents a new treatment that is completely unproven.

Perioperative Risk With Immunosuppression in Rheumatoid Arthritis  Annals of Internal Medicine

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are at increased risk for infection after arthroplasty, yet risks of specific biologic medications are unknown. Objective:.

Quackery or a real alternative: What is Traditional Chinese medicine?  Deutsche Welle

This week, the World Health Organization will adopt its new International Classification of Diseases. One point of bitter contention: whether Traditional Chinese ...

Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital adding $4.2M breast health center  DeKalb Daily Chronicle

'We're going to have to do a better job at getting into the edges of the community'

More than 700 support Behavioral Medicine Center 5K to raise awareness for mental health  Loma Linda University Health

Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center hosted its third annual “Stand Up to Stigma” 5K on Sunday, aimed to increase awareness of the behavioral ...

World traveler studied plant use as food and medicine  News from Tulane

Not all paths are easy, but a little drive and ambition can go a long way in achieving one's goals.

Hospital budget cuts create personnel, medicine shortages  Mexico News Daily

Shortages of doctors, nurses and medicine are among the problems faced by hospitals in 24 states as a result of federal budget cuts to the health sector.

Facts you should know about lupus  Baylor College of Medicine News

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects millions of people around the world, but is still widely misunderstood and challenging to diagnose. In the midst of ...

Medicine Ball Caravan: May 22, 2019  KRVS

Wednesday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS (11am-noon Central Standard on 88.7FM locally or ) welcomes J. Burton as we debut tracks off his ...

With Denver's vote on magic mushrooms, will Colorado anchor a psychedelic medicine revolution?  The Colorado Sun

With voters requiring police to slacken enforcement of laws around psilocybin mushrooms, Colorado and the Mile High City are poised to anchor an emerging ...

True Leaf Medicine taps star choreographer Laurieann Gibson as brand ambassador for True Leaf Pet  Proactive Investors USA & Canada

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd (CNSX:MJ) - Gibson says her 12-year-old Pomeranian Samson loves True Leaf's hip and joint supplements, which help him ...

The Role of Pharmacogenetics in Precision Prescribing  Annals of Internal Medicine

Pharmacogenetics may help physicians deliver individualized treatments based on how a person's genes affect a drug's effects and metabolism.

Pioneering genomic medicine center at Children's Mercy benefits from Black & Veatch fundraiser  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Two Brown Physicians, Inc Recognized Nationally for Contributions to Emergency Medicine Specialty  GoLocalProv

Two faculty members from Brown Physicians Inc. were recognized by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) during its 30th SAEM Annual ...

Food as medicine: Doctors are prescribing broccoli alongside beta blockers  Sun Sentinel

Hospitals and local governments across the country have been writing and filling prescriptions for healthy food in an attempt to address the root causes of ...

Michigan Medicine's Department of Emergency Medicine showcases new research at SAEM19  University of Michigan Health System News

Members of the Michigan Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine are showcasing new research, presenting posters and sharing best practices at the ...

Gun-Toting Thief Swiped $150 Worth of Cold Medicine From Duane Reade, Police Say

Police are looking for the man shown in surveillance footage above and below because they say he stole a large amount of cold medicine and flashed a gun at ...

Preventative medicine discussion, Matter of Fact host Soledad O'Brien weighs in  WTAE Pittsburgh

Soledad O'Brien says scientists need to be more involved in conversation.

Israel announces NIS 60 million investment in precision medicine research  The Jerusalem Post

Israel has an enormous relative advantage in this field due to the vast scope and high reliability of its databases.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon unable to afford medicine

At least 180000 Syrian refugees suffer from a chronic disease, but struggle to pay for basic medical care.

Food as medicine: Doctors are prescribing broccoli and bananas alongside beta blockers  Houston Chronicle

A D.C. pilot program gives Medicaid patients weekly $20 vouchers for *fresh* produce.

Socialized Medicine Is Bad for Your Health  National Review

Of all the forms of socialism that persist in the West, socialized medicine may well be the most persistent — and the most consequential. But first, it's worth ...

WVU Medicine celebrates EMS Week | West Virginia  Herald-Mail Media

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The American College of Emergency Physicians is celebrating Emergency Medical Services Week this week with events organized ...

Sports medicine column: Optimism after Durant's muscle pull strains believability

Golden States Warriors superstar Kevin Durant exited a playoff game with right lower leg pain on May 8. A day later, an MRI revealed a mild calf strain. Still, the ...

WK Sports Medicine screens nearly 1000 student athletes at annual event  Bossier Press-Tribune Online

WK Sports Medicine's annual physical screening for high school athletes attracted 970 students on Saturday, May 4, in preparation of the 2019-2020 school year ...

In Return For Some DNA, Program Promises Medicine Eventually 'Tailored To You'  WUWM

A federal program scheduled to spend $60 million dollars in Wisconsin continues to try to get people to share their health and lifestyle information, plus.

Tulane School of Medicine: New opioid speeds recovery with fewer risks

Senior study author James Zadina, PhD, and first author Amy Feehan, PhD, in Zadina's research lab at Tulane University School of Medicine. (Sally Asher ...

This New Democratic Plan Would Ban Private Medicine  The Wall Street Journal

A few months ago, Sen. Kamala Harris raised eyebrows when she nonchalantly proclaimed her desire to abolish private health insurance: “Let's move on.

Celebrity biohacker Josiah Zayner is under investigation for practicing medicine without a license  MIT Technology Review

Josiah Zayner knows how to play the game. The onetime NASA scientist has leaped to social-media fame and earns a living by performing medical procedures ...

Family medicine residency program earns...  The Owensboro Times

The Family Medicine Residency Program hosted by Owensboro Health and the University of Louisville has earned accreditation from the Accreditation Council ...

AI In Medicine: More Science And Less Art : Shots - Health News  NPR

Will AI in health care create a two-tiered system in which poorer people will be seen by a computer instead of a doctor? That's one concern about the burgeoning ...

Frederick pediatrician accused of sexual abuse to stop practicing medicine  WDVM 25

A Frederick pediatrician will stop practicing medicine after facing 65 new charges. Tuesday, a judge set a second bond at $400000 for Dr. Ernesto Torres, 68.

WVU Medicine gets state OK for kidney transplant program; will seek fed OK next  The Dominion Post

MORGANTOWN — WVU Medicine's planned kidney transplant program received a state green light this week and is one approval away… This *content* is for ...

Placebos May Be A Powerful Tool That Medicine Has Overlooked  NPR

Physicians believe placebos work only if patients think they're getting medicine. In other words, doctors have to deceive patients. But there might be a way to get ...

Man steals chemotherapy medicine from brain cancer patient’s porch  New York Daily News

Surveillance video captured a porch thief swiping a package of chemotherapy medicine over the weekend, just days before an Oklahoma City man was set to ...

Medicine Ball Caravan: May 21, 2019  KRVS

CC Adcock drops by Tuesday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS (11am-noon Central Standard on 88.7FM locally or ) to prep us for his second ...

It's time to stop murder by counterfeit medicine  STAT

Counterfeit medicines and substandard drugs kill thousands of people a year around the world. Better technology and stronger laws can help stop the problem.

First female Emirati specialist in aviation medicine: Dr. Nadia Bastaki  Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Dr. Nadia Bastaki, the first Emirati woman to be registered as a specialist in aviation medicine, has achieved her lifelong ambition and has become ...

140 NYU School of Medicine Faculty, Alumni Urge President to Address 'Climate of Antisemitism'  Algemeiner

Alumni and faculty members of New York University's School of Medicine called on President Andrew Hamilton to combat a “climate of anti-Semitism at NYU that ...

Nadeem Karimbux Named Dean of School of Dental Medicine  Tufts Now

Nadeem Karimbux, an accomplished dental educator, researcher, clinician, and leader, has been named the seventeenth dean of Tufts University School of ...

Cannabis: Gateway to Herbal Medicine  Project CBD

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is so named because it responds to cannabis compounds. But cannabis is not its only regulator – there are a ...

Debt Market Gives Payday Lender a Taste of Its Own Medicine  Bloomberg

CNG Holdings plans to sell $310 million of bonds, promising a 12% interest rate to investors who can stomach its business model.

Costly medicines The global battle over high drug prices  The Economist

THESE DAYS it is hard to find a government that is not struggling with the high price of medicines. In England, the government is fighting Vertex, a drug company ...

Exposed Again: Donkeys Abused and Slaughtered for Traditional Chinese Medicine  PETA

In 2017, a PETA Asia investigation revealed that donkeys in China—some as young as 5 months old—are bashed in the head with a sledgehammer and their ...

Psychedelic Medicine 101: LSD and psilocybin vs alcoholism  New Atlas

A new study is suggesting a great number of individuals are self-treating problematic alcohol consumption with strong doses of LSD or psilocybin. The research ...

'Medicine or Myth?' host Jan Fran talks wild home remedies and complementary medicine  SBS

The Feed's Jan Fran greets the many and varied Australians for a chat before they face a panel of medical experts who will decide if their home remedies will get ...

Moderna Aims To Revolutionize Modern Medicine With A New Class Of Drugs  Seeking Alpha

moderna had the largest IPO in biotech history. mRNA drugs may bring about a paradigm-shift in modern medicine. Personalized cancer vaccines may become ...

New family medicine clinic coming to Jesup

JESUP, Iowa (KWWL)-- Access to healthcare in rural areas can be difficult, but one area hospital is looking to improve that by expanding to Jesup.

Regulatory intelligence: Update on regenerative medicine advanced therapies designations  Endpoints News

This article discusses the scope and purpose of the special designation for Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapies (RMAT) created by the passage of the ...

Addiction Medicine Mostly Prescribed To Whites, Even As Opioid Deaths Rose Among Blacks  Kaiser Health News

A study looked at who gets Suboxone prescriptions and found that whites are almost 35 times more likely to get the addiction treatment than African Americans.

Prehistoric Medicine: How Archaic Humans Cured Themselves - The Crux  Discover Magazine

Natural remedies have been used by many animals and probably early human ancestors.

Microbe-Hacker Ginkgo Bioworks Pushes Further Into Medicine With Acquisition Of Genome Mining Platform And Antibiotics Discovery Deal With Roche  Forbes

Gene-hacking unicorn Ginkgo Bioworks pushed further into medicine with the acquisition of Warp Drive Bio's genome mining platform and its antibiotics ...

New computer program can help crack precision medicine

Researchers from ANU have helped develop a new computer program to find out a person's genetic make-up, bringing us a step closer to an era of precision ...

Denver Considers Telling Law Enforcement To Let 'Magic Mushrooms' Be : Shots - Health News  NPR

Denver could be the first place to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms if voters pass a ballot measure today. Supporters point to research finding therapeutic ...

News and Stories: The Art of Medicine  Muhlenberg College

By learning what she didn't want to do—become a physician—medical illustrator Beth Sumner Vuelta '09 found her true calling. By: Cindy Kuzma Thursday, May ...

Best wishes, Class of 2019!  Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Gathering at the historic Danforth Campus, graduates, faculty, family and friends celebrated the 158th Washington University Commencement ceremony on ...

Hot Stocks Report: Editas Medicine, Inc. (EDIT), India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC)  Post Analyst

Editas Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ:EDIT) trading capacity remained 767335 shares during the last session. However, the volume average of the last 5 sessions is ...

Future - The princess who transformed war medicine  BBC News

Vera Gedroits knew she was in a race against time. She had to escape. Overnight, gunfire from the battlefront had grown ever nearer and only now, at 02:00, ...

Biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome identified | News Center  Stanford Medical Center Report

Stanford scientists devised a blood-based test that accurately identified people with chronic fatigue syndrome, a new study reports.

Citing safety concerns, Franklin schools may ban essential oils and non FDA-approved drugs  The Tennessean

The Franklin Special School District is considering a ban on alternative medicines that haven't been approved by the federal government, citing safety concerns.

SC Rate Hike Drama: Duke Takes Its Medicine  FITSNews

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy agreed to significantly smaller rate hikes on its South Carolina customer base this week, grudging concessions ...

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