Top 3 Viral Marketing Techniques

Michael McLaughlin

Interested in finding a way to literally draw new customers to your website without doing anything Have your visitors feel exited about telling other people about your website Then don’t stop reading here!

#1. Community

Everyone is looking for ways to draw unique visitors to there website, fact is many people spent a vast amount of there profits advertising. Many webmasters don’t understand that one return visitor is worth more than five visits from a targeted advertising campaign that stay for a few seconds. Building a community is a great way to draw visitors back to your website.

The best way to produce this effect is offer your website visitors a way to communicate with each other through a forum or message board. Make sure your forum or message board’s general topic is highly related to your websites purpose or product, this way you know that the return visitors will be interested in your product!

Another great way to build a sense of community is to make available to your visitors a form where they can submit there comments or suggestions, this will let your future customer feel that his opinion is being counted and they can make a difference.

#2. Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a superior way to make a phenomenal amount of extra money and draw tons of new visitors! You may ask yourself why affiliate programs are always so successful Yet there is a very simple answer, and that is that with affiliate programs everyone wins!

Set up an affiliate program on your website and you could double or triple your sales and watch as your traffic goes through the roof! The reason for this is because with affiliate programs there is incentive on both sides. First the affiliates are interested in making money by selling your product, and if you pay your affiliates enough you will have no need to advertise for you site any longer because the sales will be pouring in! Also suggest that you pay your affiliates percents of how much your product cost, that way they have more incentive to try to sell your most expensive product! Ways affiliate programs benefit the owner is simple: it draws sales and visitors.

#3. Offer Free “Stuff”

Easily the simplest viral marketing technique. By offering your visitors something free in exchange for perhaps a verified email address, you can then email those visitors and notify them about updates on your website or product sales. Word of mouth always has been and always will be the best marketing technique and marketing gurus have known this forever!

There are numerous resources where you can download free stuff then turn around and give it away to your visitors. Some great ideas to get you started off is to offer your visitors free ebooks and free software. This software might cost a substantial amount of money to develop but it’s a one time fee for a decent stream of visitors for life! The options are endless, find something your visitors want and watch them roll on in!

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