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Alarm Systems: Not Just For The Wealthy Anymore!

Over the last 22 years that I have been involved in the security alarm industry, I have seen quite an evolution. Changes have not only taken place in what type of equipment is available, but also in how the consumer buys and use?s the equipment.

Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires?

What do alarm systems and automobile tires have in common? This may sound like a strange question to the untrained ear, but lend me yours and I will make sense of it.

Alarm Controls are the Brain of your Security System, Use Yours When Choosing One

The alarm control is the brain of your security system. It is typically placed in an area that is out of the way like a basement, attic, closet or office. The motherboard and additional components such as radio receivers, backup power supply and zone expanders are inside this metal box, which is often locked. You will have little or no interface with the alarm control. Your alarm technician will need to access this unit to program it and wire it to general standards, or your custom standards.

Six Common Criminal Types And How To Avoid Them

?An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? that saying is as true for crime, as it is for health. After taking literally thousands of reports over the years I spent as a police officer; I found that a lot of crimes that had happened could have been prevented. The easiest and most effective way of dealing with crime is not be a victim of it in the first place. This is easier said then done, and no matter how cautious you are you can still be a victim. Nothing will give you a 100% guarantee; however, there are things you can do to at least limit your odds of being a victim. But first; you have to know what you are preventing yourself from, in order to know how to prevent against it. This article will in general show you some of the common criminal types, and give some suggestions on how to avoid them. I have made up my own classifications for these people based upon my experience as a police officer.

The Case for Personal, Estate, Corporate and Child Abduction Security in today?s World

When one considers the historical nature of security applications and programs of any type, i.e., CCTV, intrusion detection and alarm systems, corporate policies and programs and countermeasures of any type, the phenomenon of the Denial Syndrome, Complacency and Failure to properly allocate a Security Budget can not be over emphasized. If we, as individuals, as a country and as a government, have not learned anything from the lessons of 911, it is the benefit of being pro-active and utilizing the concept of foreseeability.

Estate and Mega-Yacht Security Systems and Safe Rooms

Why do I need a ?safe room? I really don?t need one; I?m not that high profile?. This is typical V.I.P. client frame of reference or attitude concerning security systems and safe rooms.

Someone Spying?

Someone Spying? So are the Teddy Bear and the Potted Plant

Home Security System, You Are A winner

Have you ever been to a local trade show or fair and filled out a raffle and later you find out you have won a Home Security System? Well, you are not alone. Sometimes everyone one wins. That?s right you are not as lucky as you think you are. Well you are lucky in one regard; home security systems do work, not only do the little flags out front of the stickers near the front door help prevent crime, but an alarm sends the culprits running big time.

What is Your Security Awareness IQ?

Are you aware of the need for security?

Who Has Keys to Your Castle?

One area of home security that is often overlooked, and one of the most visible, is the common key. Even if you are the owner of a new house, or the first tenant of your apartment, you cannot be sure that no one else has a key to your door.

Where Does Safety & Security Begin? Security Expert Explains

Personal safety begins with you. It is widely accepted that a wide-ranging personal safety strategy must incorporate prevention, deterrence and defiance.

Security Alarm System Motion Detectors

Passive Infrared Motion Detectors- These detectors are also known as PIR detectors. The technology they utilize is ?passive infrared?. The device is mounted on a wall or in the corner of a room. It sends invisible fingers out into the covered area in several layers. The top layer goes the furthest and averages about 60 feet straight ahead and 35 feet on the sides.

Alarm System Keypads

The keypad is the device you and your loved ones will interface with daily. It is typically placed at one or more of the following locations:

Alarm System: Wireless Remotes


Alarm System: Sirens

Alarm Sirens- There is both inside and outside sirens. Many towns have a noise ordinance, which should prevent your installer from putting yours outside, unless you are on a ranch where you need to know what?s going on while your out in the barn. You would not want a neighbor running over to your place during an alarm as they might be confronting a dangerous situation. It is better to let the police do that instead.

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Harrison County sheriffs are investigating a string of burglaries committed in Harrison County last month.

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This home security system protects your home with live viewing, real-time alerts, and in-home alarms.

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When you promote an open house, you're essentially letting people know that anyone who wants to can go inside your home on a certain date. What's more,

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Best Buy zapped the price of Nest smart home security Nest Secure Alarm and Nest Cam Outdoor bundle and added a free Google Home Mini. Nest Detect ...

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President Trump' executive order blocking Huawei's products from accessing U.S. networks or technology has resulted in Google retracting its Android license ...

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Researchers at North Carolina State University have identified design flaws in "smart home" Internet-of-Things devices that allow third parties to prevent.

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Police are investigating a bizarre home invasion in Queens -- one in which a family on vacation checked their live security feed and saw a pants-less man with a ...

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Smart locks can attach to the front of a door, inside, or both, and many look like traditional deadbolts. Kara Tsuboi reports. 16 days ago ...

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Best Buy Tech Expert Nathan Schwegman joined Take2 with gadgets and ideas to keep residents safe.

Zovii home security system  Geeky Gadgets

Zovii the development company based in Hong Kong has created a new home security system aptly named iGate, which consists of a smartphone companion.

No security changes yet to yard waste site in Bellevue  The Press-Times

Concerns were raised by the village board about the village yard waste site, regarding escalating costs and security enhancements, especially overnight.

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