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Coping with a Serious Data Loss from your Computer Hard Drive

Data loss is an expensive reality. It's a hard fact that it happens more often then users like to admit. A recent study by the accounting firm McGladrey and Pullen estimates that one out of every 500 data centers will experience a severe computer disaster this year. As a result, almost half of those companies will go out of business. At the very least, a data loss disaster can mean lost income and missed business opportunities.

Setting up a Network -- Wired or Wireless?

Wireless networks are en vogue, but your installation won?t be successful unless you chose the right type of network and set it up properly. Wired networks require that each computer be connected via a wire to a central location, called a switch or hub. This often involves installing cables through walls and ceilings and can present a challenge for anyone.

Thumb Drives - Great New Technology!

The ability to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is just another benefit computers have brought to the current business world.

The Road Ahead

We live in an area that has begun to use GreenBins for household waste. Our regular garbageispicked up every other week and the onlyweekly garbage collection is our green plasticbins, to be filled with leftover food productsand other organic waste. When the program first started, I was surewe could never change our ways, but beforelong, depositing bones and leftover food inthe bin became automatic. Why am I telling you this? Because using thecomputer will also become easy for you themore you try. Sure, the learning curve issteeper than remembering which containerto use for which type of garbage, but theidea is the same. Every time you perform afunction or solve a problem on your computer, it will be easier thanthe time before. This week, I read a book written by Bill Gatesin 1996 titled 'The Road Ahead'.Gates said, "Computers frighten almost everyone(everyone but children), before they learn touse them. When people spend more time withcomputers, they understand them better.You can start by playing computer games ordoing other simple things. Once you startusing them, I think you'll like them." With the Internet, we can keep in touch withold friends and make new ones; havevirtualexperiences of flying an airplane, driving acar, even dissecting a toad. Pilots and doctorspractice their work without worrying aboutaccidents. Every school can have a wonderfullibrary thanks to the Internet. Gates saw then how much our world wouldchange because of computers. Banking andshopping online, distance learning, the abilityto telecommute and work from home - all ofthese grew as software became better andmore powerful. Gates talked about his own futuristic house. Anyone in the house wore an electronic pin thattold the house who and where you were. Whenit got dark, the pin would turn on lights nearbyand turn them off when youwent away. Musicwould play near you and the phonering nearbyonly if the call was for you. A home control console activated choices of lighting, music,and temperature. That was in 1996, so whoknows what his home is like now! The book ended with a cartoon showing amuttusinga computer and saying "On the Internet,nobody know's you're a dog." How true - onthe Internet, we are all on equal ground.When in my 40?s, the university library where I worked was computerized. The thought of using those machines at my age was so intimidating that I moved to another department. I transferred back a year later, determined to learn.

An Inexpensive Solution to Securing Public Access Computers

Offering secure public Internet access is not as easy as it may seem. As the IT manager for a mid-sized public library, it?s become apparent to me that creating a secure network of library workstations for use by the public is more important than ever before. System administrators have the responsibility of protecting the library's networks and systems, while ensuring quality and speedy service to all patrons. Offering public Internet access requires a dynamic security plan that is constantly under revision, taking into account the technical changes of the times. Traditionally, the software options available for help in this regard come at a significant price, often forcing libraries to spend thousands of dollars securing their computer rooms.

Laptop Computers and the PVP Effect!

Roll over lumbering desktop computers, the limber laptop is here, and it's here to stay! For a while now notebooks have outstripped their ageing desktop PC siblings, easily winning the gold medal in the computer sales olympics. We will illustrate how the PVP effect has contributed greatly to the increase in popularity of notebook computers.

At War With The Internet

When it comes to sales of technology products over the Internet, there are now two factors that potential buyers must consider as possibly ?too good to be true?. In the past, there was only price to worry about. If the price was too low, buyer beware. But now a second factor has emerged, in the form of a new kind of company for web surfers to consider as possibly also ?too good to be true?. For if this company is ?good?, then a new revolution on the web is about to occur. Because if this company is ?true?, then the cleansing of the internet of corruption and lies has finally begun in earnest, with one company willing to police itself.

5 Ways To Backup Your Data...

The data on your hard drive is the most critical item inside your computer, and the only item which can not be replaced. It may be an unwanted hassle and expense to replace a defective memory module, monitor, or processor, but there is no replacing data once lost.

Power and Your PC

The power coming into a computer is the most critical component, and it may be one of the most overlooked. It is just taken for granted that it will always be there and working properly. A top of the line processor and ultra powerful video card do nothing if a system does not receive the ample, stable power it demands. Having quality components providing and regulating the power supplied to a computer is critical, and this brief overview looks at a few areas worth consideration.

Your Business versus Mother Nature

Business Consultants earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year showing businesses how to improve their productivity. All business consultants in the Information Technology area agree that the biggest threat to business survival is data loss.

You Can Prevent Computer Slowdowns & Issues

Most people understand preventive maintenance like changing the oil in your car will help your car run better and last longer. The same principle holds true for your PC. Based on the computer repair services we do on computers in Cincinnati, we believe 80% of computer slowdowns and problems can be prevented!

Laptop Computers Instigate Classroom Revolution!

Have you noticed that laptop computers are beginning to dictate what happens in the classroom? Additionally, mobile technology is changing where learning takes place. This is especially true as laptops are entering the educational arena in ever increasing numbers.

Recordable DVD Formats Explained

Picking your way through the ton of information available on recordable DVD formats can be a nightmare. To help you out, we?ve done our best to distill it into this summary.

Expert Guide to DVD Camcorders

Thinking about a mini DVD camcorder? You're not alone, it's a rapidly growing sector of the camcorder market, with Hitachi, Sony and Panasonic all making more than one mini dvd camcorder.

DVD Recorders: Getting Started

IMO, these sd work 'like a VCR' as far as recording and playback. There are models w/ harddrives, VHS players, etc. built in, but to me that's overboard.

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Capitol Hardware announced today that it is taking over Santa Barbara Plumbing Supplies.

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Following some quiet hardware announcements, the Mac maker's big event next week will focus on services.

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March 22, 2019 By Christian Murray A hardware store that has been on Queens Boulevard for 20-years is closing at the end of the month. AAA Hardware.

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Intel will not develop new Compute Cards, the company has confirmed to Tom's Hardware. Compute Cards were Intel's vision of modular computing.

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Davis Ace Hardware in downtown Davis and the smaller Aggie Ace store off Anderson Road are getting new owners. Longtime owner Jennifer Anderson and ...

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Fred Adler, an immigrant from Romania, opened Adler's Army and Navy Store in 1919. It was one of three businesses in the building that's now 173 Wickenden ...

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Nvidia used its GPU Technology Conference in San Jose to introduce new blade servers for on-premises use and announce new cloud AI acceleration.

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Visitors to Capitol Hill may be looking for such landmarks as the Library of Congress or the Supreme Court. But people who live there are more likely headed to ...

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The amount of data that the big cloud computing providers now store is staggering, so it's no surprise that most store all of this information as compressed data in ...

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True Value Company is embracing a “marketing-as-a-*service*” model, offering hyper-local and highly targeted marketing to stores as part of a larger program to ...

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Google has launched a trio of new hardware products for developers who are working with artificial intelligence. These include a dev board, a USB accelerator, ...

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The evidence that AMD is catching up to Intel in the DIY (Do It Yourself) PC market has been mounting for some time. On Amazon and Newegg, Ryzen ...

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From its smooth, gray build to its reliable performance whether working or playing, the 15-inch Lenovo Legion Y740 ($1,679.99 / £1,749.99 to start, $1,919.99 ...

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The Khronos Group has released the OpenXR 0.90 spec for royalty-free standards related to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality VR devices.

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Disclaimer: These summaries are provided for educational purposes only by Nelson Rosario and Stephen Palley. They are not legal advice. These are our ...

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GPU giant unveils new CUDA-X label for its software stack.

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Serving 2.7 billion people each month across a family of apps and *service* isn't easy — just ask Facebook. In recent years, the Menlo Park tech giant has ...

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Valve has confirmed that it laid off 13 employees and a number of contractors, possibly from its virtual reality hardware division, despite rumors of a prototype ...

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The focus on hardware is somewhat unusual for a collaborative furniture company.

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ARLINGTON, Wash. -- A lot of things have changed over the years in Arlington, but there has been one constant: a beloved store that has been around since the ...

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News. The Ledger Nano S from French crypto hardware wallet firm Ledger has received a First Level Security Certificate (CPSN) from France's national ...

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Graphics card sales have long been dominated by two companies - but that might well be about to change. Intel held an inaugural event for its new program ...

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You know that feeling you get when you walk into a Restoration Hardware? You want everything, and can afford nothing. But when Jake Owen walked into one, ...

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Nvidia's 2019 Investor Day eased some of the concerns about long-term growth prospects and justified the optimism, but the deal to acquire Mellanox for $6.9 ...

Apple Updates iMacs with new Hardware, Doesn't Include its New Security Chip

Even though Apple is hosting an event next week, the company is announcing updates to its hardware this week. Yesterday, the company announced new ...

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In a surprisingly unceremonious reveal, Intel posted the architecture of its new Gen11 graphics to its website. The document shines a spotlight on some ...

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A look at Lenovo's mid-tier mobile workstation for engineers and designers.

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The brewer opens in Marysville Friday, two years after a crushing disappointment.

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Respawn Entertainment has reportedly started issuing permanent hardware bans against Apex Legends cheaters. The studio is raising the bar on how cheating ...

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Google today launched Chrome 73 with new media options, PWAs and dark mode on Mac, and the usual slew of developer features.

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More than five years have passed since researchers warned of the serious security risks that a widely used administrative tool poses to servers used for some of ...

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The Linux Foundation welcomes the CHIPS Alliance Project, with its plans to open-source CPU chip and SoC designs for a new day of hardware innovation.

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Grosse Pointe Park — A grand business built by meeting a niche market need celebrates its centennial this year. Long before social media marketing ...

Ryzen Up: AMD to 3D Stack DRAM and SRAM on Processors  Tom's Hardware

AMD revealed at a recent high performance computing event that it is working on new designs that use 3D-stacked DRAM and SRAM on top of its processors to ...

Safeguarding hardware from cyberattack: Engineers are addressing a vulnerability in hardware that some thieves have exploited to steal data  Science Daily

Researchers have developed an algorithm that safeguards hardware from attacks designed to steal data. In the attacks, hackers detect variations of power and ...

Fictiv raises $33M to be the ‘AWS of hardware manufacturing’  TechCrunch

Hardware, as the saying goes, is hard, but today a startup has raised some money for a manufacturing platform that it believes can make the prospect of starting ...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Review: The Turing Onslaught Continues  Tom's Hardware

By trimming a couple of SMs from TU116 and swapping GDDR6 for GDDR5 memory, Nvidia turns GeForce GTX 1660 Ti into a vanilla 1660. Does the $220 ...

Lynde Hardware sale to Aubuchon changes business landscape  Worcester Telegram

GARDNER — Celeste Drake has been running the day-to-day operations at Lynde Hardware for the last two decades.That is about to come to an end.

Freckled Fin takes the win in three games over ACE Hardware  The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

In week five play in The Center of Anna Maria Island's adult volleyball league, Team ACE Hardware falls to Team Freckled Fin.

Storage testing evolving from hardware to software  TechRepublic

Storage testing used to involve expensive hardware reserved for mega-companies, but now software methods are starting to become available for normal-sized ...

The Kodi Foundation DOES NOT MAKE HARDWARE!  BetaNews

Do you own a Kodi box? The open source home theater software runs on all manner of hardware, from Windows, Mac and Linux systems, to Kodi boxes and the ...

Lithuanian Man Stole $122 Million From Facebook and Google  Tom's Hardware

A man plead guilty to wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering after stealing $99 million from Facebook and $23 million from Google.

Nvidia Jetson Nano: the Raspberry Pi of AI?  Tom's Hardware

The Raspberry Pi is the single-board computer of choice for makers, but AI is not its strong suit. Nvidia's new $99 Jetson Nano Developer Kit is designed to give ...

Trezor Responds to Ledger Report on Vulnerabilities in Its Hardware Wallets  Cointelegraph

News. Prague-based crypto wallet manufacturer Trezor has responded to а report about hardware vulnerabilities from its competitor Ledger on Tuesday, March ...

Apple Now Seeking More Software Engineers Than Hardware Engineers  MacRumors

Software engineering positions have outnumbered hardware engineering positions in Apple job listings for the first time since at least the first...

Rick Osterloh, other hardware execs don ‘Devices & Services’ title ahead of Google gaming event  9to5Google

Google tomorrow will present the "future of gaming," with Project Yeti rumored to feature hardware. Made by Google now includes Devices & Services...

How much might to parade may depend on China-US relations  South China Morning Post

There may be still six months to go but preparations are already well under way for a vast military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the ...

Hardware retrofitting of manipulated diesel cars pushes up CO2 emissions – automobile club  Clean Energy Wire

Retrofitting manipulated diesel cars with hardware that reduces their output of harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) can greatly increase a vehicle's fuel consumption ...

Submit Your Build: Tom's Hardware's Best PC Builds Competition  Tom's Hardware

The Tom's Hardware Best PC Builds Competition is back! There are five different budget categories, ranging from $500 all the way up to $5000.

This town is joining the modern phone age  Newsday

The switchover in all facilities is expected to be completed by year's end and will save the town more than $1 million over the next decade, says a town ...

Web apps will soon let you log in with hardware keys and fingerprints  The Next Web

Good news for security nerds (and the rest of us, really): WebAuthn (short for Web Authentication), a standard for authenticating your identity on the internet, has ...

VMware: Cloud Is the New Hardware and We’re the Unified Management Layer  SDxCentral

VMware's cloud strategy includes more VMware Cloud on AWS regions, cost management tools, and HCI jointly engineered with Dell EMC.

Apple has more open software jobs than hardware jobs for the first time in years  CNBC

Apple is hiring more software engineers than hardware engineers for the first time in years, as it puts a new focus on its services business, according to data from ...

For Nvidia, $7 Billion Is What It Takes to Dominate AI Hardware  Data Center Knowledge

Here's why the huge Mellanox price tag Nvidia has agreed to is probably worth it.

North Korea Advertises Military Hardware on Twitter, YouTube, Defying Sanctions  Motherboard

Glocom is a front company for North Korea to sell sanctions violating military equipment. But, even after some tech companies clamped down, Glocom kept up its ...

Tupelo says goodbye to 115-year-old hardware store  WTVA

Tupelo is saying goodbye to the Leake and Goodlett Hardware Store..

Humpday Headlines: Google Tells Hardware Division Staff To Find New Jobs  SFist

... ∙ Google/Alphabet is having some non-layoff layoffs in its Create division, reportedly telling "dozens" of people on the laptop and tablet teams to "find new jobs" ...

The 5 Biggest Announcements From GDC 2019  IGN Nordic

From the unveiling of Google's game-streaming platform to unexpected game reveals, these are the five biggest announcements from GDC 2019.

Refresh Done Right? Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores  Tom's Hardware

Intel Linux DRM kernel driver update confirms Comet Lake is an update to Coffee Lake Refresh.

Presto raises $30M to bring its AI platform and tabletop ordering hardware to restaurant chains  TechCrunch

The “restaurant of the future” may elicit thoughts of a chrome diner with robot servers and an otherwise hefty amount of Tokyo futurist kitsch, but the fact is that the ...

Intel Core i9-9900KF Review: Disabled Graphics and No Discount  Tom's Hardware

Intel's eight-core sixteen-thread Core i9-9900KF comes with disabled graphics but has a higher price tag than the full-featured Core i9-9900K.

'Thunderclap' collection of hardware vulnerabilities affects Mac, Windows, Linux systems  CyberScoop

Many modern computers running Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems are vulnerable to a number of security flaws that could exploit a machine's ...

Jack Dorsey Praises Open Source, Buys Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet  Bitcoinist

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has purchased what appears to be his first Bitcoin hardware wallet as his advocacy of the largest cryptocurrency continues.

DARPA extends contract with Galois for trusted computing hardware design tools for cyber security  Military & Aerospace Electronics

U.S. military researchers are extending a trusted computing contract to Galois Inc. in Portland, Ore., to develop hardware design tools with built-in cyber security ...

ACE Hardware undefeated champions  The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

The youth flag football season has come to an end at The Center of Anna Maria Island and Team ACE Hardware has taken the top spot.

One Step Closer to Deep Learning on Neuromorphic Hardware  The Next Platform

A group of researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed a tool that can cross-train standard convolutional neural networks (CNN) to a.

New Crypto Hardware Wallet Fits Your Phone’s SIM Card Slot  CoinDesk

U.S.-based startup VaultTel has launched a tiny cryptocurrency hardware wallet that sits in the SIM tray on mobile phones. The firm announced Tuesday that the ...

Toxic paint strippers: Ace Hardware (finally) acts; Trump EPA stalls  Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

On Monday, Ace Hardware Corporation became the 13th U.S. retailer to publicly commit to stop selling and distributing paint removers that contain the toxic ...

Zero Latency Upgrades VR Attraction Platform With Hardware From Microsoft & HP  Road to VR

Zero Latency, creator of a leading VR attraction platform, is now deploying their 'gen 2' VR hardware. The revamp includes newer HP VR backpacks, Windows ...

Is a Hardware Multi-Sig Wallet the Best Option for Securing Bitcoin? Look at This Storage Recipe  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Security of cryptocurrency assets is a topic that is always being discussed and will probably remain so. Every manufacturer or *service* provider constantly tries to ...

For the first time in years, Apple is hiring more software people than hardware people  Thinknum Media

Apple ($NASDAQ:AAPL) started as a hardware company. Its first product was a kit: a box of hardware that customers had to assemble on their own. There was ...

Rumored camera and hardware specifications for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked; possible August launch

Some more rumored details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have appeared online. It seems the flagship phablet will sport a similar camera setup to the Galaxy ...

Bunnie Huang's tour-de-force explanation of how hardware implants and supply chain hacks work  Boing Boing Last October, Bloomberg published a blockbuster story claiming that some of the largest tech companies in the ...

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We never thought to challenge the notion that a cabinet door should only have a single handle until we laid eyes on Elizabeth Baudouin and Natalie Shirinian's ...

Ace offers expanded Sturgis hardware store | Local News  Black Hills Pioneer

STURGIS — The new Ace Hardware store in Sturgis is open.

What Hardware Lies Beneath? Companies Swear They Never Meant to Violate Your Privacy  Hackaday

“Don't Be Evil” was the mantra of Google from years before even Gmail was created. While certainly less vague than their replacement slogan “Do the Right ...

Micron Reducing Production Amid 'Worse-Than-Expected CPU Shortages'  Tom's Hardware

Credit: Charles Knowles/ShutterstockMicron released its Q2 2019 financial results yesterday. As reported by DigiTimes, Micron plans to cut its production of ...

Self-Walbrick: 2 new eateries, hardware store now open in Lubbock

A variety of businesses have celebrated recent openings, including a cookie shop, a Filipino restaurant and a hardware store.SugaristaA cookie shop opened its ...

5 reasons why Xbox hardware isn't going away  Windows Central

Doomsayers think that Project xCloud is proof Microsoft wants to kill home Xbox console hardware. Here's why they're wrong.

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