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NC—The leaves have turned, pumpkins are ripening on the vine and most of Canadas apple growers are in the orchards harvesting this years crop of apples for your enjoyment throughout the winter months. It is well known that apples are nutritious, as are apple-based products like pure apple juice, apple sauce and dried fruit snacks. But now more than ever, as research is showing that apples contain important anti-oxidants, apples and apple products are an important part of your familys diet. Why not take advantage of the season and introduce new, innovative ways for your family to enjoy them everyday.

Here are a few simple ways to increase your apple consumption and boost your anti-oxidant intake:

• Choose juice over pop. Apple juice contains health-promoting phytonutrients – natural antioxidants – and is usually fortified with Vitamin C.

• Liven up a simple salad by topping it with pieces of fruit or strips of Sun-Rype Fruit to Go bars.

• Want to try something new with that jar of Sun-Rype Apple Sauce Try these suggestions:

• Use apple sauce on top of ice cream and sprinkle with granola for a healthy sundae.

• Swirl into yogurt or cottage cheese for a low fat parfait.

• Warm up crisp fall mornings by topping pancakes or French toast with hot apple sauce and a dollop of sour cream.

• Replace vegetable oil or butter in most recipes with an equal amount of apple sauce. Apple sauce lowers the fat and calories when you bake.

All it takes is a little imagination to increase the number of apples your family gets in their diet. And, of course, apples make it easier for your family members to get the five to ten daily servings of fruit and vegetables recommended by Canadas Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Harvest season is a great time to experiment with apple products to see how they can enhance your meal times, for more creative ideas and recipes visit www.sunrype.com.

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