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Why Do You Need a Tacklebox?

A tacklebox or a tackle bag is a necessity to store your fishing lures, bobbers, and hooks.

The Fish Dont Care What You Wear

The fish don?t care what you wear. Waders, vests and hats for fishermen are necessities to brave the elements.

A Big Fish Story

Ketchikan, located in southeast Alaska, is a good place to fish for halibut. Sally and John Balch live in Ketchikan and have a favorite spot nearby to halibut fish. It?s a secret spot, so don?t ask where it is.

Four Fly Fishing Tips

Good Fly Presentation

10 Fishing Gems

Fishing Gem #1 ? When Is Best?

What Has Happened to the Cod Stocks Off the Shores of Newfoundland?

The Newfoundland cod stocks. What has happened to cod fishing off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland?

Do You Know How To Clean A Fish?

Now that you have caught your dream fish, do you know how to clean?

Do You Know How to Fillet a Fish?

Finally you've caught the perfect fish. Now, do you know how to fillet your fish?

Do you Know How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Fish?

Nothing is better than to snap a photo of your big fish that you just caught.

The Yellowfins from HELL!

Hi Lee Palm/Red Rooster crew(San Diego - California).. Keep my rail spot cool for me - won't you?

Understanding the Effects Moonlight on Swordfishing

In order to better understand why swordfish concentrate their feeding habits in certain depths on any given night or why the bite is better during different times of the month requires you to better understand how the effects of moonlight influence swordfish.

Importance of Artificial Light While Swordfishing

The use of light, either chemical or battery powered plays an important role in catching swordfish. There is no question that the use of artificial light increases the probability of catching a swordfish.

Fishing for Salmon? Do You Know the Different Salmon Species?

Did you know that there are five species of Pacific salmon and one species of Atlantic salmon? Further, did you know that all 5 species of Pacific salmon run wild in Alaska?

Marine News Fall 2004 - Endangered and Threatened in Florida

Our oceans are home to many marine mammals, fish, turtles, corals and others. The delicate balance between man and the ocean is constantly being challenged by the demands of our society. Most of our planet is covered by water, a necessary ingredient of human life. The state of our oceans should be uppermost in our minds in order for quality of life for all species to remain as it is.

Swordfishing in South Florida

Southeast Florida Swordfishing ? ?Purple Fever?

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Napa Valley Register

The Fishing Report: Kids fare well fishing with grandparents
Napa Valley Register
This time my good friend Colin Wehmann from Alameda and his buddy, Marcus Marsh, went bass fishing with Colin's grandpa, Jeff Pintah, on Clear Lake. They caught and released 47 fish. I'm proud of Colin; he got out of the box early and fast to score the ...


Fishing never looked more badass than in this video game trailer ...
Fishing is generally considered a leisure pursuit, undertaken as a relaxing summertime activity (except on a certain Discovery Channel show). But this trailer for ...
Trailer For Fishing Simulator Game Is Freaking Intense, Man - KotakuKotaku
PS4 Fishing Game Gets Totally Epic, Over-The-Top Trailer ...GameSpot
Fishing Planet just won best video game trailer of the summer

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Daily Comet

Anglers get another weekend of red snapper fishing - Daily Comet
Daily Comet
Louisiana anglers will get another weekend of red snapper fishing as catch numbers are more than 250000 pounds below the state's self-imposed limit for 2017.

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North Platte Telegraph

Outdoors: Rick's Hunting and Fishing Picks
North Platte Telegraph
Sutherland Reservoir fishing activity has remained slow this week. There has been some sporadic fishing at the inlet. There have not been many boats or anglers congregating near the bubbles, which tells me walleye fishing is slow there as well ...

Press Herald

Saltwater fishing report
Press Herald
As of Wednesday night, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has closed the Atlantic Bluefin General and Charter/Headboat categories (when fishing commercially) until Sept. 1. The NMFS has determined that the adjusted June through August ...

Fox News

Florida woman drunkenly bites man's fishing line, swims away with ...
Fox News
A Florida fisherman got quite the catch Tuesday -- but it happened to be an intoxicated 22-year-old woman instead of a prized fish, according to police.
He was fishing. Then a drunk woman bit his line and swam away with the lure, police sayMiami Herald
Deputies: Intoxicated woman bites man's fishing line while swimmingWKMG Orlando

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KXRO Newsradio

Weekly fishing report
Petoskey News-Review
A small number of salmon were starting to move into the rivers in the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Those fishing the inland lakes are catching a variety of species. The fish are moving to deeper water when it is hot. Those fishing ...
North state fishing reportChico Enterprise-Record

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Fishing report for Aug. 18
SALTWATER: Cobia remain the most sought after fish inside the bay these days. Charters and private boaters are hooking up with plenty of both large and small Cobia. Sight fishing has been the most productive by far. More fish are being caught around ...

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Los Angeles Times

Is Russia investigator Robert Mueller on a 'fishing expedition'?
Los Angeles Times
The latest line of attack on the Russia investigation is that it has become, in the words of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, a “fishing expedition." That critique gained momentum with the revelation that special counsel Robert Mueller had ...
Special counsel's Russia probe loses top FBI investigatorABC News

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St. Augustine Record

Fishing Report: Attack of the midget mangroves
St. Augustine Record
Generally the fish get skinnier during the hotter months, but they seem to be holding their own this summer. That's probably because of the higher water in the river and the lakes. This allows them to feed in areas previously dry, on all the wiggly ...

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