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3 Steps To Starting a Successful Fall Exercise Program

Ah, the crisp cool breeze, the invigorating feel of the outdoors as the leaves start to turn colors, the sound of kids laughing on their way to school.

Finding Time to Exercise

Exercising During Commercials

Interval Training

Are you in an exercise rut? Do you want to kick your fitness level up a notch and increase your endurance? Would you like to add more intensity to you workout? Interval training is a good way to achieve all of these goals in a safe and systematic manner.Interval training is simply a matter of alternating high intensity exercise and low intensity exercise. It allows one to get the benefits of the high intensity work while giving the body some rest time. It allows one to extend a workout time period and build endurance gradually.Running on a flat surface burns calories and gives your heart and lungs a great cardiovascular workout. Running up hill challenges your muscles, heart, and lungs, burning more calories and providing additional toning. But taking a 30 minute run up hill or on a steeply inclined treadmill would quickly exhaust most of us, or likely force us to stop early. However, running up hill then back down, or up hill then on flat ground would allow for high intensity work counter balanced by intervals of slower periods of active recovery. Interval training burns more calories and pumps more blood than continuous lower intensity exercise because it includes intervals of energy and oxygen-hungry work.Because interval training burns a lot of calories and provides good muscle work, it may help you save time. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks. Likewise, running one mile burns the same number of calories as walking one mile. But walking one mile takes a lot more time. If your goal is calorie burning and toning, and you are short on time, then interval training does more, faster. Just remember that improving cardiovascular health requires aerobic exercise of 30 ? 60 minutes, so don?t make all of your workouts quickies, save those for when you?re in a rush. Interval training can also be helpful if your goal is to move yourself up to the next level of endurance and fitness. Maybe you have been trying to start a running program, but can?t seem to maintain such a demanding exercise. Interval training is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to train the body. Marathoners commonly use this method to train for an up-coming race. A good program is to run for 4 minutes then walk at a good clip for 1 minute, or do a 3/2 interval. Your body will work hard then rest (while remaining active), work hard then rest. Your heart, lungs and muscles will make the transition to running, running farther, or running faster in a safe and productive manner. There are a lot of ways to add intervals to your workout. If you are already a runner add hills or speed segments. If aerobics classes are your genre, add explosive moves like jumps or sprints. Include segments of speed walking in your normal walking routine or take the incline of your treadmill up a little higher at timed intervals.Interval training is productive and can add excitement to your ho-hum exercise routine. Doing interval work in place of your normal routine, once a month, once a week, or once a day, is a good and effective plan. E-mail me if you need suggestions on how to intensify, endure and enjoy. You?ll be glad you did.

Top 10 Tips For Finding Time For Exercise

If you're like most people, finding time for

Top 10 Reasons To Exercise In The Morning

If I had to pick a single factor that I thought

The Abs... More Important Than You Think

What comes to your mind when I say the word ?abs?? Do you think of the infomercials advertising ?6 second abs? or the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue? Most people focus on training their abs to look thinner or sexier. But, do you realize the importance of your abs in everyday activities? Most yoga instructors do. And that?s why one of the focuses of yoga is to build your core abdominal strength.

Overcoming Resistance to Exercise

Are You Destined to Sit on the Couch?

7 Ways To Guarantee You Stick To Your Workout Program

1. Begin Looking at Exercise Differently. Think of exercise as a way of life. Do not look as exercise as a chore or task that hurts you. Exercise is probably the most inexpensive and fun thing you can do for your life. Find something in exercise that you enjoy doing such as meeting new people, getting out of work, or your means of stress relief. It will be like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. The sooner you view exercise as a activity of health and way of life, the sooner your results will show up.

4 Exercises That Will Help You Change Your Body Faster Than Any Other Exercises You May Have Tried

1. Lunges with a barbell. Properly executed, this exercise is the king (or queen) of total body reshaping exercises.

The Power Workout:

Scenario: I really want to get in shape, but I work all day and attend multimedia classes until 8:30. How do I find the time to exercise, and what are a few good exercises for beginners like me? Solution: Finding time to exercise is certainly a challenge. Even the most motivated among us suffer setbacks during our business's busy season or when a new project is on the horizon. The key to fitting fitness into your busy day is to recognize that finding time isn't the issue--it's making time.

Fitness the Goddess Way: Movement vs. Exercise

I was excited to hear the esteemed speakers at the Fall 2004 Omega Institute Conference. The ?biggies? of the women?s movement such as Gloria Steinem, today?s best-selling authors and who?s who of empowering women doing inspiring work were. Lucky me!

The New Lover Approach to Starting an Exercise Program

Approach a New Exercise Program Like a New Lover

Mom, How F.I.T.T. Is Your Workout?

Moms don?t have the time or desire to mess around with complicated workouts that don?t get results. If you want real Mommy Muscle you need a plan that?s based on principles not infomercials and advertising.

Arthritis Exercise ? One Way to Relieve Pain & Stiffness in Your Joints (part 1)

Exercise can be very beneficial for arthritis sufferers, often relieving stiffness in joints, strengthening muscles thereby reducing stress on joints, keeping bone and cartilage tissue strong and healthy, and increasing flexibility. A recommended 30-minute minimum of daily activity is the norm. Before starting any exercise program, it is vital that one speak to their doctor to ensure there are no unseen risks, however you will find that most doctors recommend exercise for their arthritis patients either on their own initiative or when asked.

Arthritis Exercise ? One Way to Relieve Pain & Stiffness in Your Joints (part 2)

Even when you cannot make it out to walk or to an aquatics or yoga class, there are exercises you can do daily to improve flexibility, strength and conditioning when you suffer from arthritis. You can flex your legs while sitting in a chair facing forward, simply by moving your leg outward while keeping your foot on the floor and holding it there for a few seconds, then retracting it until your foot is behind you, then alternating to the other leg. Interlocking your fingers and slowly flexing your wrists to the left and the right for a few minutes a day can help tremendously to increase flexibility and reduce pain in the wrist area.

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Go on a short walk or do some quick squats; according to recent studies on exercise, one of the best responses to a busy schedule is to work out at work.

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A review of two studies looking into body clocks and physical activity has concluded that exercising in the evening may be more productive.

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The West Virginia National Guard has identified the soldier who died in a training exercise on Wednesday at Suffolk Executive Airport in Virginia. Sgt. 1st Class ...

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Q. I recently read that I don't need to exercise all at once during the day to get health benefits. Is this true? A. It's true — at least according to the newest version of ...

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A new study led by researchers from the University of California, Irvine finds exercising in the morning, rather than at night, may yield better results.

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A mother of a 9-year-old student said her son was humiliated during the Little Rock Nine exercise.

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I've been disabled since I was 24 and have experienced recurring bouts of major depression for most of my life. And like a crow with a carcass, one tends to feed ...

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A study conducted by Oxford and Yale researchers found regular exercise boosts one's mental health more than a cushy salary.

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Marijuana Moment is a wire *service* assembled by Tom Angell, a marijuana legalization activist and journalist covering marijuana reform nationwide. The views ...

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Exercise Patriot Hook 2019, an annual joint-*service* exercise coordinated by the Air Force Reserve Command, took place at Vandenberg Air Force Base on April ...

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If people start to exercise in midlife, even if they have not worked out for years, they can rapidly gain most of the longevity benefits of working out.

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National Parkinson's specialists and others are gathering at the Bradenton Area Convention Center Saturday. The event is free and runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m..

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No matter your fitness level, adding just a little more exercise may prolong your life, new research suggests.

Exercise Can Make You Happier Than Money, According to Research From Yale and Oxford  Inc.

Researchers at Yale and Oxford may have proven exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.

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What is your post-training recovery routine? Perhaps you sink into a sofa with an extensive snack supply. Or maybe you make like the American footballer Tom ...

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There is growing evidence that regular aerobic exercise can help improve cognitive function, things like thinking, problem solving and reasoning.

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The Smith County Jail was found non-compliant in meeting exercise and recreation requirements for it's inmates on the second and third floors of the central jail.

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Most health organizations say we should all be moving for at least 150 minutes per week. That number can seem daunting—finding 30 minutes to work out, five ...

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The 81st Logistics Readiness Squadron supported a joint exercise, Neptune Guardian, with the Navy and Coast Guard, April 6-11.,

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Palauans of the of the four-legged variety are receiving some special attention during a four-day veterinarian health outreach program that started April 15, 2019 ...

Over 24 lakh to exercise franchise in district  The Hindu

All-women polling booths set up in all Assembly constituencies.

UPDATE | Name released of W.Va. National Guardsman killed in training exercise  WSAZ-TV

The soldier was killed during an airborne training exercise.

Watching Shelley Winters Go Rogue in Debbie Reynolds’s 1983 Exercise Video, “Do It Debbie’s Way”  The New Yorker

Rachel Syme on watching Shelley Winters refuse to exercise in fellow-actress Debbie Reynolds's star-studded exercise video “Do It Debbie's Way.”

VAFB takes part in 5-day training exercise for natural disasters  KSBY San Luis Obispo News

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

For cognitive health, exercise should engage your brain as well as your body  The Globe and Mail

The single best thing you can do to fight off the cognitive decline that typically accompanies aging is to exercise regularly. Aerobic exercise helps. So does ...

Training exercise boosts insurance efforts | Person County Life  The Courier=Times

Firefighters from all over Person County and as far away as Tennessee were on hand in Timberlake Saturday to take part in a training exercise that could move ...

National Guard member dies in parachute accident during military training exercise in Suffolk  WAVY-TV

A military training exercise turned deadly on Wednesday after a man died in a parachute accident.

Two-week Robin Sage exercise begins in area April 26  Asheboro Courier Tribune

FORT BRAGG — This month, Special Forces candidates will participate in the Robin Sage training exercise, held within multiple North Carolina counties as the ...

The key to brain health: Light but frequent exercise  Medical News Today

New research shows that light and moderate exercise benefits the brain both immediately and in the long run, providing a person is active frequently.

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Cyber teams are beginning to use a new training environment that will allow staffers to rehearse for specific missions.

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NEW YORK: Indian and the US Navies have held a joint submarine-hunting exercise in the Indian Ocean, aiming to lay the groundwork for coordinating maritime ...

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One Utah woman is an extraordinary triathlete. She gets up in the four o\u2019clock hour every morning to start training. But twenty years ago, she lived a very ...

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I recently shared the idea of the business coaching concept of the six hats from the Late Dr. de Bono with our readership and I wanted to go into more detail ...

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Physical activity feels good and it's great for your health. But while exercise has clear benefits, it can also cause problems if your love of working out crosses over ...

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FICTION: Restless characters shift roles, titles and names in Susan Choi's thrilling fifth novel.

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