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Business Ethics: The Law of Corporate Karma

According to the shamanic traditions, the great mystery of being is that all things are alive and have a level of intelligence. This is because all things are a part of the Great Spirit. However, all things also function individually, in thought and action. It is in these individual actions that karma is born. Karmic laws also state that all karma, both good and bad, must also return home...return to sender!

Ethics in Business...A Lost Art

While watching Face the Nation one Sunday earlier this year, Bob Schiffer discussed the airline industry, his mother and ethics in business. Like Bob, I think it is a sad commentary today, that we have to police businesses. Whatever happened to going into business to provide a needed service, being loyal to employees, and keeping promises.

Ethics in Business - Please Have Some

Is your business ethical?

Top 10 Principles for Positive Business Ethics

This morning, I read about a company using on-line auctions to defraud customers. Last week, I consulted on an ethics complaint where a business coach betrayed a client?s confidentiality. And, recently a Physician was convicted of insider trading based on information from a patient, a violation of both business ethics and her professional ethics.

How To Build A Business Ethics Program

Recent corporate financial scandals have highlighted the importance of business ethics and legal compliance. Yet a recent National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey of 280 corporate CEOs and directors found that "only one of three directors felt that they were highly effective in ensuring legal compliance".

Ethics In The Workplace

Workplace Ethics is a subject that we have all heard of. In fact, the subject of Ethics in general is something that most people are familiar with. And, what is commonly understood about ethics is there are ethics and then there are workplace ethics. What most people don?t realize, however, is that there is no such thing as workplace ethics; ethics are the same, (or, should be) whether in the workplace or in personal life.

Do Organizations Serve Us Or Do We Serve Organizations

We have seen an erosion in the confidence that society has in organizational leadership and its integrity recently with the numerous accounting scandals that have become public.Clearly this has led to the demise of several large organizations. In performance terms it is obvious that erosion of leadership integrity is not good for business.

Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Shifting Culture and Climate in Todays Corporate World

This articles relates to the AlphaMeasure core competency Culture and Climate. AlphaMeasure defines climate as the effect an organization has on the employees, while culture refers more to the acceptable behaviors, attitudes, and habits of the organization as a whole. Knowing and understanding workplace culture and climate leads to a better understanding of what factors are influencing employees. In relation, the level of service your customers receive is almost always influenced by the culture and climate of your organization. This competency can be especially insightful if your organization is experiencing customer service related issues or problems working together internally.

Business Ethics: An Oxymoron

An oxymoron: the juxtaposition of contradictory words or concepts. That is what we have with the term "Business Ethics". The very contradiction that is inherent in this latter phrase is an indication of the challenge that individuals who work for organizations face as we all approach the resource limits of this planet.

Laws and Ethics?. Who?s Kidding Who?

Years ago I read an article by a renowned psychologist wherein he wrote his studies found one percent of all human beings would never lie, cheat or steal. One percent would always lie, cheat or steal and given the right set of circumstances, the rest of us would likely lie, cheat and/or steal.

Enron?s Ultimate Victim: Ethics

FROM the 'MORAL HIGH GROUND', where we imagine ourselves, the Enron fiasco should have come as no surprise. Enron is simply a quintessential example of the degradation of principles such as trust, loyalty and ethical standards.

Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Work Ethics and the Customer

This article relates to the Ethics in the Workplace competency, commonly evaluated in employee surveys. It gives examples of how employees and customers consider ethical behavior and sound values an integral part of your organization. This competency covers a variety of topics like customer treatment, employee professionalism, and expected/acceptable organizational behaviors. At a high level, this competency will investigate the standards by which your employees treat your customers, co-workers, and the organization itself.

Business Ethics

There is much talk today about ethics in business - as there should be, but there should be more than talk; there should be a high moral code for all executives who are responsible to both their customers and their shareholders.

Work Ethics ? A Paradigm Shift

Work ethics is a hot topic in today?s business and educational worlds. Yet, how do we define this hybrid phrase with the word work meaning more than a specific outcome and the word ethics being more than the values that enhance that outcome?

Business Ethics: How The Sales Function Can Transmit Company Values

I recently got a "thank-you" call from a man who read my new e-book Buying Facilitation.

More Articles from Ethics Information:
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Studying the ethics of criminal justice students  Police News

Research can help inform how to better prepare students to make ethical decisions in the field.

Sen. Boulton questions truthfulness of ethics complaint  Star Tribune

An Iowa lawmaker challenged on Monday the accusations of a woman who filed an ethics complaint alleging he touched her inappropriately in bars a year ...

Amid ethics outcry, should journals publish 'CRISPR babies' paper?  STAT

Given the maelstrom surrounding He Jiankui's claims, should any journals even consider papers from him? And if they do, what should they keep in mind?

Boulton: Ethics charges don't apply  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

CEDAR RAPIDS — It would be “fundamentally unfair” to hold Sen. Nate Boulton to the Senate's code of conduct for actions that allegedly occurred before he ...

Ex-City Manager Rick Fernandez agrees to fines in ethics case

Former Tallahassee City Manager Rick Fernandez has agreed to pay $6000 in fines to settle state ethics charges against him involving illegal gifts.

The Ethics in Being the Wrong Lawyer for the Case | New York Law Journal

In his Ethics and Criminal Practice column Joel Cohen considers whether there are factors beyond competence that should go into determining whether a ...

Voting Rights Piece May Take More Time in Ethics Overhaul  Roll Call

House Democrats who are preparing an overhaul of political and ethics laws, a top priority of the incoming majority, have acknowledged that a component ...

Inequities in ethics panel another reason to scrap it, say advocates  WRVO Public Media

Democrats are poised to lead the state Senate starting next month, but they will still lack power on the state's ethics panel. A law implemented several.

Hard Choices, Fredkin's Paradox and is Ethics a Waste of Time? | Practical Ethics  Practical Ethics

Think back to the last time you were faced with a really great menu in a restaurant. Loads of options, all of them appealing. Plus you're very hungry. Culinary ...

Do not harm – The ethics of hand hygiene - Guest columns  McKnight's Long Term Care News

Think for a moment about a conversation that you have had that left you unsettled. Maybe it was the *content* of the conversation, the subject matter questioning ...

Ethics and Guidelines at  Vox

As a part of Vox Media, adheres to the Vox Media Editorial Ethics & Guidelines and to the following: Vox has evolved and will continue to evolve as it ...

Ethics of Experimental Treatments for Patients  Rare Disease Report

Misleading information and unclear information can skew patients' expectations of experimental treatments.

Inequities In Ethics Panel Are Another Reason to scrap it, Say Critics

Democrats are poised to lead the state Senate starting next month, but they will still lack power on the state's ethics panel. A law implemented several years.

Former Beaufort Co. SC superintendent Jeff Moss ethics complaint  The Island Packet

Former Beaufort County, South Carolina School District superintendent Jeff Moss is the subject of a 2018 State Ethics Commission complaint related to ...

The Ethics Nightmare Before Christmas  Roll Call

December can be a minefield for members of Congress and staff trying to celebrate, socialize and not step over the line. With the holiday season already well ...

$100,000 gift to fund Dix Media Ethics Lecture Series  Record-Courier

A $100000 endowment gift by David and Janet Dix has led to the creation of the Dix Media Ethics Lecture Series at Kent State University. The gift to the School ...

Inequities In Ethics Panel One More Reason To Scrap It, Say Advocates  WSHU

Democrats are poised to lead the New York State Senate starting next month, but they will still lack power on the state's ethics panel. But a law.

Trump slammed by former ethics chief for saying U.S. military will build border wall  Haaretz

U.S. President Donald Trump sought Tuesday to pressure Democratic congressional leaders into supporting his demand for billions of dollars to build his ...

Draymond Green video prompts ethics complaint; BART to pay $7,500 fine for Measure RR campaign violations  East Bay Times

SACRAMENTO — BART will have to pay a $7,500 fine for illegally using taxpayers' money on YouTube videos and social media posts to promote its $3.5 billion ...

Zaleski: The anti-ethics establishment gets all huffy  The Dickinson Press

FARGO -- It didn't take long for the entrenched political establishment to begin a crusade to undermine the wishes of North Dakota voters who in November ...

Establishing AI Ethics in Marketing  CMSWire

An exploration of the importantance of establishing ethics in artificial intelligence and marketing.

Every Leader’s Guide to the Ethics of AI  MIT Sloan

Until regulations catch up, AI-oriented companies must establish their own ethical frameworks.

A Gaming Ethics Panel is Welcome News for China's TCEHY, NTES

China appoints online video games ethics committee to review games, brightening chances of the resumption of the approval process.

Ethics enforcers let former Juneau lawmaker's unpaid ethics fines slide  KTOO

One of Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary definitions of ethics is “the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group.” (Photo illustration by Jeremy ...

Full Q&A: Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Recode’s Kara Swisher discuss tech ethics, addiction and Facebook  Recode

On a recent episode of Recode Decode, Y Combinator president Sam Altman joined Recode's Kara Swisher at the San Francisco bar Manny's for a live ...

Why China’s video games industry is welcoming a new ethics panel  South China Morning Post

Chinese regulators have set up an online video games ethics committee that has already reviewed 20 titles, state media said, raising hopes the government is ...

Local units covered by Special Ops professionalism, ethics review  The Northwest Florida Daily News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Special Operations units at Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field are among teams covered by a congressionally mandated review of ...

Salesforce hires Paula Goldman as Chief Ethical and Humane Use officer  Business Insider

Paula Goldman will join Salesforce as its chief technology ethicist.

How To Address Ethical Dilemmas in the Age of AI  Forbes

Companies and CEO's have long faced the dilemma of balancing short and long-term performance pressures with responsibility and contributing to a ...

Someone at the Justice Department Wants Ethics Advice on Whitaker's Supervision of the Mueller Investigation  Lawfare

Yesterday evening, we received a response to one of our FOIA requests asking whether anyone has sought or received internal ethics guidance on Whitaker's ...

New Ethics Panel in China Rejects Nine of 20 Games in First Review  Variety

Chinese regulators have reviewed 20 titles via a new ethics panel, of which nine were rejected for inappropriate *content*, the South China Morning Post reported ...

SPU, Patient Choice Secures Important Ethics Victory with American Medical Association's Adoption of “Pediatric Decision Making” Report  Business Wire

Last month, at the 2018 American Medical Association Interim Meeting, the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates passed and adopted the.

China sets up a video game ethics panel in its new approval process  Polygon

In China, it's about ethics in video games. The South China Morning Post reports that the nation now has an “Online Game Ethics Committee,” as a part of the ...

Sen. Boulton Responds to Ethics Complaint About Alleged Sexual Harassment  WHO TV Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A state senator accused of sexual harassment is denying the allegations against him. Nate Boulton is urging the ethics committee to hold ...

Rep. David Zimmerman could use some brushing up on state ethics law  LancasterOnline

THE ISSUE. The Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission ordered state Rep. David Zimmerman of East Earl Township to pay $14,000 in a fine and costs “after an ...

Clayton ethics task force to address accountability of officeholders  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Clayton County launching citizens task force to address ethical issues among elected officials.

Community still split after Maumee ethics investigation  WTOL

MAUMEE (WTOL) - An ethics investigation by a private law firm into actions by Maumee Mayor Richard Carr and other city officials has done little to settle ...

Why The Digital Advertising Industry Needs An Ethics-By-Design Framework  AdExchanger

“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains *fresh* ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today's column is written by ...

‘We meet hate with curiosity’: Dustin Lance Black on Tom Daley, babies and the ethics of surrogacy  The Guardian

The screenwriter and his husband had a son in June and bonded deeply with the surrogate mother. Now he has recorded a podcast series exploring the ...

Is ethical tech a farce?  TechCrunch

In the past year, we've seen tech platforms called out for stoking hate and not doing enough to instill ethics from the top down. There is a bigger problem at hand, ...

In China, Gene-Edited Babies Are the Latest in a String of Ethical Dilemmas  The New York Times

BEIJING — First it was a proposal to transplant a head to a new body. Then it was the world's first cloned primates. Now it is genetically edited babies.

Is the Trolley Problem Derailing the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars?  Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard spoke with a philosopher who's trying to code ethical algorithms into autonomous vehicles.

CRISPR, He Jiankui: Following ethics rules doesn't necessarily make research ethical.  Slate

The crucial question is not what rules were broken, but what—and whose—judgments about what is right and appropriate should rule the human future.

Former city manager agrees to fines for ethics violations  WCTV

Tallahassee's former city manager has agreed to pay fines to settle several ethics charges against him.

Ethical leadership must be taught | TheHill  The Hill

We also need universities to demonstrate ethics through their own codes of conduct and values.

From the Editors: Star Tribune film critic resigns after ethics breach

We recently discovered that over the past decade, Star Tribune movie critic Colin Covert has written some film reviews using the same unique language of ...

Niskayuna ethics panel clears town board member in conflict-of-interest complaint  Times Union

NISKAYUNA - The town's Board of Ethics reviewed and dismissed a complaint by former Niskayuna Police Chief Lewis Moskowitz against Board Member ...

5,200+ physicians on the toughest ethical issues in 2018  Becker's Hospital Review

Medscape surveyed more than 5200 physicians in more than 29 specialties to discover how they feel about the ethical issues they face in the medical field.

What are the ethics of baby gene-editing?  Medical Xpress

A Chinese scientist's stunning claim he has pioneered the world's first genetically modified baby has suddenly made the eternal debate over ethics and ...

Bras Shares 'Lessons Learned' in Ethics Speaker Series  Georgia Tech News Center

Reflecting on an episode that happened when he was four years old, Provost Rafael L. Bras described feeling jealous, angry, and vengeful when his cousin ...

'Should we even consider this?' WHO starts work on gene editing ethics  The Guardian

Announcement follows claim by Chinese scientist to have altered DNA of twins to prevent HIV infection. Agence France-Presse. Mon 3 Dec 2018 23.31 EST.

Canada and France will explore AI ethics with an international panel  Engadget

The AI revolution is coming, and both Canada and France want to make sure we're approaching it responsibly. Today, the countries announced plans for the ...

Add basic ethics to long list of the Board of Elections' failures  New York Post

If demonstrated incompetence isn't enough to force change at the city Board of Elections, how about ethical no-no's? NY1 caught the board's executive...

Creating GM babies against medical ethics: China Daily contributor  The Straits Times

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Chinese Researcher He Jiankui's claim to have used the gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 to modify the ...

China forms new body to review ethics risks of video games  South China Morning Post

The recently formed Online Games Ethics Committee has rejected nine of an initial batch of 20 titles it reviewedBeijing has suspended approval of new titles for ...

The ethics of business: can a good person be a good trader?  RTÉ News

How hard is it for those in business to reconcile their efforts to pursue a successful career with efforts to live a virtuous life?

Ethics watchdog raises questions about Romanian consulate event Trump's Chicago hotel | TheHill  The Hill

A Washington-based ethics group is raising questions about an event a Romanian government official organized at a property owned by President Trump last ...

New Mexico lawmakers debate ethics secrecy  Las Cruces Sun-News

A working group of state lawmakers has been exploring ways to set up an independent ethics commission.

Verbal Copyright: The Ethics of Sharing Ideas  The Good Men Project

Isn't that what I just shared?

Medscape Ethics Report 2018: Money, Romance, and Patients  Medscape

Physicians are often faced with ethical decisions in the course of patient care. These decisions may be emotionally wrenching and can have an impact on a ...

Ethics board proposes code changes | Local News

Rochester's Ethical Practices Board wants to broaden options for ethics complaints.

McNulty adds to ethics complaint against Hickenlooper, calling him 'Jet-set John'  Colorado Springs Gazette

Former Republican Speaker of the House Frank McNulty has filed a second ethics complaint against Gov. John Hickenlooper, referring to the term-limited ...

Democratic leader denies Iowa Sen. Nate Boulton any committee assignments amid investigation  Des Moines Register

The leader for Iowa Senate Democrats is punishing Sen. Nate Boulton by denying him any committee assignments as he faces an ethics investigation into ...

Democrats demand ethics meeting on Acting AG Matthew Whitaker’s oversight of Mueller probe  CBS News

Democratic House and Senate leaders want an in-person briefing with the Department of Justice's chief ethics officer.

Ethics Forum: Questions and Answers on Professional Responsibility | The Legal Intelligencer

I am representing an individual charged with murder in the first degree and it appears the death penalty will be sought. The evidence is overwhelming. I want to ...

Scientist Who Crispr’d Babies Bucked His Own Ethics Policy  WIRED

He Jiankiu, a Chinese researcher who claims to have edited the DNA of twin babies, now born, also published ethics guidelines directly contradicting his work.

professionalism and ethics director stresses integrity  USC News

Mark Manley is the new director of the Office of Professionalism and Ethics, a centralized hub for complaint and investigation monitoring at USC.

Student group explores the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence  MIT News

The MIT AI Ethics Reading Group was founded by students who saw firsthand how technology developed with good intentions could be problematic.

Ethics Board Created To Investigate South Lyon City Council Controversy  WHMI

The City of South Lyon has established a Board of Ethics that will look into a conflict between two City Council members. At South Lyon City Council's November ...

South Lyon Ethics Board still gathering material about Councilman Carl Richards PPO  The Oakland Press

The South Lyon Board of Ethics will need more time to review, and collect, material related to a personal protection order being issued against a city councilman.

Harvard Medical School Dean Weighs In On Ethics Of Gene Editing  NPR

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with George Daley, dean of Harvard Medical School, about this week's international summit on gene editing and how the birth of ...

CRISPR babies ethics: is a new framework required?  Medical Device Network

After scientist recently proclaimed the births of the world's first gene-edited children. Will a new ethical framework be required for CRISPR babies?

Bill returns bipartisan elections/ethics agency to separate boards  Richmond County Daily Journal

RALEIGH — After several court battles and a failed constitutional amendment, the Bipartisan Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement may once again…

The ethics of a Duke education - The  Duke Chronicle

In one of my classes this semester, my professor handed us an advertisement and told us to “problematize” it—to point out any ethical flaws we might notice.

Literary Hoaxes and the Ethics of Authorship  The New Yorker

Louis Menand on what happens when we find out writers aren't who they said they were.

Data Privacy, Ethics: The Time Has Arrived  InformationWeek

Cloudera Chief Architect and Hadoop creator Doug Cutting says that the time has arrived for data privacy and ethics rules.

New Ethics Opinions Tackle Client Loans, Crowdfunding | The American Lawyer

When clients use finance companies or crowdsourcing platforms to pay legal fees lawyers have stricter ethics obligations if they're closely involved with the ...

Ethics in the spotlight after city employees received hundreds of free Jazz Fest tickets  WDSU New Orleans

A newly released, 82-page report from the Office of the Inspector General in New Orleans alleges up to 424 free Jazz Festival tickets were given out to city ...

City of Wichita Falls attorney reviews ethics policy at League of Women Voters meeting  Times Record News

First Assistant City Attorney Julia Vasquez spoke at a League of Women Voters meeting how the city enforces their ethics policy.

Ethics starts at the top  Newsroom

A new survey of the ethical culture in NZ workplaces highlights the need for organisations to clarify their ethical expectations.

Nigeria: Bank Directors Seek CIBN Support On Professionalism, Ethics

Bankers under the aegis of Bank Directors' Association of Nigeria (BDAN), have solicited the support of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), ...

Ethically Speaking, Donahue Center Develops Strong Voice  UMass Lowell

Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility Co-Directors Elissa Magnant, left, and Erica Steckler support ethics-related education and research ...

Republicans make ethics reforms after Hal Bain controversy  Glens Falls Post-Star

It's been a year since Warren County Democrats and Republicans began talking about ethics.

Is Cloud Good for Humans? The Ethical Angle  Forbes

Cloud computing and related technologies bring about and accelerate change—but when we don't encourage and empower individuals to bring personal ethics ...

“Ethics and Human Rights must guide any use of genome editing technologies in human beings”  Council of Europe

Following the second International Summit on Human Genome editing and the announcement of the birth of two babies in China following genome intervention, ...

Dems ask if Trump aide Bill Shine is breaking ethics laws | TheHill  The Hill

A group of Democratic senators wants the White House counsel's office to answer questions and provide documentation on whether a senior administration ...

Commission Recommends Pay Increases and Ethics Reforms for State Legislators  Gotham Gazette

(Photo via Wiki Commons). Statewide elected officials, legislators and agency heads are slated to get pay raises next year following recommendations issued ...

Is the controversy over baby gene-editing about ethics — or profits?  San Francisco Chronicle

Scientists have rapidly ascended the summit of gene editing, motivated by CRISPR (for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats), a naturally ...

Staff Testimony and Report Released In Ethics Case Against Rep. Thomas Garrett  Roll Call

The Office of Congressional Ethics released its report on allegations against Rep. Thomas Garrett Tuesday, including testimony from staffers past and present.

EPA Office: Pruitt's Resignation Left Ethics Probes Inconclusive  VOA News

The internal watchdog at the Environmental Protection Agency has closed two probes into the conduct of former Administrator Scott Pruitt as inconclusive ...

UW-led philosophy team receives $1.5M grant to study the ethics of neurotechnology research  UW Today

UW postdoc Ivana Milovanovic (left) works with Center for Neurotechnology Young Scholars Program participant Emily Boeschoten on a sensory device.

Don't be a party to an ethical lapse  Martha's Vineyard Times

With the gift-giving season underway, the State Ethics Commission on Monday reminded state, county, and municipal employees that accepting certain gifts ...

The Function of Cynicism at the Present Time  Practical Ethics

Written by Roger Crisp Last month, Helen Small, Merton Professor of English Language and Literature, gave a fascinating and wide-ranging presentation in the ...

Naples City Council rejects ordinance that would have created ethics commission  Naples Daily News

The council and the Ethics Naples PAC have been at odds for months over how to form an ethics commission, or whether the city even needs one.

San Diego Researchers Question Ethics Of Chinese Scientist Who Claims To Have Genetically Modified Babies  KPBS

The scientist, He Jiankui, who claims to be the first to successfully genetically alter twins in China, said his work has been submitted to a scientific journal, but ...

On Politics: The ethics case against Rep. David Zimmerman may not be over yet  LancasterOnline

The case of state Rep. David Zimmerman and the development project known as Wildflower Ridge — the one that cost the legislator $14000 in ethics violation ...

After Cohen plea deal, Giuliani questions ethics, tactics of Mueller’s Russia investigation  Fox News

President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is questioning the ethics and tactics of special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the ...

Culture Report: Ethics (and Women) at the Front of San Diego's Taxidermy Resurgence  Voice of San Diego

Little Dame Shop's co-owner Simone Weinstein teaches whimsical and ethical taxidermy. Plus: a survival guide for December Nights, a new piece joins the ...

Maumee City Council votes to release ethics review findings  Toledo Blade

Maumee City Council voted unanimously Monday night to release findings regarding a compliance review of ethics complaints launched by the city this summer.

How to use science fiction to teach tech ethics  Boing Boing

Science fiction writer/lawyer Casey Fiesler is a maven in the field of tech ethics education (she maintains the amazing spreadsheet of tech-ethics syllabi); she ...

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