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Top 10 Business E-Mail Basics

When it comes to your business e-mail communications, you need to make an impression that can lend to the determination that you are someone that will be a pleasure to do business with.

The Benefits of Interactive Online Characters

This Stanford University study surveyed the leading research on virtual agents and suggests that "social intelligence in automated interactions is good business.

Are You Backing Up Your BIGGEST Asset?

Have you ever accidentally lost an important file on your computer? Perhaps your computer crashed (again) or your cat sauntered over a dooming sequence of keys. Remember that little pang in your stomach you felt when you realized that file was gone for good?

What is Gmail?

Like most other prime search engines, the ability to freely giveaway an email account is a positive tool that signals to the user community that this search engine is here to stay! Google is no different in this approach. Recently, Google has been beta testing Gmail. Google?s very own email services repository. Best of all, it?s free! Well, it?s going to be free, its currently available only in Beta mode, if you are lucky enough to have received an invitation to sign up for a complimentary account you currently enjoy the benefits of ubiquitous Gmail.

Lost: 200 emails gone missing. Last seen on the 25.10.2003

Sound familiar? Ever wondered what happens to those unopened emails that you see in your stats from your latest email campaign/newsletter? Yep, you guessed it-their mail servers are doing it for them.

9 Tips To Help You Write More Powerful Emails

1. Make the effort to learn about the etiquette (these days known as "netiquette") involved in writing emails. There are loads of good reference websites and books about the internet which will tell you the basics. I know it might seem a bit precious to attach so much importance to social niceties when the internet is basically very informal. However, whether we like it or not many people do take online etiquette very seriously. So if you're writing emails for business, you should assume that your recipient may well be one of those...

Tips to Bounce-Proof Your Email List

Keeping your email lists fresh is critical to the success of your online marketing and e-commerce efforts. In the early days of the Internet, the novelty of web sites and free e-newsletters made acquiring customers online all too easy. With customers signing up in droves to hear your latest offers, there was no need to worry about email address attrition rates or errors during registration.

Tips to Build Your Email Address Database


NCOA for Email - Is Your Email Address List Clean and Up-To-Date?


What?s the Value of an E-mail Address?

Although it may not be practical to put a dollar-sign value on an e-mail address there are many financially-savvy reasons to start collecting e-mail addresses if you haven?t already begun. If you have, keep reading for a few more tips on e-mail address collection at the end of this article.

Attract New Subscribers With Magnetic Ads

One of the most effective methods of advertising your e-zine is placing ads in OTHER e-zines!

Writing Newsletters Online: How to Get it Right

A strange thing has been happening to newsletters online.

Heres Why You Dont NEED a Blog

The word "blog" seems to be everywhere, and what an ugly word it is!

20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales Using Free Follow-Up Autoresponder Courses

An autoresponder course is a group of articles or information set up to be sent out separately over a set period of time by e-mail. People just e-mail your autoresponder to receive the free course and it is sent out automatically over time. You can find free follow-up autoresponders to use by typing it into any search engine. Below are ten ways to use them to increase your traffic and sales.

Reach Out and Slap Someone

I was working for a large Chicago bank in the 1980s, when they introduced an electronic message service for internal communications. The only electronic mail that seemed to flow for the longest time were all those official HR notification of vacation time policies, etc., and of course, the ALL CAPS messages from the executive floor.

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