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Triple Your Profits Easily With The Right "USP"

Convinced you have a fantastic idea for your online business and cant understand why youre not making a big profit yet

Bringing the World to Your Door

“The key to your success on the web is the ability to get surfers to stop at your site, look around and ultimately to buy something.” – Heidi Richards

Classified Ads - What Works & What Doesn’t

Do classified ads really work Should you include an email address or fax number in them How about a call to action

Part 4 of 5 On The Home Business Set-Up Guide

Part 4 of 5 On The Home Business Set-Up Guide

Why Your Brick-and-Mortar Biz Needs A Website

The internet has taken over our lives with a vengeance, and has changed the way many of us do business. More and more consumers are now doing their shopping online and, unfortunately, some business owners have felt the pinch.

How I built a Site In Just 8 Hours That Makes Between $100 to $150 a Week

Actually, for a while this site was making more then $350 a week. On top of the 8 hours it took me to set up, I only spend about 10 or so minutes a week on maintenance. …

How To Sell A Website Fast

Dear Website Owner,

Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites: Six Guidelines

A professional or business site is one where the primary purpose of the site is to facilitate business transactions. You can sell items directly online or exclusively offline, but the result is the same. You want customers to buy products and/or service directly from you.

There Are Many Free Web Hosting Options On The Web, But Do Some Research Before You Use One For Your Online Business

Where can I find free web hosting

How to understand the Domain Name System

Ever wonder why DNS systems came into existence Efficiency. Every computer has a distinct IP address, and the Internet needed an elite method for obtaining these addresses and for managing the system as a whole. Enter ICANN.

Auto-Pilot Link Building Strategy for Content-Sites

OK, this is what I consider a very effective method to get people to link to you without you having to ask them to do so. The best part is that, people will link to you for your most targeted keyword.

What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting can easily be described as a computer with information accessible to the general public. Just as your computer has files on it, your hosting account will have files on it…web files. Even though the concept is similar, your hosting account is not a full computer. You buy small or large portions of space on these computers known as “Servers”. So now you know the basics.

Why Radio Advertising Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Did For Your Business

In the marketing world, radio has earned the reputation of being the odd step-cousin. You know the one. No one knows quite what to do with him. Especially at family gatherings when everyone tries hard to avoid sitting with him. After all, who knows WHAT hell start talking about.

How To Evaluate A New Business Opportunity

If you are searching for ways to earn an income using the internet, you must have already come across many programs with unbelievable claims of overnight income. This article outlines 7 criteria that I use to evaluate any opportunity that presents itself before me.

How To Evaluate A Product Opportunity

Day after day my in box, and Im sure yours as well, fills with opportunity propaganda on how to make money. Do this, and poof, youre rich. Become an affiliate and sell my ebook, and poof, youre making lots of money. I dont know about you, but I cant tell what’s a good opportunity and what’s not any more. Because of this, I created a list of nine criteria, a sort-of checklist, to use when I do find something that I dont think is full of "poof."

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World Trademark Review (blog)

dotFM embraces emoji domain names - Update - World Trademark ...
World Trademark Review (blog)
dotFM is to make emoji domain names available to register Pre-launch "expressions of interest" are invited for list of emoji...
Radix's Premium Domains for 2017 Renew at 71% - CircleIDCircleID

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Newstalk 106-108 fm

Surge in '.ie' domain names as rules are relaxed
Newstalk 106-108 fm
An internet hosting company says demand for '.ie' registrations has surged this week, as rules around them are relaxed. Blacknight says Ireland's national domain had "a record day" on Wednesday, with almost 700 applications approved. This is more than ...

Protecting privacy shouldn't come at the expense of a safer, more secure internet
American Enterprise Institute
Enterprise IT departments and cybersecurity companies use published registration data records for millions of domain names to detect network security threats and investigate digital crimes. They use this information to block threats such as phishing ...

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Domain Name Wire

Another example of why your company must be the registrant of its domain names
Domain Name Wire
It's yet another example of why a company must be the registered owner of its domain names rather than letting a third party be the registrant. In a lawsuit (pdf) filed in Illinois yesterday, Flair Airlines Ltd claims that former customer service and ...

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Intellectual Property Watch

New Domain Names Should Protect Country Names, Proposal At WIPO Says
Intellectual Property Watch
A group of countries submitted a new proposal for the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on trademarks and geographical indications, set to meet next month, to protect country names and geographical names. The proponents suggest that ...

JD Supra (press release)

Domain Names: The dangers of “snapping”
JD Supra (press release)
DNS Belgium, the Registry operating the .BE country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), recently published an article warning domain name owners of the risks inherent in the practice of “snapping”. Although anyone can legitimately snap up an expired domain ...

The “.au” domain names debate continues (and how effective keywords can convey your message)
I'm still working a lot with the “.au” domain names debate at the moment, and this whole saga has made me start podcasting again on a personal level for the first time in years. The first guest I had on is Josh Rowe, and you can check it out: it's ...

Domain names: getting real
By its own very high standards, Real Madrid is not having the greatest of soccer seasons, although it has, at least, triumphed in a recent domain name case. The decision in the case of Real Madrid Club de Futbol v Jose Delfim Mendosa de Vasconelos was ...

Analyzing startup domain names
Domain Name Wire
Startup accelerator MassChallenge has announced the inaugural class of 84 startups for its Texas accelerator. The companies are in a number of industries, so I thought it would be interesting to see what types of domains the companies are using. 67 of ...

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Forfeiture of Pirate Bay domain names
In 2013 the IP prosecutor initiated action against one of the founders of the Pirate Bay – who was also the registered holder of the Pirate Bay domain names – and the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) – which is responsible under law for the Swedish ...

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