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7 Ways to Rediscover Your True Passion after Divorce

Going through a divorce is a very challenging time in a person's life. It is hard to adjust to being single again, as well as living "out of the habit" of being married, especially if you have been married for many, many years.

Dating Tips for Divorced and Widowed Moms

Dating is tough for just about everybody, but it?s even tougher for people who are divorced and widowed. Along with the fears of being ?out of practice,? there are often children?s feelings to consider.

Credit and Divorce

Mary and Bill recently divorced. Their divorce decree stated that Bill would pay the balances on their three joint credit card accounts. Months later, after Bill neglected to pay off these accounts, all three creditors contacted Mary for payment. She referred them to the divorce decree, insisting that she was not responsible for the accounts. The creditors correctly stated that they were not parties to the decree and that Mary was still legally responsible for paying off the couple?s joint accounts. Mary later found out that the late payments appeared on her credit report.

There Is Life After Divorce

A married woman becomes a single woman for one of two reasons: death or divorce. The former is an honourable state, the latter is not.

Getting a Jewish Divorce in the UK

What is the Get?

How to Select a Divorce Lawyer

Selecting a divorce lawyer to handle your family law case is a very important decision. The following are a few important criteria to help in finding the right divorce lawyer.

Divorce Advice: Getting Divorce Advice From the Right Source

Getting the right type of divorce advice depends on what type of divorce advice you want and what you want to use it for. When looking for divorce advice, it is smart to clearly define what you are seeking the advice for so you can be sure to look in the right places.

How To Identify What The Question Should I Get a Divorce? Means To You

Deciding about whether you should get a divorce or not is an agonizing experience to go through. If you are asking yourself "should I get a divorce?", you've been thinking about your relationship's state for a while or an isolated incident (an example is an extramarital affair) that occurred was so terrible, that you want to just chuck it all and start over with a new life!

Extramarital Affair: Should You Get A Divorce Just Because One Of You Had An Extramarital Affair?

Having to deal with an extramarital affair can be a life-changing event, regardless of whether you stay married or not. Inescapable feelings can come over both people who live through an extramarital affair that will never be forgotten by either of them. The person who actually had the extramarital affair can have feelings of guilt, loneliness, confusion and misdirection along with many other feelings. The 'partner' who did not have the extramarital affair can have these feelings as well, but the lack of confidence that can come as a result of the other person having an extramarital affair can be one of the toughest parts to deal with.

Reasons For Divorce; What Constitutes Viable Reasons For Thinking About Or Wanting A Divorce?

According to the Center for Disease Control's National Vital Statistics Report of 2002, 50% of first marriages ended in divorce and 60% of remarriages end in divorce. But, the Center for Disease Control also found that 96% of Americans express a personal desire for marriage, and almost three-quarters of Americans believe marriage is a life long commitment. I imagine that there are somewhat similar statistics worldwide.

Surviving Divorce: What To Think About To Ensure Surviving Divorce

Surviving divorce can be a valid fear if you're contemplating getting a divorce. In order to ensure surviving divorce, you should first understand that your divorce decision shouldn't be taken lightly. Ensuring that you'll be surviving divorce can be comforting and can influence your path as you consider your reasons for divorce and take the emotional plunge into actually going through with it.

Five Christmas Survival Tips For The Divorced & Single Parent

For the over 50% of marriages that end in divorce, Christmas can be a hugely trying time.

Divorce and Children: Things To Consider When Youre Staying Married Only For Your Children

All children are different and respond differently to divorce. Depending on the characteristics of the children - age, emotional maturity, happiness, resiliency to trauma - the easier or more difficult it will be for children to weather a divorce.

The Impact of Divorce on Families

As a licensed mental health professional, I work with many individuals, couples, and families who are affected by divorce. I see the devastating effects that breakups can have and am dedicated to helping people develop the skills to cope with experiences like divorce.

How to Recover From Divorce

As a licensed mental health professional, I work with many individuals, couples, and families who are affected by divorce. I have developed this list of survival strategies for people who are experiencing divorce. If you or someone you love is in this situation, I hope these ideas will help you.

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Twenty years into a marriage that included children, a minivan and three cats, my husband announced the following: Obviously, I haven't been in love with you ...

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Dublin, Ireland (CNN) In the last four and a half years, Michael Rossney has been to court 40 times and spent tens of thousands of euros on legal fees.

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Wendy Williams filed for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter in April.

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Ireland should do more to support marriage, instead of making it easier to get a divorce, says Bishop Denis Nulty.

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Alexa and her ex Michael DeVecchio got married in November 2013 and separated in 2015, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

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Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have taken strides to address and prevent domestic violence.

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Is Wendy Williams making the best decision of her life by filing for divorce?

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Another real estate romance is ending in divorce. Israeli-born developer Rotem Rosen and Zina Sapir-Rosen, daughter of the late real estate mogul Tamir Sapir, ...

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Connecticut state Sen. Alex Bergstein's divorce case with her husband, Morgan Stanley managing director Seth Bergstein, has exposed her new romantic ...

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A divorce may have sparked a deadly confrontation between an estranged husband and wife. Police say 37-year-old Slobodan Miljus hit his wife of 13 years ...

Troop Divorce Rate Continues Slow But Steady Decline  Military.com

Divorce rates among active-duty troops continued a very slow, decade-long decline in 2018.

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Get a first look at the premiere of Christina on the Coast on HGTV.

Divorce Advice (And It Won’t Cost You a Thing)  The New York Times

We found lawyers willing to help for free. Or, you can hire one. Your choice. (Here's a tip: don't use a lawyer as your therapist. Therapists are much cheaper.)

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Khloé Kardashian is still able to recall his first words after he regained consciousness following the overdose.

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You were just divorced from your spouse and a provision of your Marital Settlement Agreement incorporated into your Final Judgment of Divorce reflects that you ...

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Is Steve Harvey getting divorced? His wife weighs in.

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Some may note about our country's left-right divide that if our nation were a marriage, there'd have been a divorce long ago. And this is precisely the idea in ...

Zambia seeks 'divorce' from Vedanta over alleged mining breaches  Reuters

Zambia plans to strip Vedanta-controlled Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) of its mining license and bring a new investor into the operation, in a move likely to stoke ...

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Former spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are entrenched in another heated legal battle, stemming from an op-ed Heard wrote for The Washington Post ...

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Most marriages should end in divorce. We should plan accordingly. It'll make our lives so much better. In that world, we'll have happier marriages with more ...

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About half of all marriages end in divorce, in what can be an incredibly painful process for a couple to go through. The Onion offers some helpful tips for taking ...

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The divorce rate is falling and many experts say millennial dating and marriage habits are the reason why.

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During a recent episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, Toya Wright was summoned to Monica's hotel room for a reason she didn't initially know.

Family income goes down after a divorce. What does this mean for kids' education?  Deseret News

A recent study finds the income decline many families face post-divorce severely impacts a child's ability to attend college.

As sports gambling grows, an athlete's divorce is now more than just gossip  Chicago Tribune

More than ever, almost everything about sports is material information for the informed investor, including Ben and Julianna Zobrist's pending divorce.

BECOMING to Host Inaugural Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat for Individuals Navigating Divorce  TippNews DAILY

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 21, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — BECOMING, an organization providing mindfulness and meditation tools and retreats ...

The Hulu/Disney/Comcast divorce, explained  Vox.com

All the big media companies want their own streaming *service*. Big question: Do you want to subscribe to lots of streaming services?

‘Divorce’ creator Sharon Horgan finds a match in Hollywood Hills  Los Angeles Times

Irish actress and writer Sharon Horgan is just the latest buyer to add to the celebrity pedigree of a home in Hollywood Hills. The 1953 house, which she bought ...

Zambian President Threatens to ‘Divorce’ Vedanta, Glencore  Bloomberg

Zambian President Edgar Lungu threatened to “divorce” the domestic copper units of Vedanta Resources Plc and Glencore Plc after the companies said they'd ...

Egypt teaches students about love and marriage in attempt to curb divorce  Reuters

CAIRO (Reuters) - During a recent class at Cairo University, students laughed as they watched a skit acted out by their peers about a married couple.

Julianna Zobrist Files for Divorce from Cubs' Ben Zobrist in Cook County, Records Show  NBC Chicago

Julianna Zobrist, wife of Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist, has filed for divorce, according to Cook County records. No reason was given in the documents, but ...

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Headed For Divorce After Years Of ‘Fights, Secrets And Lies’?  Gossip Cop

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are not headed for a divorce, despite a tabloid report claiming the spouses have been torn apart following years of "fights, secrets and ...

Divorce and the Constitution  Irish Times

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Jesse Williams' Ex Aryn Drake-Lee Gets Real About Motherhood Amid Divorce: 'It’s Ok for the Children to See Me Crying’  PEOPLE.com

"The children were only going to be okay if I was okay," says Drake-Lee, opening up to PEOPLE during her split from Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams.

When Parents Divorce, Apps Can Reduce the Child-Custody Acrimony  The Wall Street Journal

Co-parenting apps may not solve every communication problem between divorcing parents, but experts say the technology's benefits can ease the stress on ...

Bill aims to address pets' needs in a divorce  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Current Pennsylvania law provides no special provisions for pets in divorces.

How this mom decided what name to keep after divorce and new marriage  Omaha World-Herald

"I asked Google for help, as though it was a Magic 8-Ball: 'Which name should I keep after divorce and remarriage?' 'What are the physiological impacts to a ...

Bishops warn of 'dissolution of marriage' after divorce vote  The Tablet

'We believe that incidents of marriage breakdown and divorce could be reduced through the introduction of socio-economic policies supporting family'. Bishops ...

Perspective | Ask Amy: Husband's 'voyeur' addiction has wife considering divorce  The Washington Post

He repeatedly says he will stop, but he always goes back.

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Seeing a divorce lawyer doesn't mean that you're committed to divorcing — which is why you should schedule a consultation befor you think about separating.

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Kids are always causing their parents grief, no matter what age they are, but what one girl did to her dad caused her entire family to break apart. She wrote on ...

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"Fast N' Loud" star Richard Rawlings is officially single but he's gotta fork over a car and some dough.

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It was cold the night my marriage ended. It was the first week of January 2017 and the first time it had snowed in Dallas that winter. My husband and I trudged ...

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Chatting with CNN personality Van Jones on her show last Tuesday, Wendy Williams was in trademark tell-it-like-it-is, heat-seeking form. Jones was there to ...

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NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas for a response to a story in The Atlantic, written by David Frum, proposing the ...

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HARTFORD, Conn. — When parents split up and cannot agree on what happens to their frozen human embryos, who gets custody? The Connecticut Supreme ...

Is Wendy Williams Secretly Trying to Work Things out with Kevin Hunter?  Bravo

Wendy Williams said she has filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, after he allegedly fathered a child with his mistress of more than a ...

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A verbal altercation during a deposition at a Winter Park law firm resulted in a man stabbing his wife's divorce attorney multiple times with a knife he took from the ...

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Unique challenges abound when parents involved in contested matrimonial litigation live under the same roof while the divorce action is pending. This article ...

Did Hunter Biden Divorce His Wife for His Deceased Brother's Widow?  Snopes.com

The spreading of salacious stories about candidates and their families typically coincides with the start of the presidential election cycle.

90 Day Fiancé's Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima Finalize Divorce  PEOPLE.com

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima's short-lived marriage is finally over. The 90 Day Fiancé stars have reached a settlement in their divorce, according ...

Shannon Beador Celebrates Divorce Settlement with 'Just Divorced' Sash Ahead of RHOC Cast Trip  PEOPLE.com

Nearly a year-and-half after Shannon Beador filed for divorce from David Beador in December 2017, their divorce judgment was filed in Orange County Superior ...

Wendy Williams' Husband Kevin Hunter Requests Child and Spousal Support Amid Divorce: Report  PEOPLE.com

Wendy Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter after 21 years of marriage following cheating allegations.

Divorce referendum 'reflects changing face of Ireland'  BBC News

Lampposts across the the Republic of Ireland are covered with election posters but you will not find many about the divorce referendum. In 1995, this once very ...

Employees in these 10 industries are the most likely to get divorced  Ladders

Career may not be the No. 1 determining factor in whether a person will get a divorce, but financial stability with life is an important contributor.

Perspective | Miss Manners: Maintaining compassion during sibling's messy divorce  The Washington Post

Dear Miss Manners: My sibling and his spouse of 20 years are acrimoniously divorcing. The toxicity surrounding the breakup led the families of both parties to ...

Serial killer who once terrorized Florida set for execution  The Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Cindy Brown remembers when she decided to divorce Bobby Joe Long, the serial killer facing execution as a result of a murderous ...

Wendy Williams says she's dating again weeks after filing for divorce: 'I'm really really reclaiming my life.'  NJ.com

The well-known talk show host opened up about her dating life on the "Wendy Williams Show."

Destination divorce: Parties to celebrate breakup are a new Las Vegas trend  The Detroit News

Often an exultant multiday escapade, these vacations celebrate not mourn the ending of a marriage.

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From eye-popping settlement amounts to headline-making adultery allegations, here are the celebrity divorces people couldn't stop talking about.

Carolyn Hax: Cold feet in the middle of your divorce? Hotfoot it to a therapist.  The Washington Post

He has been so kind after her mom died that she finds herself falling back in love.

Divorce litigant charged in stabbing of lawyer at deposition  ABA Journal

Image from Shutterstock.com. Police have arrested a divorce litigant for allegedly stabbing a Florida lawyer multiple times during a deposition May 1.

It’s time for Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics to divorce  The Washington Post

Their union between Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics was truly put to the test for the first time this week, and it failed spectacularly.

Doctor and Mom of 3 Was Strangled by Neurosurgeon Husband After Serving Him With Divorce Papers  PEOPLE.com

Mohammed Shamji, 43, pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder of his wife, Elana Fric.

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Keyshia Cole's Ex Reignites Divorce Battle  The Blast

The divorce of "Love & Hip Hop" star Keyshia Cole is back on with her ex-NBA star hubby moving to finally wrap up their split.According to court records, Daniel ...

Getting a divorce: 5 steps to help protect your finances  Ladders

Divorce is a total life upheaval: emotionally, financially and logistically. It can be hard to know where to start rebuilding your life.

Van Jones hits back at Wendy Williams for bringing up his divorce on her talk show  Fox News

Van Jones has made it crystal clear to Wendy Williams: do not bring up his divorce.

Forced to Divorce: Americans With Disabilities Must Pick Marriage or Health Care  OZY

Outdated regulations are forcing a choice between love and social security.

Getting a Sleep Divorce Is the Best Thing I've Ever Done for My Marriage—and My Health  Real Simple

Thinking of sleeping in separate beds from your partner? It's called a sleep divorce—here's what you should know about this new trend in sleeping tips.

Davina McCall ‘dating long-term hairdresser friend Michael Douglas' following divorce  Express

DAVINA MCCALL is reportedly dating her longtime hairdresser friend, Michael Douglas, following her divorce from husband Matthew Robertson which was ...

Cubs' Ben Zobrist and wife Julianna file for divorce  Chicago Daily Herald

The Cubs' Ben Zobrist and his wife, Julianna Zobrist, have filed court documents in separate states seeking to end their marriage.

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles Shocking Divorce Rumors: Heir Might Rule Alone  International Business Times

There are rumors that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are getting a divorce and the heir may rule alone, without a queen.

Divorce in numbers: How do divorce rates in Ireland compare to those in Europe and elsewhere?  TheJournal.ie

Ireland is set to vote this Friday on whether or not the wait period for couples seeking a divorce should be reduced.

Jilted man thrashes ex-wife for not talking after divorce  India Today

A man allegedly thrashed his former wife for not talking to him after the couple had a divorce a few months after their marriage.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan's wife files for divorce  The Detroit News

Detroit — The wife of Mayor Mike Duggan has filed for divorce. Mary Loretto Maher's filing Friday in Wayne County Circuit Court comes nearly six months after ...

Houston Man Sues Divorce Lawyers Over Terms, Fees | Texas Lawyer  Law.com

A Houston-area man has sued his divorce lawyers for $50 million alleging they were negligent in handling the divorce and charged him too much.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: Violating the Uber Pool Code Edition  Slate

Turns out it's not about what you say and more about how you live.

Jesse Williams's Ex Aryn Drake-Lee Calls Divorce 'Blessing in Disguise'  Oprah Mag

Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams's ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee opened up to People about her complicated divorce and new podcast called Babies Are Trash.

POLICE LOG: From divorce to a stolen sign  BYU-I Scroll

I want a divorce. “Police spoke to an individual who wanted to know the laws about getting a divorce. Police advised her that this was a civil issue and to contact ...

Khloe Kardashian's Mindful of Energy Around True, Especially with Tristan  TMZ

Khloe Kardashian says she tries to keep the peace around her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, for the sake of their kid ... who she believes can sense when ...

Nicole Kidman: Hugh Jackman helped with Tom Cruise divorce  Page Six

The "Big Little Lies" actress recently opened up about her divorce from Tom Cruise and revealed her secret to a happy marriage with singer Keith Urban.

Nicolas Cage sings sad 'Purple Rain' rendition amid news of divorce after four-day marriage  Fox News

Nicolas Cage is dealing with his split from his wife of four days the best way he knows how: Karaoke.

Douglasville man pleads guilty to strangling wife to death during divorce  Atlanta Journal Constitution

A Douglasville man who strangled his wife to death on the floor of their bedroom two days after signing divorce papers pleaded guilty to her murder and was ...

Newly Divorced or Soon to Be? New Tax Bill Complicates Things.  Security Sales & Integration

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made a number of important changes to the IRS code, some of which either directly or indirectly relate to divorce.

Shannon Beador Awarded $1.4 Million in Divorce Settlement, $10,000 in Monthly Support from David  PEOPLE.com

Days after Shannon Beador and her estranged husband David Beador reached a divorce settlement, details of the pair's financial agreement have been ...

We're divorced. How do we get a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)?  NJ.com

Coming to an agreement of terms is the hardest part.

Couples who divorce by mutual consent subject to contempt if they don’t abide by conditions of compromise: SC  The Hindu

A couple who choose to divorce by mutual consent will be susceptible to contempt of court if they do not abide by the various conditions of compromise finalised ...

Dog reportedly starved to death after couple filed for divorce and left home, court documents say  WQAD Moline

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A dog starved to death when an Indiana couple moved out of the home they shared after filing for divorce and left him behind.

Do's And Don'ts Dealing With Divorce And Children  WSYR

Fifty-one percent of marriages end in divorce and that can be tough on children. Child psychologist, Dr. Tanya Gesek has some advice for parents. First and ...

Helping Clients Navigate Divorce  Dividend.com

Unfortunately, it is well known that more than half of all marriages do not “live happily ever after.”

Monica Opens Up About the Major Toll Her Divorce Has Taken on Her in This T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle Clip  VH1.com

Monica opens up about the overwhelming emotional toll of her divorce and how it continues to complicate her personal life.

Wendy Williams May Be Forced to Pay up in Her Divorce — Even Though Her Husband Cheated  Bravo

Wendy Williams' husband, Kevin Hunter, is going after her bank account after reportedly getting his mistress Sharina Hudson pregnant. By Marianne Garvey.

Detroit mayor, wife announce plans to seek divorce  Crain's Detroit Business

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and his wife are divorcing. Duggan and his wife, Mary Loretto Maher, issued a joint statement Friday announcing the action, which ...

Brexit firebrand Farage appears poised for victory as EU divorce flounders  CBC News

Nigel Farage's upstart is poised to make a splash in Thursday's European elections, his upstart Brexit Party, polling ahead of all others in voter intentions, ...

Secret Dates and Divorce Talk Fill 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? | E! News  E! NEWS

After the 90 days comes…babies, trials and talk about divorce, at least for the couples on TLC's hit reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. If you follow ...

Ways to Protect Your Retirement Savings After Divorce  Yahoo Finance

Separating from your spouse can mean suffering a heavy emotional and financial toll. You may be wondering how to protect your 401(k) in a divorce. Fortunately ...

Rick Schroder Warned to Finish Up Divorce with Ex-Wife Weeks After Arrest  The Blast

"NYPD Blue" star Rick Schroder has been separated from his wife for almost three years, but a judge is warning them to hurry up and finalize things in the ...

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