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Selecting A Credit Counselor; Asking The Right Questions.

When you find yourself thinking about using a credit counseling service, you need to be very careful. You need someone who will help you, not just some pushy sales associate who wants only to sign you up for their service.

How to Get Money When You Are Broke

(Money You Don't Have to Pay Back)

The Effects of Consumer Debt

Consumer Borrowing

Debt and Your Dreams

You may not realize what that credit card bill is doing to you?

Eight Ways to Consolidate Debt

Next to winning the lottery, a debt consolidation loan is a debtor?s dream. With one monthly payment and a fixed monthly payment schedule, you can actually see an end to those monthly payments.

Are You Beating Up On Yourself About Debt?

When you hear the word "debt", whats the first thought or feeling that comes to you? For most people debt is "bad" or it becomes the "enemy" and is something that should be avoided like the plague.

Worried About Debts?

Having trouble paying your bills? Getting dunning notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?

Dont Let The Good Times Bury You

It is vital to get rid of debt while things are going well. Yet the opposite is usually the case. Human nature is such that when we find ourselves living in good times, we let down our defenses. With our lives going great we seem to make the worst decisions. It?s not hard to understand why this happens. We believe things will always be better in the future, ?When I?m done with school, When I get a better paying job, I?m sure I will get that promotion.?

Debt Consolidation and Personal Finances: Learn the Truth!

An inability to manage credit, growing debt and bankruptcy are all major problems today. On an average day, over 8,000 people file bankruptcy in the United States alone. The Internet is rife with companies that promise help and salvation; to the uninitiated, their words and assurances prey upon those wanting a painless solution.

UK Debt When Moving Abroad

The idea of moving abroad to escape debt seems to be more of a common practice these days. People with failed businesses or swamped in debt seem to think moving abroad will give them a fresh start, free from debt and allow them to build a new life.

Bankruptcy - The Easy Option?

Incredibly, since the changes in the bankruptcy law in April 2004, debtors are more likely to petition for their own bankruptcy rather than their creditors! You would think that most people who have been threatened with the prospect of being made Bankrupt would be riddled with fear of the possibility. It is more widely referred to as the ?Big B? rather than the dreaded word itself. However, is this a thing of the past? Since the changes in The Enterprise Act 2002 took place in April 2004 it would appear a lot more people are inclined to petition for their own bankruptcy as a solution to their debt problems.

Debt is The Master of Souls

Wholeness requires separation. In order for you to experience yourself as being whole, you spend most of your live experiencing being separated, trying to get back to wholeness.

Credit Repair - Understanding The Basics

What is Credit?

Craving For Financial Freedom

Have you ever felt trapped in a Rat Race and wished to retire quickly but rich?

The Debt Free Lifestyle

Many people have been taught that you cannot get ahead without debt. We are also inundated with advertising telling us we can have anything we want. All we need to do is put it on our credit card.

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Judge Overturns Change to Attorney Student Debt Forgiveness Program  Courthouse News Service

(CN) – The Department of Education's bait-and-switch reinterpretation of the statutes governing the Public *Service* Loan Forgiveness program – an initiative to ...

At this company, you can trade a vacation for student loan relief  CNBC

Employee benefits provider Unum recently announced that starting next year, U.S. workers can trade up to five days of unused vacation time for a payment ...

Japan's Akebono Brake seeking capital from Toyota, debt relief  Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Akebono Brake Industry Co Ltd is seeking a capital infusion from top shareholder Toyota Motor Corp and a moratorium on debt ...

Attorney general announces debt relief program for federal employees  Lancaster Bee

Attorney General Letitia James recently announced a debt-relief program for workers and families in New York who were impacted by the shutdown of the ...

China just quietly wrote off a chunk of Cameroon's debt. Why the secrecy?  CNN

When top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi met Cameroon President Paul Biya in the capital Yaounde last month and wrote off a chunk of the African country's debt ...

Natural Light, among other corporations, help with college debt relief  The Badger Herald

In the U.S., higher education is treated like a necessity but priced like a luxury. Financial aid isn't always enough to ensure that students can make it through ...

Madison-area companies offer debt relief as a perk  Journal Times

Student loan assistance is a benefit increasingly being offered in the private sector as companies recruit employees in a tight labor market with low ...

My Take: Vacation or debt relief? What a terrible choice.  WTOP

On My Take, Clinton Yates said that nobody should be forced to sacrifice time off for the sake of paying off a predatory practice to begin with.

Debts cleared for more than 3000 Emiratis  The National

More than 3,000 Emiratis with debts of Dh361 million in total have had their dues waived by the country's debt relief fund in co-operation with banks.

Company's new policy lets workers choose between vacation and student debt relief  New York Daily News

American workers waste a large portion of their vacation days for a number of different reasons, according to researchers. That trend might well continue if a new ...

Freedom Financial Network opens second building in Tempe

PHOENIX — Freedom Financial Network is looking to hire 1,000 employees after opening the second building at its Tempe campus. The company is looking to ...

Tips To Strengthen Finances Before Another Recession Shared By National Debt Relief  PR Web

The last Recession in 2008 affected a lot of people that is why National Debt Relief shares this article to help people prepare for another recession. The article ...

How To Get Started With Investing As Shared By National Debt Relief  PR Web

A lot of people are looking for various ways to earn money that is why National Debt Relief shares some tips for people to get into investing. The article titled ...

QE Forever: The Fed's Dramatic About-face  Dissident Voice

"Quantitative easing" was supposed to be an emergency measure. The Federal Reserve "eased" shrinkage in the money supply due to the 2008-09 credit crisis ...

Fitch Keeps Negative Outlook on Italy Citing High Debt Level  Bloomberg

Italy's sovereign credit rating was left unchanged at two notches above junk by Fitch Ratings, which warned an extremely high level of general government debt ...

Jet Airways lenders' 'short term' rescue plan raises concerns  Nikkei Asian Review

MUMBAI -- Jet Airways shareholders on Wednesday will vote to back a debt for equity swap that will hand control of the troubled Indian carrier to lenders who ...

3 Ways to Spot a Student Loan Scam  U.S. Department of Education

Don't pay for help when you can get help for free! The U.S. Department of Education offers advice on how to spot and avoid student loan scams.

Greece's finance chief says it's on track with reforms and will unlock fresh EU cash  CNBC

Greece's government is adamant that much-needed reforms will soon be completed so that the country can unlock *fresh* funding from the European Union.

Ways The Government Shutdown Affects People Shared By National Debt Relief  PR Web

A lot of people are feeling the effects of the government shutdown. That is why National Debt Relief shares some concrete ways people are affected. The article ...

Mortgage rates fall to one-year low, setting the stage for a sunny spring selling season  MarketWatch

Rates for home loans fell to the lowest in over a year as investors remained concerned about economic headwinds, setting up the housing market for a strong ...

Oakland teachers stay on strike as negotiations resume  Politico

Governors gather in D.C. with education on the agenda — House education leaders get to work on HEA.

Singletary: What not to do if you owe the IRS and don't have the money  Kenosha News

This is turning out to be a difficult year for a lot of taxpayers. Major tax law changes that took effect last year are impacting people's beloved refunds. The IRS ...

Borrower Beware: Freedom Debt Relief  NerdWallet

Freedom Debt Relief paid millions of dollars in fines and settlements and faces a federal lawsuit alleging it did not deliver help it promised to consumers.

5 Reasons Debt Relief Programs Cause More Pain Than Relief  Forbes Now

Debt relief programs seem too good to be true because they are. Not only do they hurt your credit and cost you; you may end up worse off than when you started.

Make Debt 'Relief' Your Last Resort  Lifehacker

Should you trust a debt relief company? That's what we're looking at this week.

The Truth About Credit Card Debt Forgiveness  U.S. News & World Report

When some people think about credit card debt forgiveness, it goes something like this: Your debt is erased, and you live happily ever after with no ...

Settlement Brings Debt Relief To Students Of For-Profit Chain  WFAE

A five-year investigation of the Illinois-based, for-profit Career Education Corp. (CEC) chain has resulted in a nearly $500 million multi-state settlement that ...

Goodbye Debt: Picking a Debt Relief Partner  Influencive

Falling behind on your debt? You wouldn't be alone. After all, Americans have lots of it. Between, credit cards, student debt, auto loans, and medical bills, around ...

Van Berkom & Associates Lifted Its Miller Herman (MLHR) Stake by $2.27 Million as Stock Price Declined; Salzhauer Michael Trimmed Stake in American Intl Group (AIG) by $354,411 as Stock Price Declined  Lives Advice

Van Berkom & Associates Inc increased its stake in Miller Herman Inc (MLHR) by 4.41% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC. Van Berkom ...

Freedom Debt Relief Review: Helping You Negotiate Your Debt for a Fee  Student Loan Hero

Debt settlement is a complex process, but companies like Freedom Debt Relief offer guidance for a fee. Learn more in this Freedom Debt Relief review.

Settlement to provide over $340K in debt relief to North Dakota...  Grand Forks Herald

BISMARCK — The North Dakota Attorney General's Office has announced that 151 North Dakota students will receive more than $340,000 in loan debt relief in ...

Arkansas students to receive $1.8 million in debt relief  MyArkLaMiss

Arkansas College students are scheduled to receive $1.8 million in student loan forgiveness.

Delayed Obama-Era Rule on Student Debt Relief Is to Take Effect  The New York Times

A federal judge has opened the door for tens of thousands of borrowers to have their debt forgiven, delivering a blow to the Education Department, which ...

Public Service Debt Relief Is Broken  The New York Times

The program that's supposed to help teachers and others with their loans isn't working.

Maine is offering student loan assistance to people who live and work in the state  CNBC

Maine is offering student debt relief to graduates who live and work in the state. Known for its lobster and lighthouses, Maine also has one of the oldest ...

'Debt relief' a top Google search in Las Vegas  KTNV Las Vegas

If you're struggling to make ends meet, you're not alone. A new study shows that "debt relief" is a top Google search in Las Vegas. A study done by Student Loan ...

Betsy DeVos sued again over delays in student debt relief  CNN

New York (CNN Politics) Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was hit with another lawsuit Tuesday claiming she failed to cancel student debt owed by people ...

CHS tops Q4 expectations with revenue boost  Healthcare Dive

Community Health Systems reported fourth quarter net operating revenues of $3.45 billion, a 12.9% increase compared with $3 billion for the prior period, ...

Venezuela's Guaido Says Opposition Seeks Financing, Debt Relief  Bloomberg

Venezuela's opposition would seek financial relief and a renegotiation of the nation's mounting foreign debt if it was recognized as the rightful government, Juan ...

More than $665K going to Nebraska in debt relief settlement  1011now

The Nebraska Attorney General's Office says more than 350 residents will share in the state's portion of a nearly $500 million settlement by a for-profit college ...

Feds arrest student debt-relief CEO who allegedly scammed borrowers out of $28 million  MarketWatch

In the summer of 2017, Beverly Sills, a Memphis, Tennessee Veterans Affairs Hospital employee, discovered she hadn't made a payment on her student loans ...

Debt Relief: Understand Your Options  Times Square Chronicles

Debt relief programs are very effective avenues for paying off large debts conveniently and getting them off your back fast. There are many credit card debt relief ...

United Rentals (URI) Holding Maintained by Bnp Paribas Investment Partners Sa; Patten Group Has Trimmed Its American International Group (AIG) Stake by $334,377  The Yomi Blog

Bnp Paribas Investment Partners Sa increased its stake in United Rentals Inc (URI) by 23.89% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC.

DOE complies with order to forgive $150 million in loans for students of for-profit colleges

The Department of Education (DOE), complying with a federal judge's ruling, announced a massive victory for students victimized by now-closed for-profit ...

DeVos Proposes to Curtail Debt Relief for Defrauded Students  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed on Wednesday to curtail Obama administration loan forgiveness rules for students defrauded by ...

5 ways to spot student loan debt relief scams

There is an estimated $1.5 trillion of student loan debt. The burden is taking a toll on Americans, from preventing homeownership to delaying other major life ...

Feds say they'll forgive your student loan, but almost no one actually benefits  USA TODAY

Student loan forgiveness promises fall far short due to red tape, fine print and bad advice. One program denied debt relief to 99 percent of borrowers.

Local student loan debt relief company victims speak out  KGO-TV

Nakeia Warren and Andre Archibald are just two of more than 2000 consumers who contacted the Federal Trade Commission to complain about Ameritech ...

Debt Settlement Companies | Find a Loan  U.S. News & World Report

Debt settlement has major risks and drawbacks, but can be a last-ditch option for those buried in debt.

Student Debt Forgiveness Is Really, Really Popular Among Democrats  Slate

Come 2020, at least one major Democratic candidate for president is going to campaign on outright canceling a boatload of student debt.

DeVos To Make It Tougher For Defrauded Students To Seek Debt Relief  NPR

The Trump administration is proposing new rules that make it harder for defrauded students to get relief from the federal government, in an attempt to save ...

Edgestream Partners LP Has Cut Its Unum Group (UNM) Holding by $3.72 Million; Share Value Declined | Thorold News  Thorold News

Investors sentiment increased to 1.08 in 2018 Q3. Its up 0.03, from 1.05 in 2018Q2. It increased, as 28 investors sold UNM shares while 151 reduced holdings.

Former ITT Tech students get $600M in debt relief from bankruptcy judge  Indianapolis Business Journal

A federal bankruptcy judge in Indianapolis has given final approval to a $600 million settlement that will affect about 750000 former students of ITT Technical ...

UFT helps members find student loan relief  United Federation of Teachers

The UFT has formed a partnership with the National Student Debt Forgiveness Center and longtime Retired Teachers Chapter legal provider Feldman, Kramer ...

ONLY ON 7: Ameritech Financial employee says embroiled student loan debt relief company was helping people  KGO-TV

For the first time, we are hearing from a current employee of a Sonoma County student loan debt relief company whose CEO is in hot water with the Federal ...

Farmers Throng India's Capital, Demanding Higher Crop Prices, Debt Relief  NPR

Tens of thousands of farmers from across India took to streets of the capital on Friday, demanding relief from debt, higher prices for their produce and a special ...

2 New Yorkers Erased $1.5 Million in Medical Debt for Hundreds of Strangers  The New York Times

The women, from Ithaca, raised $12500 so a nonprofit organization could forgive the past-due bills of about 1300 state residents.

How Should I Respond to a Debt Settlement Offer?  U.S. News & World Report

Getting a debt settlement offer may feel like a lifeline if you're drowning in unpaid bills. But if you settle for less than what you owe – perhaps much less – there ...

DeSantis Is Proposing Larger Teacher Bonuses, But Will They Cure Florida's Teacher Shortage?  WFSU

Governor Ron DeSantis is proposing changes to the state's Best and Brightest program that he says will result in sizable bonuses for highly rated teachers.

Euro zone agrees on debt relief package for Greece  CNBC

Euro zone finance ministers agreed in the early hours of Friday a debt relief package for Greece and a new disbursement of 15 billion euros as part of its current ...

China Offers Debt Relief, But Most African Countries Borrow Elsewhere  ខ្មែរ (VOA)

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised Monday to cancel debt for some of Africa's least-developed countries. Erasing debt tied to interest-free loans has long ...

New program at Pitt asks recent grads to pay it forward for future students  Inside Higher Ed

University of Pittsburgh starts a program in which students will receive aid and will be asked, but not required, to contribute to a fund for future students.

California has sued the Trump administration 46 times. Here are the lawsuits | TheHill  The Hill

As President Trump enters his third year of the presidency, California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) has remained a persistent thorn in the side of his ...

Sonoma County finance executive arrested in $28 million student debt relief scheme  Petaluma Argus Courier

A Sonoma County financial services executive, accused of stealing millions of dollars from borrowers struggling to repay their student loans, was arrested at San ...

China Promises Africa Debt Relief as Xi Counters Aid Criticism  Bloomberg

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged debt relief to some poorer African nations, attempting to push back against a major criticism of his signature Belt and Road ...

Maine lawmakers must again consider student debt relief  Bangor Daily News

Reinvigorated student debt relief legislation should be seen as one of many complimentary instruments that will help to infuse our state with the vibrant and ...

Must aid be an ethical dilemma?  Columbia Journalism Review

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, killing 200,000 people, destroying Port-au-Prince, and leaving more than a million people ...

Debt relief is vital – but don't count it as aid  Public Finance International

Updating the way Official Development Assistance is recorded could change – and even save – lives in some of the poorest places in the world, says Eurodad's ...

Debt relief promises: Too good to be true?  WKBW-TV

They come in the mail all the time. Offers from debt relief and debt settlement companies promising to cut your monthly bills by reducing the amount you owe on ...

For Puerto Ricans, a first step toward debt relief

A U.S. judge has approved a restructuring deal to address some of Puerto Rico's massive debt. Not including pension obligations, the island owes creditors at ...

Executive Arrested in $28M Student Loan Debt Relief Scheme  U.S. News & World Report

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An executive charged with bilking consumers out of $28 million in a student loan debt relief scam has been arrested in San Francisco.

National Debt Relief Receives Great Place to Work® Certification  PRNewswire

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Debt Relief announced that it has been certified by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work® as a ...

A Plan for Debt Relief  Townhall

As difficult as it may be to believe, there was a time when Republicans were known as the anti-debt and balanced budget party. Now, the GOP prefers to tout low ...

Kraft Heinz Bondholders Are More Upbeat Than Shareholders  Barron's

Kraft Heinz (ticker: KHC) has become one of the rare cases in which a company's bondholders are more optimistic than its shareholders. The company's shares ...

MN attorney general sues ‘tax debt relief’ firm for violating consumer protections  St. Paul Pioneer Press

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson is suing a “tax debt relief” company for allegedly violating the state's consumer protection laws. Swanson filed a ...

These for-profit college students hope for debt relief as a debate about their loans rages in Washington  MarketWatch

Betsy DeVos's Department of Education has proposed controversial rules to loosen restrictions on for-profit colleges.

National Debt Relief Takes Additional Floor at 180 Maiden Lane  Commercial Observer

National Debt Relief is taking more office space at 180 Maiden Lane after inking a lease for an additional 31000-square-foot floor.

Is Student Debt Forgiveness Progressive?  Jacobin magazine

Forgiving student debt would benefit more than just the wealthy — but that doesn't mean we should be completely on board. Graduating students celebrate at ...

Struggling student borrowers face a new challenge in debt relief  MarketWatch

Companies that promise to slash your student debt have devised a new scheme.

Betsy Devos To Forgive $150 Million Of Student Loans  Forbes

The U.S. Department of Education, led by Betsy DeVos, will cancel $150 million of student loans. Here's what you need to know. Student Loan Forgiveness: Who ...

In spite of all the bottlenecks this, still, is the African century  Daily Nation

But for Africa to rule the 21st century, it has to stem illicit financial flows.

Maine offering student loan debt relief to bring younger people to the state  WTHR

Maine (WTHR) — As one of the oldest populations in the United States, the state is concerned about satisfying future workforce needs. The state's median age is ...

ED, Ramaphosa meeting: two faces of regional renewal

Sometime in December 2016, I was among the journalists attending the Zanu-PF Annual National People's Conference in Masvingo, which many billed as the ...

New York AG Sues Debt-Relief Companies  Inside Higher Ed

Telemarketers from several student loan relief companies falsely represented themselves as employees of the federal government and told borrowers they could ...

Thousands of Marylanders receive student loan debt relief tax credit  WBAL TV Baltimore

More than 9494 Marylanders were eligible for student loan debt relief in 2018 as the state awarded more than $9 million in tax credits, the governor's office ...

Debt Relief? Former For-Profit College Students Are Still Waiting

After graduating from the John D. O'Bryant School of Math and Science, an exam school in Roxbury, Amanda Kulka was struggling to get by as a single mother.

National Debt Relief takes another 30K sf at 180 Maiden Lane  The Real Deal

Debt-consolidation firm National Debt Relief signed on for another 30000 square feet at 180 Maiden Lane, months after it inked a lease in the tower for 95000 ...

Alfond Foundation, FAME award debt relief to 23 STEM professionals  Mainebiz

The Harold Alfond Foundation and the Finance Authority of Maine announced 23 newest Alfond Leader award recipients, who've collectively qualified to receive ...

FTC temporarily halts student loan debt relief operation  ConsumerAffairs

The FTC has received a temporary injunction halting a California first from making false promises that it can reduce student loan debt.

Scott Walker proposes student debt relief to new college graduates. But will it help Wisconsin retain them?  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - The race toward the general election was less than 24 hours old when Gov. Scott Walker proposed offering $5,000 in tax relief to college graduates ...

$9 million going towards Md. students for debt relief - 47abc  WMDT

MARYLAND – $9 millions dollars is making its way into the pockets of nearly 10,000 Maryland students who are struggling with student loan debt. Right now, on ...

$493 million in debt relief for nearly 180,000 students: Schaumburg's Career Education Corp. settles with 48 states  Chicago Tribune

A Chicago-area for-profit college has agreed to forego collecting about $493 million in student debt owed by 179529 students.

Upstate NYers medical debt mysteriously paid off  Times Union

For nearly 150 people around the Capital Region who've been hounded for years by debt collectors, the mail should have recently brought some good news.

Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy: Which Is Right for You?  Student Loan Hero

If you're debating debt consolidation versus bankruptcy, check out these major pros and cons of each strategy before making the best possible choice for your ...

Senate liberals seek new Puerto Rico debt relief  Reuters

A group of U.S. Senate liberals on Wednesday introduced legislation providing debt relief to Puerto Rico as the island territory struggles to recover from a ...

History is made: Everything you need to know about Greece’s deal to pay back $300 billion  CNBC

The euro zone granted *fresh* debt relief measures to Greece last week after years of long arguments over the issue. Analysts told CNBC the deal was “very ...

New Hampshire students to get nearly $5 million debt relief  WMUR Manchester

New Hampshire students who attended certain for-profit schools and online courses will get nearly $5 million in debt relief.

DeVos Halts Partial Debt Relief Policy After Judge Slams Procedures  The New York Times

The Education Department halted its new policy of partial debt relief for defrauded students after a judge said the agency had misused private earnings data.

Student loan borrowers seek class status in lawsuit over debt relief  Reuters

Borrowers accusing student loan servicer Navient of falsely telling them their loans were eligible for a debt relief program for public *service* workers have asked ...

Company that provided financing for Westports F&R Auto to provide debt relief  Fall River Herald News

The Massachusetts Attorney General's office announced Thursday that Sensible Auto Lending LLC, of Connecticut, will provide $733925 to provide relief for ...

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