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Selecting A Credit Counselor; Asking The Right Questions.

When you find yourself thinking about using a credit counseling service, you need to be very careful. You need someone who will help you, not just some pushy sales associate who wants only to sign you up for their service.

How to Get Money When You Are Broke

(Money You Don't Have to Pay Back)

The Effects of Consumer Debt

Consumer Borrowing

Debt and Your Dreams

You may not realize what that credit card bill is doing to you?

Eight Ways to Consolidate Debt

Next to winning the lottery, a debt consolidation loan is a debtor?s dream. With one monthly payment and a fixed monthly payment schedule, you can actually see an end to those monthly payments.

Are You Beating Up On Yourself About Debt?

When you hear the word "debt", whats the first thought or feeling that comes to you? For most people debt is "bad" or it becomes the "enemy" and is something that should be avoided like the plague.

Worried About Debts?

Having trouble paying your bills? Getting dunning notices from creditors? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?

Dont Let The Good Times Bury You

It is vital to get rid of debt while things are going well. Yet the opposite is usually the case. Human nature is such that when we find ourselves living in good times, we let down our defenses. With our lives going great we seem to make the worst decisions. It?s not hard to understand why this happens. We believe things will always be better in the future, ?When I?m done with school, When I get a better paying job, I?m sure I will get that promotion.?

Debt Consolidation and Personal Finances: Learn the Truth!

An inability to manage credit, growing debt and bankruptcy are all major problems today. On an average day, over 8,000 people file bankruptcy in the United States alone. The Internet is rife with companies that promise help and salvation; to the uninitiated, their words and assurances prey upon those wanting a painless solution.

UK Debt When Moving Abroad

The idea of moving abroad to escape debt seems to be more of a common practice these days. People with failed businesses or swamped in debt seem to think moving abroad will give them a fresh start, free from debt and allow them to build a new life.

Bankruptcy - The Easy Option?

Incredibly, since the changes in the bankruptcy law in April 2004, debtors are more likely to petition for their own bankruptcy rather than their creditors! You would think that most people who have been threatened with the prospect of being made Bankrupt would be riddled with fear of the possibility. It is more widely referred to as the ?Big B? rather than the dreaded word itself. However, is this a thing of the past? Since the changes in The Enterprise Act 2002 took place in April 2004 it would appear a lot more people are inclined to petition for their own bankruptcy as a solution to their debt problems.

Debt is The Master of Souls

Wholeness requires separation. In order for you to experience yourself as being whole, you spend most of your live experiencing being separated, trying to get back to wholeness.

Credit Repair - Understanding The Basics

What is Credit?

Craving For Financial Freedom

Have you ever felt trapped in a Rat Race and wished to retire quickly but rich?

The Debt Free Lifestyle

Many people have been taught that you cannot get ahead without debt. We are also inundated with advertising telling us we can have anything we want. All we need to do is put it on our credit card.

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Former Corinthian students will get debt relief
About 41,000 students who took out private loans to go to Corinthian College will be eligible for debt relief. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 13 state attorneys general said Thursday that they had reached a settlement agreement with ...
State AG seeks tuition debt relief for studentsPittsburgh Post-Gazette
AG obtains $7 million in debt relief for nearly 2000 Washington student borrowersAccess Washington
For-profit colleges case settled for more than $192MThe Columbian
Portland Business Journal -TWC News
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WPXI Pittsburgh

Proposed settlement could mean debt relief for students of former Everest Institute
WPXI Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Thursday a proposed settlement with Aequitas Capital Management. The agreement with the former investment firm will give $6.7 million in debt relief to about 1,200 students who attended “for-profit ...

Daily Maverick

Notes from the House: SA's economic woes bring new urgency to debt relief reforms
Daily Maverick
In the face of expanding personal debt that has been crippling South Africa's consumer landscape for years, efforts now under way to introduce amendments to the National Credit Act to provide for debt relief and forgiveness are hugely welcome, albeit ...

Debt Consolidation and Debt Restructuring Differentiated By ...
Debt consolidation and debt restructuring are two separate debt repayment programs and National Debt Relief shares the difference between the two. The ...

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CFPB warns consumers about debt relief/settlement companies
JD Supra (press release)
We were glad to see that the blog post included a warning to consumers about debt relief or settlement companies. The CFPB advised consumers to beware of for-profit debt relief or settlement companies that promise to pay off consumers' debts for ...

U.S. News & World Report (blog)

Don't Fall Victim to Debt-Relief Companies
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
And the Student Loan Ranger has warned readers before about the so called debt-relief companies that offer to help student loan borrowers – for a hefty and usually unnecessary fee. In the past few months we've seen an increase in a new twist on this ...

Philly's PES refinery, the East Coast's largest, seeks debt relief
While it seeks to restructure $700 million in debt, Philadelphia Energy Solutions says operations are unaffected at the complex where 1600 employees and ...

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Student debt relief, tobacco bills on lawmakers agenda
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Legislature has a busy day ahead with solar, student debt relief and hands-free driving bills on the agenda. Lawmakers are set to return for their final day of session to deal with bills, vetoes and bonds. Republican Gov.
LePage blames Republican lawmakers for stalled student debt relief packageBangor Daily News
Legislature Faces Solar, Student Debt Relief Bills in Final Day of SessionWABI
Maine Governor Vows to Fight for Student Debt Relief, R&D BondsMaine Public
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District of Columbia secures settlement with Florida debt relief company, owner
Legal News Line
YF Solution allegedly advertised debt relief services to consumers but failed to actually deliver on what was promised in its marketing materials. According to Racine's office, the company advertised online that it would negotiate with consumers ...

The Mercury News

Trump team has approved 0 student loan debt relief claims
The Mercury News
In this July 8, 2014 file photo, an Everest Institute sign is seen in a office building in Silver Spring, Md. Now-defunct Corinthian Colleges ran Everest campuses ...

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