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Can anyone be an artist?

Why Do We Need Creativity?

Creativity is central to the management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource. Alan Watts writes in The Wisdom of Insecurity:

7 Techniques to Supercharge your Creativity and Solve your Problems

Do you ever encounter problems, challenges or obstacles in your business? If you answered 'no,' then you can stop reading and continue to rake in the fortune you must be making. For the rest of us, the answer of course is 'yes.'

Telling It Like It Is (Or Can Be)

When you hear, "tell me a story," does your mind suddenly go blank? Don't panic. The good news is, you're already a natural storyteller! Surprised? You shouldn't be. It's built right into our genetic code. Human beings are a storytelling species. Of all the creatures on Earth, we're the only ones that share past memories and future dreams as a way to get to know others, build friendships, plan an endeavor, inspire a group.

12 Ways To Boost Your Creativity At Work

As workplaces continue to rightsize and downsize, we all find ourselves doing more with less. How do we stay ahead of the workload while staying sane? The key is to put your creativity to work for you so you can do more with less and shine like never before.

Unlock Your Creative Secret Weapon

It seems like this week a ton of people have been asking me how they can become more creative. I even had one client jokingly accuse me of being in cahoots with the Devil in trade for my creativity. "Where do you get all of your ideas?" he asked. Well, I have decided to share my secret with you in this issue.

20 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration and Creativity High

When stressed or blocked it is wise to make a change so thatwe don't stay in that place. Yet, many times we forget someof the simple things that we can do for ourselves, quicklyand easily to bring our inspiration back and increase ourcreativity.

Break An Egg For Creativity

In 1420, the dignitaries of Florence held a competition.

Top Ten Ways To Jump-Start Your Creativity

1 - Take A Tour of the Great Outdoors

Creativity And You

95 percent of what we know about the brain, we have learned in the last 20 years. So, your beliefs about creativity were probably shaped by faulty information.

Riches Through Creative Thinking!

When solving problems after you have exhausted the normal means of coming up with the solution, think in terms of unorthodox methods. Vary your thinking and try to solve the problems by creating something completely new and irrelevant. Come into the problem through the "back door".

3 Clever Creative Strategies!

I've got a confession to make... there are many ways leaders can be more creative, innovative and ingenious than are presented in this article.

Rejuvenate & Re-Fuel Your Inner Drive

I believe that as solo-entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives we all need a pat on the back. Give yourself commendation. Why? Because we have the courage to step outside of the corporate box and start our own businesses, be our own boss and take on the challenge and responsibilities required for this adventure. In order to even contemplate that step we must have had a vision, a dream and a passion to bring it to fruition. So commend yourself.

How To Increase Creativity... Set Deadlines!

Deadlines are something all of us face from time to time. We face deadlines whenever we set even a small goal and commit to accomplish it... that's when deadlines becomes important and valuable to us.

Three Ways Journaling Can Boost Your Creativity and Your Business

I have a friend who has struggled with her creativity for a long time. She's extremely uncomfortable thinking of herself as "creative." We've been working together on it, and making progress. One of the tools that's really helped her has been journaling.

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In some cases, listening to music while you work stimulates creativity. In others, it's the exact opposite.

3 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity  Entrepreneur

Clever tips for getting inspired, motivated, and prepared to maximize creativity.

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One of the most popular mantras for innovation is “avoid criticism.” The underlying assumption is that criticism kills the flow of creativity and the enthusiasm of a ...

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Artificial Intelligence can spur human creativity to new levels. The Adobe Sensei AI platform is a powerful example, helping shape the future of human-machine ...

'Microdosers' of psychedelics report improved mood, focus and creativity  The Conversation - Canada

In a new research study, more than 900 people from around the world explain the challenges and benefits of microdosing LSD and psilocybin-containing ...

Study Shows Boredom Could Lead To Better Creativity  CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Parents work hard to keep their children active when they're home on summer vacation, but a recent study finds boredom could ...

Kanye West on Creativity: 'The Bible Is Better Than Pinterest'  RELEVANT Magazine

In a recent conversation with Forbes magazine, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West discussed how the Bible inspires his design choices. “A lot of my ...

The Psychology of Creativity  Psychology Today

Navigating the tension between process and product is a key aspect of the creative life.

Want to boost creativity? Try playing Minecraft  Science Daily

Video games that foster creative freedom can increase creativity under certain conditions, according to new research. The experimental study compared the ...

The Cost Of Losing Creativity  Forbes

Agencies' creative perspective, the very currency of the business, is at risk and can only be realized by shifting billions from tech to fund creative differentiation.

Ruth's Table opens in SF's Mission, celebrates community and creativity  Mission Local

The long-awaited day had finally come: Thursday marked the opening of Ruth's Table's new creative art space at 21st and Capp. In the 10 years since its.

AI-Powered Creativity Tools Are Now Easier Than Ever For Anyone to Use  Adweek

On the Runway ML hub, users can change text into images and doodles to landscapes.

How do you make your soul grow? Embrace your everyday creativity – no matter how aimless  The Guardian

The idea that people are creative or not is rubbish. And the risk of not engaging in creative action is far higher than that of making a fool of yourself, says ...

Confluence of Creativity Coming to the MDHC  The Roundup

Local artists Trish Stevenson and Afton Ray have gathered a treasure trove of local and regional artists to the "Confluence of Creativity" at the MonDak Heritage ...

Photos: Photos: Scout Reach Day Camp - The Daily News - Jacksonville, NC  Jacksonville Daily News

Scouts from all over ENC met up at Camp Boddie in Blounts Creek to learn about leadership, creativity, and patience. [SARA POTTER/SUN JOURNAL STAFF].

PhD students put creativity on show at annual summer showcase | Imperial News  Imperial College London

CREATIVE MINDS - Imperial's PhD students used their creative talents and displayed innovative research at the summer showcase.

Social Mobility: Creativity Is A Form Of Resistance

One working-class writer describes how she broke down social barriers.

Is there enough creativity in your life?  Jewish Post

Two-thirds of adults in a recent survey say they seek to use their creativity more in life, and 77 percent would rather give up their Netflix subscription for a year ...

Want More Creativity? Help Children See Themselves Differently  Education Week

Encouraging children to think about different facets of their own identities can help them think about other problems in novel ways, a new study suggests.

Youth combine programming, creativity in 3D printing class  Victoria Advocate

The black 3D printer buzzed and glowed with blue and purple lights, and Jessie Hernandez waited as black and gray plastic string weaved into a small, ...

Video games can boost creativity, study finds - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

While we are often remined of the negative effects of video games, a new study encourages us to acknowledge their educational aspects.

Jeff Goldblum and Lorne Michaels share creativity tips at 2019 Cannes Lions  Quartz

Jeff Goldblum, Lorne Michaels, Jenna Lyons, Steven Pinker, and others shared their tips at the 2019 Cannes Lions festival.

Creativity Considered At Conference In Ashland  Jefferson Public Radio

If you can play an instrument or paint a picture, you're considered creative. If you can figure out how to get a big stone to the top of a pyramid, you're.

Loose Parts event to spark kids' creativity  Airdrie Today

Melissa Pearce, owner of Rediscover Play, said she often brings “the mess” to her clients in an attempt to help kids, parents, schools and other organizations ...

Overcoming stereotypes is the key to unlocking your creativity  Quartz

The advertising industry is obsessed with creativity. Each year, it convenes in Cannes on the French Riviera for a massive Festival of Creativity, which ...

The 'Super Mario Maker 2' Community Is a Haven of Player Creativity  WIRED

The hallowed halls of Mario have become, in the hands of fans, shrines to the gods of difficulty.

Why creativity is the most important soft skill companies look for right now  The Next Web

In the age of AI, human creativity will become a company's biggest asset and competitive advantage.

GUEST COMMENT How collaboration can facilitate retail creativity  InternetRetailing

Retail news, research and analysis for ecommerce and multichannel professionals.

Urbanists: Creativity, innovation necessary for more green in cities  Jakarta Post

Sluggish progress on expanding public green spaces in Jakarta reflects not only a lack of political will on the part of the administration but also a need for private ...

He takes do-it-yourself creativity to the depths: Around The Town

Lt. Commander James Johncock leads a team of Navy specialists who take their do-it-yourself creativity to the depths of the world's oceans.

When data meets creativity  Campaign US

Sifting through 'real' from 'fake' data is important but a more challenging issue confronting brands and marketers might be the ethics of data.. From Campaign ...

3 Research-Backed Ways to Boost Your Creativity (60-Second Video)  Entrepreneur

Exercise your creativity like a muscle. One surefire way to boost creative thinking is to... try. Yes, seriously. Research shows that when people try to think more ...

Crossroads of Creativity Celebrated Buffalo’s Rail Trail and Kicks Off Expansion Planning  Buffalo Rising

The University District Community Development Association invites you to join them on Saturday, July 13, 2019 from 12:00pm-4:00pm for their second annual ...

The five most creative cities in the world?  BBC News

The most buzzy, artistic places on the planet are not the ones you might expect – Libby Banks explores what actually makes a cultural hub.

Why creativity is important for all jobs, even in STEM

Karen Young, director of Hays UK, dives into the myriad benefits of developing your creativity regardless of what industry you're in.

Opinion | The truth about creativity: It’s a process, not a serendipitous, magical occurrence  Livemint

Today, the creativity narrative is about ordinary folk leveraging the community.

Asilah Arts Festival explores secrets of 'African creativity' | Saad Guerraoui  The Arab Weekly

Creativity is tied to an efficient educational system, which is a key driver of African countries' development in various sectors, said experts and politicians at a ...

Creativity, Collaboration Abounds at the Foundry  Babson Thought & Action

Janos Stone strives to create an environment at Babson's Weissman Foundry that is open, collaborative, and filled with a sense of adventure.

An Incredible Story of a Man Who Uses Creativity To Change America.

This was my first trip to the Cannes Lions Festival, the never-ending showcase of creativity, advertising, and all things rosé. The festival takes place every year in ...

Want to be more creative? Playing Minecraft can help, new study finds  Ars Technica

Caveat: Subjects who were explicitly told to be creative in Minecraft improved the least.

Using Partnerships to Reimagine Creativity  Adweek

What if we reimagined creativity to reinvent advertising? I want to challenge us all to consider this question as we gather at the Cannes Lions Festival of ...

The Rise of AI Art—and What It Means for Human Creativity  Singularity Hub

Some of these works demonstrate that AI artists may not represent a threat to human artists, but rather an opportunity to push our creative boundaries.

4 Simple Ways to Stimulate Creativity in the Workplace That Nobody Talks About  Entrepreneur

No matter what industry you're in, your team needs creativity to develop the innovation necessary for a competitive advantage or a breakthrough solution.

ISU study finds video games can spur creativity  Radio Iowa

An Iowa State University study finds playing certain types of video games may increase creativity. The study divided a group of 352 ISU students into four groups.

Playing Minecraft can boost creativity, study  Tech Explorist

The study conducted by Iowa State University suggests that playing Minecraft like video games could help you boost creativity.

Crossroads of Creativity transforms North Buffalo rail trail

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A well known public trail was decorated for the second straight year and hopes of expansion into the future. The second annual Crossroads of ...

Study finds a link between mood and the experience of creativity in those with bipolar disorder  PsyPost

The different mood swings associated with bipolar disorder are associated with different levels of self-reported creativity, according to a new study ...

What Jony Ive's Years at Apple Can Teach Us About Creativity and Looking Forward  Harvard Business Review

Jonathan Ive, Apple's legendary chief design officer has announced he is leaving the company. Media reports say his departure was long in the making and that ...

Could playing Minecraft boost your creativity? - Tech News  The Star Online

New US research has found that video games such as Minecraft may help increase creativity when players are given the freedom to play as they want, with no ...

Reigniting Innovation and Creativity – Innovation Excellence  Innovation Excellence

by Jeff Rubingh. Reigniting Innovation and Creativity. “If you hear a voice within you say, 'You cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be ...

Hip-hop and Rap Creativity in M-$wift's Soundscape is a Musical and Lyrical Marriage Made in Heaven  MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN - IssueWire) Artist M-Swift's song stream comprises of some of the best creative assortments of lyrical and melodic glory in the backdrop o.

At this S.C. distillery, creativity seems to be the main ingredient  The Boston Globe

When I first heard about Sweet Tea Vodka, I knew that Firefly Distillery had created it just for me, combining two of my favorite drinks in one bottle.

Cressida Cowell: ‘Books are better than films at teaching children creativity and intelligence'  The Guardian

The new children's laureate and How to Train Your Dragon author talks about how to get kids reading and why we need the space to make mistakes.

Producer/Songwriter Oak Felder Wants The Music Industry To Support Creativity, Not Just Hits  Recording Academy | Grammys

We sat down with Felder at the GRAMMY Museum to find out why he believes in music education and his biggest piece of advice for aspiring musicians and ...

Hard work, creativity help Grant Williams reach Celtics  Boston Herald

LAS VEGAS – Grant Williams walked through Building 9 at NASA for the first time when he was 6 years old. His mother, Teresa, showed the way through the ...

When Mind Meets Machine: How AI Can Boost Your Creativity  Forbes

In this piece, I explore how business leaders can use artificial intelligence (AI) to boost creativity and production in their organizations.

Photography competition champions stunning Irish creativity  IrishCentral

11000 Irish photographers entered this year's Huawei Creatives competition - a local Dublin photographer was the winner.

Colombia's president combines politics with creativity at Cannes  Campaign US

Iván Duque, the youngest person ever elected as president of Colombia, attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year to share how ...

5 Reasons A Cancer-Scorpio Relationship Is Defined By Sensitivity, Creativity, & Romance  Elite Daily

When you start dating someone new, it's only natural to wonder whether your zodiac signs are compatible. If it's a match made in heaven, all it's going to do is ...

Does Creativity Make Better Employees?  Thrive Global

There's compelling evidence that creativity is not only a valuable skill, but a driver of economic success that businesses at all levels would do well to encourage.

Creativity showcased at Oregon Trail Days' kiddie parade  Scottsbluff Star Herald

Kids took to the streets of Gering Friday morning sporting colorful outfits while riding their decorated bicycles, scooters and wagons. The 98th annual Oregon ...

New book explores AI and the secrets of human creativity

Marcus du Sautoy is a mathematician, trumpeter and actor. In his new book, The Creativity Code, he looks at the state of the art in AI creativity.

Kids camp in Great Falls combines cats and creativity  KRTV Great Falls News

School will be back in session before we know it. In the meantime, some kids are soaking in summer and enjoying camps. Animals and artwork: it might not be a ...

New York's Benno Shows The Creativity Of A Great Chef And Sophistication Of A Great Team  Forbes

After years at high-end New York restaurants, Jonathan Benno has honed his own personal style of Mediterranean cuisine at Benno.

Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal?  Psychology Today

People with bipolar fear losing creativity, so they often avoid treatment. Here's how therapy can save them and their creative abilities.

Mapmaker Brings Creativity, Family to Road Maps  Voice of America

While few Americans use paper maps today, states still produce them. And maybe that is not such a bad idea. Bruce Hull is a road map designer for the ...

Courage and Creativity  Kensington Chelsea & Westminster Today

Achievement of pretty much any sort has value precisely because of the fight that has to be engaged to gain it, to be tough enough to overcome what is thrown at ...

Documentaries put Chinese creativity in the frame -  Chinadaily USA

A project launched by Beijing Normal University invites foreign filmmakers to visit the country and use film to focus on activities that foster understanding and ...

On designing a workspace that encourages abstract thinking, creativity, collaboration and a sense of community  Indulgexpress

Organisations are looking to incorporate lessons from psychology, design studies and architecture to create workspaces that foster abstract thinking, creativity, ...

Limited seats left for Great Debate: Creativity... Who Needs It?  mUmBRELLA*

There's limited places left to be part of Nine's Big Idea Store Great Debate where the best of the industry will settle once and for all whether efficiency is killing ...

The importance of creativity to your STEM career

Just because you work in STEM doesn't mean the way you approach your work should be siloed. Don't feel as if you are only free to consider your work through ...

Summer “Ethics in Creativity” Students Enter the 'Shark Tank'  Marymount Manhattan College News

As a final project in summer session course AIP 339: Ethics in Creativity, taught by Nava Silton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, students pitched their ...

Celebrating creativity, Humphrey School recognizes 10 state government projects with annual innovation awards  UMN News

The awards recognize 10 projects that find innovative solutions to address the needs of Minnesota residents.

How can brands push creativity in PC culture?  Campaign US

"It's not so much a problem as a change in climate.". From Campaign US.

Providence Childrens Museums new spaces aim to kick-start creativity  Wicked Local

There will be rotating art exhibits and studios with tools for woodworking, arts and crafts, animation and beginner circuitry. PROVIDENCE — The directors at the ...

Cameron Boyce's Family Announced the Cameron Boyce Foundation to Encourage Creativity in Young People

Cameron's parents, Victor and Libby, announced the Cameron Boyce Foundation as a tribute to their late son, who advocated for positive change.

The PR Show: How did PR's creativity really measure up at Cannes?  PRWeek

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity could potentially ditch categories because "everybody is eating each other's lunch" and PR agencies need to consider ...

Link between creativity and effectiveness 'broken' as short-termism rises  Marketing Week

The effectiveness of creatively-awarded campaigns has fallen to its lowest level in 24 years as the marketing industry increasingly shifts to more short-term ...

Young chef's creativity transforms menu at Glens Falls hotel restaurant  Albany Times Union

Raw salmon with strawberries, rhubarb and a chip of fried salmon skin. Lobster meat grilled inside a banana peel. Recommended Video. Speed. Normal.

Creativity is key for Riverside Casino's Chef Zeph  The Kalona News

One could say that a culinary future was always in the cards for Zeph Leaton.

How sitting at your desk can increase mental functioning, empathy and creativity  Point Reyes Light

We know that poor posture is hard on the spine, but did you know that slumping also gradually shifts the nervous system to fight or flight? As a result, slumped ...

Schools rethinking classroom design to encourage collaboration, creativity  The Hechinger Report

Isha Brown arranges tables in small groups for her literature class at the Medical Academy for Science and Technology (MAST) in Homestead, ...

Report Showcases Benefits of Creativity Induced by Levodopa  Parkinson's News Today

A new report describes two Indian men with Parkinson's disease who experienced “creative awakenings” after they started being treated with levodopa.

How can you use creativity in a STEM role?

Joshua McNutt had preconceived notions about what Pramerica would be like, but was surprised at how creative he could be in the role.

Relish creatively with a party of pickled, crunchy, tangy foods

The lines have blurred between relish trays, crudité or vegetable trays, and the newest kid on the block, charcuterie boards.

Marketers should redirect $19bn to agency creativity | WARC  Warc

Marketers need to redirect $19bn of their tech spending to agency creativity over the next six years, according to analysis by Forrester, the research firm.

Jim Cramer: Adobe's 'Golden Age of Creativity' Is Upending the Retail World

When I rip through the incredibly bullish presentation of Adobe (ADBE) last night, I find myself shaking my head about how I could possibly succeed if I owned a ...

Learn to spark your creativity at Dharma Talk July 23 - Knox VillageSoup  Courier-Gazette & Camden Herald

ROCKLAND — On Tuesday, July 23, from 6 to 8 p.m., Rebekah Younger, MFA, will give a dharma talk entitled “Spark Creativity” at Rockland Shambhala, ...

P&G Reimagines Creativity to Reinvent Advertising Through Innovative New Creative Partnerships  Yahoo Finance

The Procter & Gamble Company (PG) today announced a series of innovative new creative partnerships with John Legend, Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, ...

Igniting Innovation: Spearheading Intrapreneurship In Organizations  Entrepreneur

Supporting courage is a key element to genuine differentiation and meaningful innovation in today's world. Providing employees with a space for them to shine ...

Creativity is Key to Overcoming the Varied Roguelike Challenges of 'Streets of Rogue'  Indie Games Plus

Streets of Rogue will test your imagination as you decide whether to shoot, sneak, slash, hack, or throw down with good old fashioned fisticuffs to neutralize ...

Child rescued from Sunday house fire in St. John dies; remembered for bright mind, creativity

ST. JOHN TWP. — A 14-year-old girl died at a hospital Sunday night after being rescued from a house fire in St. John Township that also killed her 12-year-old ...

Content Marketing 102: Measuring Success and Maintaining Creativity  Business 2 Community

After learning the basics in *Content* Marketing 101, I wanted to dive a little deeper into how *content* impacts business. I circled back with March's *Content* ...

What If the International Festival of Creativity Wasn’t in Cannes?  Adweek

Where would some of the industry's professionals like to see the festival?

The Top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: July 15, 2019

Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

How KiwiCo's growth is fueled by kids' creativity  NRF News

Multiple times a week, kids come into KiwiCo's offices to play. But this is no babysitting *service*; it's product testing. “The noise level goes up a notch, and we ...

Could playing 'Minecraft' video game boost your creativity?  Jordan Times

IOWA — New US research has found that video games such as Minecraft may help increase creativity when players are given the freedom to play as they want, ...

This Renegade Chef Embodies California's Spirit Of Fearless Creativity  UPROXX

Chef Jason Quinn of Playground DTSA is a culinary maverick and a testament to California's spirit of bold risk-taking.

Show off your creativity and win  Brakpan Herald

The Herald is calling on all young artists to submit their creative masterpieces to commemorate Brakpan's centenary. In honour of the town celebrating its 100th ...

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