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Live the Life of a Civil War Soldier When you Drink your Mornin Coffee

Civil War soldiers drank from large tin cups. Hot liquidfilled all the way up in a tin cup will burn yer lips. Soldiers needed at least an inch or two at the top. So theywould only fill it two-thirds full and let it cool a littleso they could tolerate it. Don't drink from old tin cupsthat you might find in an antique store. They have leadsolder. Buy a reproduction of one at a Civil War reenactment or from a Sutler who advertises in some of themilitary history magazines. Coffee boilers are large tincups with a handle on them. Some of them even have lids onthem. They hold 22-24 ozs. of liquid. They look like a cup that is a coffee pot.

A Little Secret Your Dentist Doesnt Want You To Know

Most dentist, particular those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry love it when you drink coffee & tea. Why? Your making them wealthy! Because all coffees and teas contain tannic acid. Tannic acid, the bitter compound in coffee and all forms of tea can cause yellow or brown stains when it combines with other particles on your teeth.

Russian Tea drinking - The beginning

It is believed history of Russian tea drinking tradition have began at 1638.

There is More to Motivation Than Meets the Coffee

The stress of unemployment can really take a toll on ones confidence and state of mind. For some individuals, it could lead to depression, for others ? a mere lack of motivation and feeling of hopelessness. Employment is one of the main structures that helps individuals in our society to feel positive, develop financial independence, as well as establish hope for the future.

Caffeine & Low Birth Weight Babies

These studies begin to point the way to the more permanent damage that coffee drinking can inflict on the unborn. The use of caffeine during pregnancy has been widely studied. There is much evidence to suggest that caffeine is associated with low-birth weight and related problems.

Why Your Cup of Coffee in the Morning May Keep You Up All Night

One of the most common complaints among coffee drinkers is that the caffeine can disturb their sleep. This result has been known for thousands of years and is, in fact, one of the reasons why many drink coffee in the first place: to stay awake.

Woman Dies from Caffeine Overdose and Expert Calls for Action in New Book and FDA Petition

An autopsy released this week has found caffeine to be the cause of death for a woman from New Mexico. The incident took place in June 2004 after she was admitted to a hospital after a fight with her son. The injuries sustained were thought to be the cause of her lapsing into a coma but was later revealed that high amounts of caffeine were found.

Coffee - How to Buy, Store, and Grind it for the Perfect Cup

In the early days of the coffee craze, before the first Starbucks arrived in my town, I owned a tea and coffee house for several years. At the time, espresso was something new for most people, and a lot of my customers had questions. I decided to teach a class on coffee at the shop, and learned in the process that there are several misunderstandings about buying, storing, and grinding coffee that when corrected can lead to a much more enjoyable cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinders Jumpstart Your Java

All the experts agree. People who want the best flavor in their coffee use coffee grinders. Coffee grinders work so well because they unleash the bean oils and aromas right before you make a pot. It?s like opening a fresh can of ground coffee each and every time you make some "joe".

Coffee Club Membership Is A Joy For Coffee Lovers

Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers The coffee club concept is relatively new but is taking the world by storm. Reward yourself or your friends and relatives with coffee clubs by joining up and saving loads. Each month, you will get a shipment of coffee delivered direct to your door. This is a great way to taste new coffees, sample different varieties, find a brew that you really like and ultimately avoid a trip to the store to buy your favorite coffee. Automatic shipment is very convenient, especially if you like your coffee first thing in the morning because this means you will never run out when you need it the most.

Italian Roast Coffee For An Authentic Espresso

One of the things people think of with Italy is it's coffee. In fact Italian roast coffee is perfect for bringing a touch of Europe to your home. Can 50 million plus Italians all be wrong? Well, with Italian roast you can't go wrong either.

Cappuccino Secrets: Creating the Perfect Foam

Here is an article that tells the secret of creating the perfect foam with steamed milk for making a wonderful cappuccino. As you'll see creating the perfect foam isn't as easy as it may seem ...

Iced Coffee Recipes for Enjoying Chilled Espresso, Thai Iced Coffee And Many More Variations

There are many refreshing iced coffee recipes available, and we have selected some of the most interesting for you. However, my favorite of all it the traditional Italian iced coffee recipe which uses freshly made espresso, a cocktail shaker and ice cubes. In fact, if you ask for an iced coffee in Italy this is the only recipe they will serve. Poured into a cocktail glass, the chilled Italian espresso is second to none.

Try the Tradition of Turkish Coffee and Taste the Difference

The Europeans got their first taste of Turkish Coffee, and coffee in general from the Ottoman Turks, who brought coffee to the West. They were great coffee drinkers, both at home and in public houses, the forerunners of our cafs, which started to spring up across the Islamic countries. Turkish coffee became part of the Turks life and was known as the "Wine of Islam" and the "Milk of Chess Players and Thinkers".

Mocha Coffee: Learn About the Source and Try Our Recipes for Making Great Mochas

Depending on how we look at it, mocha coffee may be the tall drink made of coffee, cocoa and milk, often served with cream or, on the other hand mocha coffee may refer to the source.

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8 of the Most Elegant Coffee Accessories You Can Find on Amazon  Inverse

The coffee culture as we know it today is a relatively new phenomenon. But believe it or not, there was a time when the lives of Americans did not revolve around ...

You Can Now Buy Coffee-Infused Gummy Bears Made with Real Caffeine

Are you one of the many people in this world that requires a strong cup of joe (or three) to make it through the day? Do you have a sweet tooth that rivals most ...

Coffee Prices Plunge Even Though We Can’t Stop Drinking the Stuff  The Wall Street Journal

Call it the coffee paradox. The brewed beverage has never been more popular, but the price of beans is at its lowest point in over a decade and down by a ...

Luckin Coffee files for US IPO  CNBC

China's Luckin Coffee on Monday filed for an initial public offering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Unless we act now, scientists warn, that coffee so many of us love could become extinct  WCPO

Scientists warn that rising temperatures, deforestation and disease could push coffee plants to the brink of extinction by the end of the century.

Which fast food chain serves up the best coffee? (2019 edition)  The Takeout

What are the wars left to be fought on the fast food front? First came the battle for French fry supremacy, then the fight to give extra-value meals extra value, and ...

What is the best locally owned coffee shop in Sacramento?  Sacramento Bee

This is not a ranking; it's a list of 10 locally owned coffee establishments and what each represents to the scene in the Sacramento area. These coffee houses ...

SPP Global Denounces Coffee Prices, Calls for Living Income  Daily Coffee News

SPP, the farmer-owned third-party certifier focused on smallholder producer needs, has issued a damning denouncement of the current coffee trade, as coffee C ...

How Is Decaf Coffee Made?  Live Science

Getting caffeine out of the coffee beans can be an intensive process, sometimes involving chemical solvents or supercritical carbon dioxide.

Kinship Coffee Opens Third Astoria Location  Astoria Post

April 19, 2019 By Meghan Sackman Kinship Coffee, a small batch, artisanal coffee shop run by an Astoria couple, opened its third Astoria location last.

As Starbucks locations close in D.C., local coffee shops take over  GW Hatchet

Starbucks in neighborhoods like Dupont Circle, Chinatown and Downtown D.C. have closed their doors and local coffee shops have taken their place.

Drifter Coffee Settles Into SE Michigan Home with Roasting Partner Gooseneck  Daily Coffee News

“Drifter Gooseneck” may sound like the work of a distracted barista, but at one new coffee destination in Ferndale, Michigan, it actually describes the opposite: a ...

New coffee shop Caffeine opens in Lakewood

Caffeine, a new cafe, opened last week in downtown Lakewood.

The Economist Is Giving Away Free Coffee Around DC  DCist

The Economist—yes, as in the magazine—will be giving away free coffee from a roving red cart that's popping up all over the region now through May 18.

How a Million-Dollar Deal Helped These Coffee Entrepreneur Brothers Partner With Walmart  Entrepreneur

The Barrow brothers, owners of Denver-based Boyer's Coffee, recently launched an exclusive line for the retail giant.

'Family issues' led owners to shutter Mighty Good Coffee

Mighty Good Coffee owner speaks up about closing down cafes.

D.C.’s New Nicoletta Italian Kitchen Grows With a Sun-Drenched Coffee Shop  Eater DC

It's opening day for Brew'd Coffee Bar in Mount Vernon Triangle, Altamarea Group's new espresso-driven destination for *fresh* pastries and biscotti, egg-filled ...

1 of Houston's 1st CBD coffee shops officially open for business  KTRK-TV

The Smoking Pot coffee shop opened its doors on an unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts.

Here's Evidence That Even Heavy Coffee Drinkers Live Longer Than Non-Coffee Drinkers  Delish

A study published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association "provides further evidence that coffee drinking can be part of a healthy diet and ...

This simple $25 espresso maker is a nostalgic throwback that makes great coffee

his is the best beverage-making bargain for any coffee or espresso lover.

Poe West development to include new coffee roastery and cafe  Upstate Business Journal

The 60,000 square-foot mixed-use development Poe West in The Village of West Greenville announced today a coffee roaster tenant to its lineup of culinary and ...

Staying Ground-ed: Eco-friendly coffee tips for Earth Day  UConn Daily Campus

Like most college students, I'm an avid coffee drinker, but routinely brewing cup after cup can create a lot of waste if you're not careful about it.

North Central to launch new on-campus Coffee Lab  Chicago Daily Herald

From picking coffee cherries off plants in Guatemala to packaging beans for local sales, North Central College students have been using hands-on practices for ...

Baristas work to finalize cessation agreement with Mighty Good Coffee  The Michigan Daily

Members of the Washtenaw Area Coffee Workers Association are finalizing an agreement with the owners of Mighty Good Coffee as the local chain prepares to ...

JAM Coffee & Community  Buffalo Rising

A new community coffee shop opened this past March on Parkside. JAM Parkside, the newest addition to the Buffalo coffee shop offerings, provides customers a ...

Binghamton Police Expanding "Coffee with A Cop" Initiative

Binghamton police officers may soon be getting together to chat with city residents over a cup of coffee on a regular basis. Another "Coffee with a Cop" day will ...

nudge.™, World's First Coffee Butter™, Wins Best New Food Product at Specialty Coffee Expo  Business Wire

When it launches in June, nudge.™ is poised to shake up the $3 billion U.S. nut-butter food category, which has seen little innovation or growth.

Platinum, Coffee And Other Commodity Picks With Andrew Hecht (Podcast)  Seeking Alpha

Andrew Hecht, author of the weekly Hecht Commodity Report, discusses his methods for trading commodities and where he sees investment opportunities at ...

STōK Protein Cold Brew Coffee  Progressive Grocer

Responding to consumer demands for cold-brew coffee and on-the-go protein, Danone North America has launched STōk Protein, the latest offering from the ...

Starbucks' Rival in China Raises More Cash  The Motley Fool

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) plans to add roughly a store a day in China through 2023. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, the chain grew its store base by 18%.

Virgin Voyages' Exclusive New Coffee Partnership  Cruise Fever

Virgin Voyages, a new adults only cruise line debuting in 2020, has announced an exclusive partnership with Intelligentsia Coffee. The specialty coffee.

Scranton rec board seeks delay of coffee shop opening in Nay Aug Park  Scranton Times-Tribune

SCRANTON — Now that Geisinger Community Medical Center will install lights in part of Nay Aug Park, the city wants to delay the opening of a coffee shop in ...

This Twin Falls Coffee Shop Needs To Be On Everyone's Radar

I am the first one to admit I don't travel towards the south end of town enough and it shows. I had no idea this coffee shop was in the Swensen's plaza on ...

7 of the Best Coffee Makers for Delicious Home Brewing.  Inverse

Americans consume the most coffee in the world, spending approximately $1100 per year on the delicious brew. Coffee has moved beyond a humble bean and ...

The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker Is The Simplest (and Best) Way To Make Iced Coffee at Home  The Daily Beast

Brew your coffee like you brew iced tea and you'll never want to brew iced coffee any other way.

Q&A: Alternative artist Diane Coffee to perform this Thursday at the Bishop Bar  Indiana Daily Student

The Bloomington-based alternative singer-songwriter Shaun Fleming, who plays under the stage name Diane Coffee, will perform 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the ...

Coffee County sheriff warns elderly of phone scammers  Dothan First

COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN)— Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton said elderly residents in his county are being bombarded with a host of telephone scams.

Try one of the best espresso in Sacramento at Camellia Coffee Roasters  Sacramento Bee

The head barrister at Camellia Coffee Roasters on R Street in midtown Sacramento demonstrates the 'slayer' and explains why it makes such difference for ...

Peet's Coffee nationally expanding order-ahead via mobile app  Fast Casual

Peet's Coffee is expanding its order-ahead feature, which allows customers to buy coffee, coffee beans or food through the company's mobile app and pick up ...

Gathering Place sells commemorative coffee for 20th anniversary  Cleveland Jewish News

The Gathering Place is selling commemorative coffee to benefit its programs, as part of its 20th anniversary celebration.

Local coffee shop lets kids create drinks for Blair County nonprofit  WTAJ -

Monday was barista night at Greenbean Coffee House in Altoona!

This Midtown coffee shop is brewing java with a purpose  Model D

Midtown Detroit has a new coffee house. And it's focused on changing people's lives for the better.

4/20: Coffee shop opens with CBD oil-infused treats

SPRING BRANCH, Texas — It's 4:20 in the afternoon on April 20 and the line is out the door. “I'm excited to see what they have," Maigen Pham said. Two hours ...

Nossa Familia's Nudge: Portland Roaster Initiating 25-Cent Cup Fee  Daily Coffee News

Portland, Oregon-based roasting and retail company Nossa Familia Coffee is proactively seeking to reduce the amount of waste it generates by introducing a 25 ...

Wellness Center and Healthy Coffee Shop Combo Brings a Whole New Vibe to Uptown Dallas  PaperCity Magazine

Formula Wellness Center, a North-Texas based wellness *service* provider focused on on-site medical testing and treatments designed to reenergize and refresh ...

The Coffee In Amsterdam's "Coffeeshops" Has Never Been Better  Sprudge

You have to admit it's getting better. So reports Karina Hof, a longtime Sprudge staff writer based in Holland, who has for years been fascinated by the ...

Huizenga Coffee Meet-up Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | News | 1450 99.7 WHTC  WHTC News

Zeeland Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga is set to hold a coffee hour with constituents from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at Marge's Donut Den, 1751 ...

BIGGBY® COFFEE Adds Oat Milk To Menu

BIGGBY® COFFEE is excited to announce that they will be offering oat milk in all stores!

Marine Corps Veteran creates 'Operation Coffee' to raise awareness, money to help prevent Veteran suicide  VAntage Point Blog

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2019 10:00 am April 19, 2019 Posted in Health, Mental Health by VAntage Point Contributor 1 comment 2k views. shadow.

The Best Sunset Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops  Eater SF

A vetted guide to dining and drinking in the neighborhood.

Hoover couple's coffee saving lives abroad | WBMA  Alabama's News Leader

For the Parvin family, of Hoover, serving is what they do. "We don't think of it as anything special," says Dr. Nathan Parvin. "That's what we're called to do.

Cocktails & Coffee with CBD  KIMT 3

It's a controversial ingredient, but one coffee shop is embracing it.

How much caffeine in a cup of coffee: Types, brands, and other sources  Medical News Today

Coffee is probably the most popular source of caffeine. The caffeine *content* of a cup of coffee can vary considerably depending on the brewing method, the type ...

Alliance for Coffee Excellence appoints new Board Chair  Global Coffee Report

The new Board Chair, Cory Bush, has previous experience in the coffee industry and is currently the Managing Director of Belgian speciality coffee importer ...

New coffee and bakery shop Ka-Fair to open in Morningside  Tribune-Review

Coffee in a bowl? The owners of a soon-to-open coffee shop in Morningside can explain. Mullika Reanroo and Sujitra Taimmoungpan, co-owners of Ka-Fair ...

Best Coffee Grinders  Fatherly

Looking for the best coffee grinder to use at home? Here are our favorites for the freshest, most flavorful coffee, from French press to espresso drinks.

Heritage Coffee 'Kingslaying' it with April drink special  The Alaska 100

Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. has started a buzz with its monthly drink special, called the Iced Kingslayer.

Winning Coffee closes its doors after 24 years  KRQE News 13

A popular Albuquerque coffee shop is saying goodbye and its loyal customers are devastated.

Coffee with the Caps, Monday April 22  Eighty Six Forever

Stuffed full of holiday fare, I'm sadly back at work this Monday morning rather than off hunting for Easter eggs. What better way to cope than Coffee with the Caps ...

Game Thread: Coffee’s Ready  Bucs Dugout

Gregory Polanco and Elias Diaz will make their 2019 debuts Monday when the Pirates play host to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Polanco, who has been out since ...

What goes on behind the scenes for Heartland Coffee and Nosh  Siouxland News

In their off season there isn't much relaxing done for the Heartland Coffee and Nosh crew. The popular food truck has been serving Siouxland for three years ...

A Sumner coffee stand makes picture-worthy drinks. Second location coming soon  Tacoma News Tribune

The Bonney Lake couple who owns a Sumner coffee stand have been experimenting, and that's been catching the attention of its customers. They're opening a ...

4 Killed at North Dakota Office Were Friends Who Arrived Early to Have Coffee Together  TIME

On April 1, 4 people arrived early to work in North Dakota to have coffee together in their "coffee club," but were tragically killed.

Five coffee places to study off-campus this finals season  The Eagle

Library too crowded? Want a break from your usual coffee routine? Need to focus on your school work instead of socializing on the quad? It's easy to feel ...

Coffee Conversation: Local Author Proud to Release "Milo the Legend"  FOX 21 Online

DULUTH, Minn. – Northland native and author David Waldbillig is proud to see his first-ever book “Milo the Legend” popping up in local bookstores.

Branch Street Named Best Coffee Shop in Ohio

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

Steeped Coffee earns ‘Best New Product’ award  Santa Cruz Sentinel

SCOTTS VALLEY — When it comes to a cup of coffee, Steeped Coffee has taken away the guilt of using a single serve coffee bags. Steeped Coffee is a full ...

Ann Arbor Coffee Chain Prepares to Close Cafes, Lay Off Union Workers  Eater Detroit

An Ann Arbor coffee chain is reportedly closing down its cafes after its baristas organized a union. Employees at Mighty Good Coffee tell WXYZ that they were in ...

Police holding 'Coffee with a Cop'  My Citizens News

NAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck Police Department is inviting residents to have coffee with a cop next week. Naugatuck police officers, including Chief Steven ...

Switzerland deems coffee "not essential for life"  Quartz

The Swiss government has been in a perpetual state of extreme preparedness for nearly a century. In the aftermath of World War I, it established mandatory ...

Put Your Coffee Down: How Many Millions of People Would Die in a Nuclear War?  The National Interest Online

"Overall, an all-out U.S. attack on the Soviet Union, China and satellite countries in 1962 would have killed 335 million people within the first seventy-two hours.".

Burger King Serves Up Subscription Coffee  Forbes

Last month Burger King announced that it would start a coffee subscription program. The short version of this story is that for just $5 each month, you can come in ...

Kickapoo Coffee Changes Name Over Cultural Appropriation Concerns  Wisconsin Public Radio News

The owners of a popular Wisconsin coffee company say they're changing their name over concerns about appropriation of American Indian culture.

Star Spangled Salute: A Veteran Offers Help Over a Cup of Coffee  KFDI

Today's Star Spangled Salute honors Marine Corp veteran Sam Floyd. After his *service*, Sam said it took about 10-years and the urging of his ex-wife for him to ...

CBD coffee shop ready for grand opening in Spring Branch  KPRC Click2Houston

HOUSTON - Along a stretch of businesses on Long Point Road, there's a new shop that'll soon be opening its doors. "We're a coffee shop that's going to be ...

Is Mushroom Coffee Good for You?  Outside

Could this mushroom drink keep a habitual coffee drinker alert without tasting like garbage? I was ready to find out.

Coffee And Conversation Hosted In Homer Glen  Homer Glen, IL Patch

HOMER GLEN, IL — A Coffee and Conversation event will be held in Homer Glen on Tuesday, April 23 at Blueberry Hill Breakfast Cafe, 14355 S. Bell Road.

Bitty & Beau's coffee location to open in downtown Annapolis

Coffee with a mission is coming to Annapolis. Bitty & Beau's Coffee, a Wilmington, North Carolina business, is opening up a new location in the previous location ...

Where Dunkin' Donuts Started: Nostalgia fills original 'hipster cool' shop in Quincy, along with coffee, donuts

Highlights of from the original Dunkin' are being used in new construction too.

New coffee shop takes over Ristretto Roasters location in Northwest Portland

Prince Coffee will move into Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co. in Northwest Portland, several months after Ristretto Roasters left the space amid controversy ...

Impact Coffee moving into former JCPenney building in Decorah  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

DECORAH — Impact Coffee is moving into the former JCPenney building in downtown Decorah.

Coffee - The Most Frustrating Trade From The Long Side In Years  Seeking Alpha

The price of coffee probes below 90 cents per pound as May rolls into July. The lowest price since 2005. The Brazilian real is not moving. The bottom of a prici.

Local Brewhouse, Coffee Shop And BBQ Coming To Smyrna  Smyrna, GA Patch

Brewhouse, Coffee Shop And BBQ Coming To Smyrna - Smyrna-Vinings, GA - Reformation Brewery, Chattahoochee Coffee Company and Grand Champion ...

Congregation Coffee Roasters planning to expand to CBD  The Advocate

An Algiers Point coffee roasting firm that has developed a following among some top New Orleans restaurants is planning to open its second café, this time in ...

Specialty roasts focus of new coffee shop open in downtown Howell  Livingston Daily

Roaster Kevin Ridge turned his coffee-making hobby into a business and opened his first brick-and-mortar shop Black Iron Coffee Roasters in Howell.

Five Watt expands its coffee empire with another south Minneapolis location  Star Tribune

Five Watt Coffee is expanding, again. Less than a year after opening a third location, in St. Paul's Keg and Case Market, the coffee shop known for adding ...

Residents grab coffee and chat with Hopatcong's mayor  New Jersey Herald

HOPATCONG -- Sharing the borough's vision and answering residents' questions about topics pertaining to Hopatcong and its operations was the mission of the ...

Report: Ann Arbor coffee shop chain to close after baristas unionize  Detroit Free Press

The first shop reportedly set to close is the Mighty Good Coffee Shop on Main Street.

Coffee with conscience: Kickapoo Coffee confronts cultural appropriation, impetus for name change

This week, Kickapoo Coffee -- the award-winning organic coffee roaster based in Viroqua, WI -- released a statement, announcing the decision to change the ...

Single-serve coffee creates a 'latte' waste  KRTV Great Falls News

HELENA – For many people, coffee is an important part of the daily grind. There's no denying that single-serve coffee machines are easy to use, especially on ...

Kickapoo Coffee's owners will change the company's name in 2020, saying using it is appropriation  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Kickapoo Coffee, the award-winning roaster based in Viroqua, announced Wednesday that it would change its name to make right what a co-founder said was ...

Coffee Cabinet - Gastro Obscura  Atlas Obscura

Diners who saddle up to the counter at Delekta Pharmacy in the seaside town of Warren, Rhode Island, may feel like they've discovered a portal to the turn of the ...

Mr. Coffee Introduces Easy Measure Coffeemaker  HomeWorld Business

HomeWorld Business | Posts Mr. Coffee, a brand of Newell Brands, is introducing the Easy Measure 12-cup programmable coffeemaker.

The Smoking Pot CBD coffee shop picks 4/20 date to open  KPRC Click2Houston

A CBD coffee shop in the Houston area will open its doors on -- you guessed it -- April 20.

Examining The Price Disconnect Percolating In The Coffee Business  NPR

The cost of coffee beans is going down. So why is a cup of coffee becoming more expensive? We break down what it costs to serve you a cup of coffee in the ...

Coffee and cream chart sends Internet into a frenzy  Today Show

Delish posted a coffee-and-cream chart on its Instagram page, and it had people voicing their choices for how to drink a cup of joe.

Williams: Siesta Key Coffee Rum to be released next week  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

The latest hand-crafted, small batch rum will likely be a game changer for Sarasota's Siesta Key Rum.

The Smoking Pot Coffee Shop will bring edibles, art and good vibes to northwest Houston on 4/20  Chron

A first-of-its-kind Cannabidiol (CBD) coffee shop will open its doors just in time for international weed day, April 20. The Smoking Pot Coffee Shop is the ...

Espresso yourself: Coffee thoughts leave a latte on the mind  Science Daily

For millions of Australians, each day begins with a hot cup of coffee in order to activate our brains for the working day. The morning coffee run also acts a social ...

New Coffeecionado coffee shop brings full Colombian coffee experience to San Antonio’s South Side  San Antonio Express-News

Colombian coffee, by many accounts, sets the global gold standard for coffee beans. The new Coffeecionado brings the full Colombian coffee experience to the ...

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