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Live the Life of a Civil War Soldier When you Drink your Mornin Coffee

Civil War soldiers drank from large tin cups. Hot liquidfilled all the way up in a tin cup will burn yer lips. Soldiers needed at least an inch or two at the top. So theywould only fill it two-thirds full and let it cool a littleso they could tolerate it. Don't drink from old tin cupsthat you might find in an antique store. They have leadsolder. Buy a reproduction of one at a Civil War reenactment or from a Sutler who advertises in some of themilitary history magazines. Coffee boilers are large tincups with a handle on them. Some of them even have lids onthem. They hold 22-24 ozs. of liquid. They look like a cup that is a coffee pot.

A Little Secret Your Dentist Doesnt Want You To Know

Most dentist, particular those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry love it when you drink coffee & tea. Why? Your making them wealthy! Because all coffees and teas contain tannic acid. Tannic acid, the bitter compound in coffee and all forms of tea can cause yellow or brown stains when it combines with other particles on your teeth.

Russian Tea drinking - The beginning

It is believed history of Russian tea drinking tradition have began at 1638.

There is More to Motivation Than Meets the Coffee

The stress of unemployment can really take a toll on ones confidence and state of mind. For some individuals, it could lead to depression, for others ? a mere lack of motivation and feeling of hopelessness. Employment is one of the main structures that helps individuals in our society to feel positive, develop financial independence, as well as establish hope for the future.

Caffeine & Low Birth Weight Babies

These studies begin to point the way to the more permanent damage that coffee drinking can inflict on the unborn. The use of caffeine during pregnancy has been widely studied. There is much evidence to suggest that caffeine is associated with low-birth weight and related problems.

Why Your Cup of Coffee in the Morning May Keep You Up All Night

One of the most common complaints among coffee drinkers is that the caffeine can disturb their sleep. This result has been known for thousands of years and is, in fact, one of the reasons why many drink coffee in the first place: to stay awake.

Woman Dies from Caffeine Overdose and Expert Calls for Action in New Book and FDA Petition

An autopsy released this week has found caffeine to be the cause of death for a woman from New Mexico. The incident took place in June 2004 after she was admitted to a hospital after a fight with her son. The injuries sustained were thought to be the cause of her lapsing into a coma but was later revealed that high amounts of caffeine were found.

Coffee - How to Buy, Store, and Grind it for the Perfect Cup

In the early days of the coffee craze, before the first Starbucks arrived in my town, I owned a tea and coffee house for several years. At the time, espresso was something new for most people, and a lot of my customers had questions. I decided to teach a class on coffee at the shop, and learned in the process that there are several misunderstandings about buying, storing, and grinding coffee that when corrected can lead to a much more enjoyable cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinders Jumpstart Your Java

All the experts agree. People who want the best flavor in their coffee use coffee grinders. Coffee grinders work so well because they unleash the bean oils and aromas right before you make a pot. It?s like opening a fresh can of ground coffee each and every time you make some "joe".

Coffee Club Membership Is A Joy For Coffee Lovers

Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers The coffee club concept is relatively new but is taking the world by storm. Reward yourself or your friends and relatives with coffee clubs by joining up and saving loads. Each month, you will get a shipment of coffee delivered direct to your door. This is a great way to taste new coffees, sample different varieties, find a brew that you really like and ultimately avoid a trip to the store to buy your favorite coffee. Automatic shipment is very convenient, especially if you like your coffee first thing in the morning because this means you will never run out when you need it the most.

Italian Roast Coffee For An Authentic Espresso

One of the things people think of with Italy is it's coffee. In fact Italian roast coffee is perfect for bringing a touch of Europe to your home. Can 50 million plus Italians all be wrong? Well, with Italian roast you can't go wrong either.

Cappuccino Secrets: Creating the Perfect Foam

Here is an article that tells the secret of creating the perfect foam with steamed milk for making a wonderful cappuccino. As you'll see creating the perfect foam isn't as easy as it may seem ...

Iced Coffee Recipes for Enjoying Chilled Espresso, Thai Iced Coffee And Many More Variations

There are many refreshing iced coffee recipes available, and we have selected some of the most interesting for you. However, my favorite of all it the traditional Italian iced coffee recipe which uses freshly made espresso, a cocktail shaker and ice cubes. In fact, if you ask for an iced coffee in Italy this is the only recipe they will serve. Poured into a cocktail glass, the chilled Italian espresso is second to none.

Try the Tradition of Turkish Coffee and Taste the Difference

The Europeans got their first taste of Turkish Coffee, and coffee in general from the Ottoman Turks, who brought coffee to the West. They were great coffee drinkers, both at home and in public houses, the forerunners of our cafés, which started to spring up across the Islamic countries. Turkish coffee became part of the Turks life and was known as the "Wine of Islam" and the "Milk of Chess Players and Thinkers".

Mocha Coffee: Learn About the Source and Try Our Recipes for Making Great Mochas

Depending on how we look at it, mocha coffee may be the tall drink made of coffee, cocoa and milk, often served with cream or, on the other hand mocha coffee may refer to the source.

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Decaf Your Coffee Post-Brew With Decafino  Sprudge

This little pouch can remove the caffeine from your coffee, tea, or soda.

Forking Around: Campus coffee comparison  The Bowdoin Orient

I've always held that the coffee from Bowdoin's Cafe is superior to the brew in the dining halls. Even though both locations carry the same types of coffee made…

A university studied the water quality on planes. You may want to skip the coffee on these two airlines  The Mercury News

You've probably never given much thought to the quality of the water on an airplane. Maybe it's time you should. A recent study ranks the water served on major ...

4 things you may be doing when ordering coffee that actually annoy your barista  msnNOW

There's a reason some drinks shouldn't be ordered "extra hot" and that your espresso isn't ready as soon as you order it.

15 Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Gift Ideas

Help elevate their morning Joe with this extremely chic French press coffee maker. Not only does it make a delicious cup of piping hot brew, it comes in glorious ...

Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 chopped up and recycled into coffee tables  CNN

Pieces of a retired Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 have been transformed into stylish coffee tables, clocks, luggage and other pieces of furniture and offered up for ...

Spanish Immersion students serve free java for Coffee on the Curb program  Richland Source

MANSFIELD -- By 8:20 Friday morning, Spanish Immersion third-grader Abraham Evans was busy filling paper cups and making sure the plastic lids were ...

Berkeley Coffee Shops Offer Reusable Stainless Steel Cups In Pilot Program  CBS San Francisco

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) – Coffee shops in the city of Berkeley are taking part in a pilot program offering customers reusable stainless steel cups, with the goal of ...

This Automatic Coffee Maker Brews Just Like A Pour-Over  HuffPost

Buy real stuff from the HuffPost store: All purchases support our journalism.

'Don't buy daily coffee' is terrible financial advice—here's why

Financial advice to not buy daily coffee won't save you money says Sallie Krawcheck, former Wall Street executive.

Birch & Banyan Coffee in Hartland will get a whole lot bigger by spring  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"I see people walk in the door and end up leaving because they don't see any options."

New $8.7M downtown hotel to include Black Coffee, 'Airstream-style' ice cream shop  The Missoulian

A dilapidated, vacant former hotel building with almost no windows in downtown Missoula is slated for an $8.7 million overhaul.

Green Coffee: Benefits, Weight Loss, and Side Effects  Healthline

Green coffee is an increasingly popular beverage and weight loss supplement. This article reviews green coffee, including its potential benefits and risks.

Help support Hoosiers with autism on your coffee break  WTHR

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Your coffee break could help Hoosier families, children and adults facing the challenges of autism. Damar Services is using coffee as ...

Perc Coffee Roasters joining Hosea + 2nd development

Hosea + 2nd development is getting a new tenant. Perc Coffee Roasters has signed a lease to join Phase II of Hosea + 2nd. “This week Mike Nelson and Clay ...

Flight Attendant Says You Shouldn't Drink Coffee on Planes  Inside Edition

A flight attendant is sharing secrets that airlines won't tell you, including that you might want to not order coffee or tea on a plane. Inside Edition went to Air ...

Yes Free coffee on National Coffee Day FOX 47 News 11:15 AM, Sep 19, 2019  WSYM-TV

Join BIGGBY COFFEE Sunday, September 29, at participating locations throughout the nation to help us celebrate National Coffee Day! On this day we will be ...

How Do You Like Your Coffee? Shirtless Baristas Can Make It  NBC New York

A new business is creating a buzz in Seattle, and the slogan says it all: "Hot guys serving hot coffee." KING's Natalie Swaby reports.

Four vets from Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard start one of Chesapeake’s only coffee roasteries  Virginian-Pilot

Pale Horse coffee roastery in Chesapeake donates some of its profits to veteran and animal charities.

As climate effects hit coffee crops, Guatemalan farmers become migrants  National Catholic Reporter

A boy looks at his mother as she picks coffee beans on a farm in Alotenango, a rural community in Guatemala hit by the coffee rust disease La Roya in 2013.

Just call this coffee shop with shirtless male baristas Magic Mocha, XXL  The Takeout

If we've learned nothing from the past few years of pop culture, namely the success of Magic Mike and its sequels, it's that women love to look at buff men with ...

Now open: Paper Plane Coffee Co. serves 'coffee cocktails' alongside classics in Montclair

Sept. 9, 2019 will go down as one of the biggest days of Jonathan Echeverry's life. It's the day he opened his Montclair coffee shop Paper Plane Coffee Co.

Local coffee shop on verge of failing due to construction  WTMJ-TV

MILWAUKEE — Two businesses have already closed their doors on a busy north side Milwaukee street under construction. More are on the verge like one ...

4 Spots For A Great Cup Of Coffee In Boston  CBS Boston

BOSTON (Hoodline) – Looking to sample the best coffee around town? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top coffee hot spots in Boston, using both ...

Honduras coffee exports to fall as farmers' plight deepens - industry  Reuters

Coffee exports from Honduras are expected to fall in the next harvest, a senior industry official said on Thursday, as lower bean prices in the global market and ...

Savannah-Based Perc Coffee Roasters and Its Cafe Is Opening at Hosea and 2nd in East Lake, Atlanta  Eater Atlanta

The Savannah-based coffee cafe takes up residence at Hosea + 2nd, home to Poor Hendrix and newly opened Salaryman.

Peet's Coffee Celebrates 2019 National Coffee Day with OnePoll Survey Uncovering United States Coffee-Drinking Habits  PRNewswire

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of 2019 National Coffee Day on September 29, Peet's Coffee®, The Original Craft Coffee®, ...

The Best Way to Keep Coffee Fresh Is Secretly the Easiest

What is the best way to keep coffee fresher, longer? As it turns out, it's probably best to just leave it in the bag.

Join Rep. Bellino at his September coffee hours

State Rep. Joe Bellino of Monroe invites residents of Monroe and Wayne counties to join him for his monthly coffee hours on Friday, Sept. 27. “Remaining ...

Cumberland Farms offering free coffees with mobile coupon on National Coffee Day

Cumberland Farms is celebrating National Coffee Day later this month with a free coffee promotion. Customers can get an iced or hot coffee in any size by ...

From Farm to Cup, Big Coffee Turns to Tech to Lure Consumers  Bloomberg

Sustainability-minded millennials increasingly want to know where their cup of Americano or Espresso Macchiato comes from, and some of the world's top coffee ...

Finding the magic point: The art of roasting coffee  Arizona Daily Sun

About a decade ago, Matthew Dupont had an almost religious conversion to coffee. While sitting down with a roaster from Jerome who served him one of his first ...

Pizza pub expands, plus new local coffee shop brews up business  KFDA

One pizza pub is expanding and another coffee shop is added in Amarillo.

Maglianero CafĂ© to Become Kestrel Coffee Roasters CafĂ©  Seven Days

Maglianero Café, the coffee shop in the Karma Bird House at 47 Maple Street in Burlington, will transform into Kestrel Coffee Roasters' second café location at...

Build-Outs Of Summer: Canary Coffee Bar In Milwaukee, WI  Sprudge

If there was a race for best coffee cities in America that no one really talks about, Milwaukee would be up in the front of the pack. Sure, Los Angeles, Portland, ...

The week ahead: Oktoberfest, POW/MIA remembrance, coffee with a cop  Newark Post

Oktoberfest: Friday, 5 to 11 p.m.; Saturday, noon to 11 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 6 p.m., at Delaware Saengerbund, 49 Salem Church Road. The annual festival ...

A coffee shop in Darlington ran by volunteers from St. Matthew’s Church  WBTW

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Anna Ervin from Darlington is making a positively Carolina difference by helping local churches and volunteers with their mission ...

To sip on the safe side of sleeping, here’s the time of day you should stop drinking coffee  Well+Good

A doctor and coffee expert reveals what time of day it's best to stop drinking coffee and having caffiene so you can sleep soundly at night.

10 Ways To Make Coffee Healthier, According To Nutritionists  Women's Health

Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D.; and Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D.N. recommend research-proven ways to improve the health benefits of your morning cup of coffee.

Locals pioneer Lincoln's first Tesla-inspired coffee shop  Daily Nebraskan

A spunky new coffee shop called Reactor is a close neighbor to campus housing, located just down the street from The Village in downtown Lincoln. The shop is ...

Bookstore and coffee shop Sidekick Coffee opens in University Heights  The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS — For many years, one of Katy Herbold's dreams was to open a bookstore that focused on children's and young adult books.

Sam Cox, Saints Rest owner, opens Lucky Cat Coffee |  Scarlet and Black

By Jonathan Gomez For the past two weeks, Sam Cox, owner of Saints Rest Coffee, has been adjusting and perfecting the operations ...

Coffee shop employs shirtless male baristas in Seattle  WLS-TV

SEATTLE, Washington -- After a bikini barista shop in Washington State closed after failing to attract enough customers, a new coffee shop employing shirtless ...

Saugatuck resident, store owner named Biggby Coffees best

SAUGATUCK — Saugatuck resident and owner of three Biggby Coffee locations, Tara Walston, was recognized as this year's Big B Cup winner — an annual ...

Blue Moon is Releasing a New Iced-Coffee Flavored Blonde Beer  94.5 PST

Blue Moon releases a new blonde beer in an iced-coffee flavor. Coming to a liquor store near you in November 2019, Blue Moon unleashes an iced-coffee ...

Damn Fine Coffee, Owned By Former Atomix Barista, Will Expand To Replace The West Town Cafe Next Year  Block Club Chicago

WEST TOWN — Atomix Coffee Shop may be closing at the end of this month, but another locally-owned coffee shop is taking its place. Logan Square's Damn ...

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend  GlobeNewswire

VANCOUVER, B.C., Sept. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. (TSX-SWP) (“Swiss Water”) today announced the declaration ...

The 5 best spots to score coffee in Tampa  Hoodline

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top coffee hot spots in Tampa. Here's a rundown of top businesses in the city, with ratings, photos and more.

Caribou Coffee robbed at gunpoint, no injuries  Macalester College The Mac Weekly

The Caribou Coffee opposite the Campus Center at 68 Snelling Avenue was robbed at gunpoint early on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 12. While there were no ...

Bakers & Baristas becomes Vivi: Pizza Roma - Coffee - Pastries in Penn Quarter  PoPville

Bakers & Baristas opened here back in January 2015. A liquor license placard for Bakers & Barristas posted out front now says: “A new D Restaurant serving ...

Atomix Coffee Shop Closing After 19 Years On Chicago Avenue In West Town  Block Club Chicago

WEST TOWN — Atomix Coffee Shop, a staple in the neighborhood since 2001, announced in a Tuesday Facebook post it would close by the end of the month.

Southport business trades buckets of trash for cups of coffee  WWAY NewsChannel 3

SOUTHPORT, NC (StarNews) — To show their appreciation, a very satisfied customer once gave the Moore Street Market Deli and Cafe in Southport a sign that ...

Boston Common Coffee Company Closes Last Remaining Cafe  Eater Boston

A coffee shop that once had four locations around Boston has closed its last remaining cafe. Boston Common Coffee Co. (10 High St., Boston) has shut down in ...

Sallie Krawcheck: 'Don't buy daily coffee' is terrible advice—here's why  CNBC

Here's why Ellevest cofounder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck doesn't want you to feel guilty about buying a coffee every day.

Life House Coffee can 'compete with Starbucks' with new drive-thru service  GoVolsXtra

Redemption Life Church minister wants to "meet the people where they are"

Celebrate Art! Celebrate Coffee! Art celebration is Saturday in Willmar  West Central Tribune

Georgia Guerrero makes a mask as a part of the "make-n-take" art activities during the 2018 Celebrate Art! Celebrate Coffee! event in Willmar. Erica Dischino ...

Five On Food: Joanie Attayek, owner of Wired Cafe Coffee Bus  Greensboro News & Record

We asked five questions of Joanie Attayek, owner of Wired Cafe Coffee Bus. Most restaurant/coffee shop owners aspire to go from a truck to brick and mortar.

Quirky Frisco: Try these 5 unique coffee shop experiences  The Dallas Morning News

Sure, Frisco is a big suburb outside of Dallas. But it can be super quirky and creative, too. Here are five local coffee shops that have something...

Green Coffee Benefits And Side Effects  Medical Daily

Green coffee is nothing other than the coffee seeds used to concoct regular coffee from a particular Coffea species of plants. The difference between green ...

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee for a Dinner Party  Eater

Entertaining tip: Make a batch of iced coffee and serve it with different types of dairy and non-dairy milks.

Coca-Cola's Honest Tea expands into cold brew coffee, Starbucks launches voice ordering in China with Alibaba smart speaker  FoodIngredientsFirst

20 Sep 2019 --- This week in industry news, Coca-Cola's Honest Tea company is expanding into the cold brew coffee market with its own line of ready-to-drink ...

Books-A-Million Honors U.S. Military With Coffee for the Troops Program This Holiday Season  Business Wire

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Giving is in the air, and it smells like coffee! Books-A-Million is once again partnering with Soldiers' Angels for its 14th ...

Hip Oregon Coffee Chain Is Moving Into Southwest Austin  Eater Austin

Oregon-based coffee chain Black Rock Coffee Bar is opening its first Texas stores, with three locations heading to Austin. The first, located at 7415 Southwest ...

Have Coffee with The News-Journal in Palm Coast  Daytona Beach News-Journal

The public is invited to meet the people who cover the news at the next "Coffee with The News-Journal" this coming Tuesday, Sept. 24, from 7:30-to-9 a.m. at the ...

Six Companies Disrupting the Coffee Industry, or at Least Giving it Their Best (Espresso) Shot  CTech

Cars need fuel and humans need coffee, those are undeniable truths. Whether you are a morning espresso or an afternoon latte type of person most of us need ...

ON THE MENU: Fall coffee, seasonal food at local cafes  Meriden Record-Journal

Cheshire Coffee manager Alyssa Trifone makes a drink on Wednesday. The coffeehouse recently added fall-themed drinks and food items back to their menu.

The 4 best spots to score coffee in San Jose  Hoodline

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top coffee outlets in San Jose. Here's a rundown of top businesses in the city, with ratings, photos and more.

Having A Threesome With JV. Secrets Of The Sexy Coffee Shops. And More! | The JV Show  iHeartRadio

If you missed the show this morning, you can podcast it here! :) Happy Thursday!

Build-Outs Of Summer: Five & Hoek Coffee In Wheaton, IL  Sprudge

Sometimes a build-out isn't about creating something new, but giving a new look to something already in place. And that goes doubly true for today's entry, Five ...

He Drank 47 Cups of Coffee a Day and What Happened Was Beyond Amazing  Inc.

Ever wonder what would happen if you drank WAY more coffee than you do today? Well, it turns out there's this guy who drank the equivalent of around 47 cups ...

Dominic Caruso - Catch a Quality Coffee Break with Caruso’s Coffee

What's better then coffee? Caruso's Coffee has quality coffee that is delicious.

The Dallas Firefighters Rescuing First Responders From Bad Coffee  D Magazine

During a late night of emergency calls last year, Dallas firefighter and paramedic Paul Clarke decided he was sick of drinking bad coffee to keep him alert during ...

Lincoln City Police Department Will Participate In The National Coffee With A Cop Event  The News Guard

Come enjoy a cup of coffee with Lincoln City Police officers between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM at the Hilltop Restaurant in Lincoln City on Wednesday, October 2nd ...

You Can Get Paid $1000 to Drink Coffee for a Month—As Long as You Avoid Chains  Mental Floss

Sustaining a caffeine habit can be costly; the average American spends more than $1000 on coffee each year. If you're looking for a way to earn back your ...

Another Seattle coffee startup looks for buzz — but with a product that eliminates caffeine in the cup  GeekWire

You might think that caffeine fuels a lot of the innovative ideas that come out of Seattle's tech community. But what does that say about what Andy Liu is drinking ...

Coffee shop to open at Manhattan Regional Airport  Manhattan Mercury

When Adrianne Meyer and her boyfriend, Frederick Ustoltseff, were stranded at Manhattan Regional Airport last December, they found themselves with a ...

Coffee Co. parents arrested on child abuse, neglect charges  WSMV Nashville

A Coffee County couple has been arrested on aggravated child abuse and neglect charges, according to court documents.

Build-Outs Of Summer: Cartel Coffee Lab In Austin, TX  Sprudge

Tempe, Arizona's Cartel Coffee Lab have been spreading their wings as of late. Owner to multiple cafes statewide—including the very essential cafe in Terminal ...

Opus Coffee Unveiling Two New Non-Hospital Locations  WUFT

Sneakers slapping on the ground, heart pumping, a doctor reaches her arm out to check the time on her watch. It's 12:05 p.m.. Just a few minutes to grab a quick ...

Buffalo Grove Police, Dunkin Partner For Coffee With A Cop

Buffalo Grove And Dunkin' Host Coffee With A Cop - Buffalo Grove, IL - Buffalo Grove Police Department officers will be on hand at Dunkin' Donuts to informally ...

Long Beach golf cart may have best coffee in town  KABC-TV

Moon Mountain Coffee grows their own beans in Costa Rica, roasts them in Long Beach, and sells their coffee out of this modified golf cart.

Well-known chain coffee shop's disappointing rewards program forces members to redefine 'loyalty'  The Daily Cardinal

“In my book, loyalty is a two-way street,” “My cheating ex-husband has more integrity,” and “Capitalism must die!” are just a few of the remarks from frustrated ...

Is Love's truck stop coming to Coffee County? No one knows.  Manchestertimes

When Love's Travel Stop and Country Stores announced a planned location in Coffee County, at the corner of I-24 and the Wattendorf Highway, off Exit 117, ...

The Kona coffee you buy from Costco and Walmart? It might be fake  Los Angeles Times

Growers on Hawaii's Big Island use chemical analysis of coffee to accuse Amazon, Costco, Walmart and others of passing off commodity beans Konaas prized ...

15 Best Coffee Places In Delhi You Just Can't Miss  NDTV Food

The growing number of coffee places around town get us to one point- Delhi loves coffee. So wev got a list of some of the best coffee places in town that you ...

Drink Coffee, Avoid Gallstones?  WebMD

To the many ways in which coffee seems to confer unexpected health benefits, add a lowered risk of painful gallstones.

Coffee products you never knew you needed  CNET

A "good" cup of coffee means something different for everyone, ranging from a cup of dark, almost chewy truckstop coffee to a lighter-bodied pour over made ...

Cafe di Vetro reopens in Lancaster; coffee shop had been mostly closed since late May  LancasterOnline

Cafe di Vetro, which had been mostly closed since late May, has reopened.

Dream job? Get paid $1,000 to drink local coffee and post to social media  KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Calling all coffee addicts. You can get paid to get your caffeine fix. is looking for one person to go on the ultimate coffee-drinking ...

NEXT Up: Taneshya Williams on how three cups of coffee can change lives  NEXTpittsburgh

An advocate for women both personally and professionally, Taneshya Williams is the program manager for Pennsylvania Women Work's 3 Cups of Coffee ...

Which Coffee Booze Are You?  Sprudge

As you may have noticed thanks to our recent fearless reporting, coffee booze is everywhere right now. 2019 has seen a significant uptick in the number of ...

Business.Org Wants To Pay You $1,000 To Drink Local Coffee For A Month  Sprudge

Speaking from experience here, let me just say that getting paid to drink coffee is a pretty great gig. (Ok, maybe I get paid to talk about coffee and the drinking of it ...

Nicholas Coffee celebrates its 100-year anniversary this week  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Step inside Nicholas Coffee & Tea Co. in Market Square, and you'd be one of a couple hundred customers who visit the landmark shop in a day. Walk past the ...

Blue Moon Releases Iced Coffee Blonde Beer Nationwide  Food & Wine

The popular wheat beer brand has added decaf coffee to its new blonde brew.

The Best Coffee Makers on Amazon to Consider Right Now  The Daily Beast

Whatever way you like your coffee, make it easier (and more affordable) with a coffee maker.

Instant coffee is back, and snobs are paying $3.25 a cup  Los Angeles Times

Instant-coffee start-ups, including Waka Coffee, Sudden Coffee and Swift Cup Coffee, have improved the taste and are attracting a new generation of ...

Egyptian Coffee Shop – Queens, New York - Gastro  Atlas Obscura

Discover Egyptian Coffee Shop in Queens, New York: Sip coffee and talk politics at this landmark cafe in Astoria's Little Egypt, a contender for the title of ...

Family-Owned General Store Plans To Provide Coffee, Ice Cream, More In Greendale  Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH

Greendale General Store is expected to open in October, it's owners say.

Couple Opens Tree House Coffee Shop on Jersey City's Growing West Side  Jersey Digs

Tree House, a new coffee shop on Ege and West Side avenues in Jersey City, has 400 square feet inside and a backyard with a picnic table. Photo courtesy ...

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