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Live the Life of a Civil War Soldier When you Drink your Mornin Coffee

Civil War soldiers drank from large tin cups. Hot liquidfilled all the way up in a tin cup will burn yer lips. Soldiers needed at least an inch or two at the top. So theywould only fill it two-thirds full and let it cool a littleso they could tolerate it. Don't drink from old tin cupsthat you might find in an antique store. They have leadsolder. Buy a reproduction of one at a Civil War reenactment or from a Sutler who advertises in some of themilitary history magazines. Coffee boilers are large tincups with a handle on them. Some of them even have lids onthem. They hold 22-24 ozs. of liquid. They look like a cup that is a coffee pot.

A Little Secret Your Dentist Doesnt Want You To Know

Most dentist, particular those who specialize in cosmetic dentistry love it when you drink coffee & tea. Why? Your making them wealthy! Because all coffees and teas contain tannic acid. Tannic acid, the bitter compound in coffee and all forms of tea can cause yellow or brown stains when it combines with other particles on your teeth.

Russian Tea drinking - The beginning

It is believed history of Russian tea drinking tradition have began at 1638.

There is More to Motivation Than Meets the Coffee

The stress of unemployment can really take a toll on ones confidence and state of mind. For some individuals, it could lead to depression, for others ? a mere lack of motivation and feeling of hopelessness. Employment is one of the main structures that helps individuals in our society to feel positive, develop financial independence, as well as establish hope for the future.

Caffeine & Low Birth Weight Babies

These studies begin to point the way to the more permanent damage that coffee drinking can inflict on the unborn. The use of caffeine during pregnancy has been widely studied. There is much evidence to suggest that caffeine is associated with low-birth weight and related problems.

Why Your Cup of Coffee in the Morning May Keep You Up All Night

One of the most common complaints among coffee drinkers is that the caffeine can disturb their sleep. This result has been known for thousands of years and is, in fact, one of the reasons why many drink coffee in the first place: to stay awake.

Woman Dies from Caffeine Overdose and Expert Calls for Action in New Book and FDA Petition

An autopsy released this week has found caffeine to be the cause of death for a woman from New Mexico. The incident took place in June 2004 after she was admitted to a hospital after a fight with her son. The injuries sustained were thought to be the cause of her lapsing into a coma but was later revealed that high amounts of caffeine were found.

Coffee - How to Buy, Store, and Grind it for the Perfect Cup

In the early days of the coffee craze, before the first Starbucks arrived in my town, I owned a tea and coffee house for several years. At the time, espresso was something new for most people, and a lot of my customers had questions. I decided to teach a class on coffee at the shop, and learned in the process that there are several misunderstandings about buying, storing, and grinding coffee that when corrected can lead to a much more enjoyable cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinders Jumpstart Your Java

All the experts agree. People who want the best flavor in their coffee use coffee grinders. Coffee grinders work so well because they unleash the bean oils and aromas right before you make a pot. It?s like opening a fresh can of ground coffee each and every time you make some "joe".

Coffee Club Membership Is A Joy For Coffee Lovers

Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers The coffee club concept is relatively new but is taking the world by storm. Reward yourself or your friends and relatives with coffee clubs by joining up and saving loads. Each month, you will get a shipment of coffee delivered direct to your door. This is a great way to taste new coffees, sample different varieties, find a brew that you really like and ultimately avoid a trip to the store to buy your favorite coffee. Automatic shipment is very convenient, especially if you like your coffee first thing in the morning because this means you will never run out when you need it the most.

Italian Roast Coffee For An Authentic Espresso

One of the things people think of with Italy is it's coffee. In fact Italian roast coffee is perfect for bringing a touch of Europe to your home. Can 50 million plus Italians all be wrong? Well, with Italian roast you can't go wrong either.

Cappuccino Secrets: Creating the Perfect Foam

Here is an article that tells the secret of creating the perfect foam with steamed milk for making a wonderful cappuccino. As you'll see creating the perfect foam isn't as easy as it may seem ...

Iced Coffee Recipes for Enjoying Chilled Espresso, Thai Iced Coffee And Many More Variations

There are many refreshing iced coffee recipes available, and we have selected some of the most interesting for you. However, my favorite of all it the traditional Italian iced coffee recipe which uses freshly made espresso, a cocktail shaker and ice cubes. In fact, if you ask for an iced coffee in Italy this is the only recipe they will serve. Poured into a cocktail glass, the chilled Italian espresso is second to none.

Try the Tradition of Turkish Coffee and Taste the Difference

The Europeans got their first taste of Turkish Coffee, and coffee in general from the Ottoman Turks, who brought coffee to the West. They were great coffee drinkers, both at home and in public houses, the forerunners of our cafs, which started to spring up across the Islamic countries. Turkish coffee became part of the Turks life and was known as the "Wine of Islam" and the "Milk of Chess Players and Thinkers".

Mocha Coffee: Learn About the Source and Try Our Recipes for Making Great Mochas

Depending on how we look at it, mocha coffee may be the tall drink made of coffee, cocoa and milk, often served with cream or, on the other hand mocha coffee may refer to the source.

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Coffee roaster on tap in Kankakee
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Guardian Cold Brew Brings Fresh Bottled Coffee to Cleveland
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Coffee may affect metabolism more than previously thought ...
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Coffee has been tied to many health benefits. Now, a small study suggests a daily java habit may affect the body's metabolism more extensively than thought.
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11 simple coffee hacks you should be trying right now
For an even more enhanced drinking experience, there's the Jamber mug, which was designed by engineers to become the most comfortable mug. When you hold the mug, your hand is automatically, put into a anatomically neutral position, reducing strain on ...


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