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The Engine Explained

The engine is the heart of your car, but instead of pumping blood, the engine pumps air and fuel. The engines main function is to convert air and fuel into rotary motion so it can drive the wheels of the car. How does it do that .... Well lets start with a cutaway of the engine and see all the major parts then we will get into the actual mechanics.

Your Drive Train Explained

The drive train serves two functions: it transmits power from the engine to the drive wheels, and it varies the amount of torque. "Power" is the rate or speed at which work is performed. "Torque" is turning or twisting force. Multiple ratio gearboxes are necessary because the engine delivers its maximum power at certain speeds, or RPM Rotations Per Minute. In order to use the same engine RPMs at different road speeds, it is necessary to change the "Gear Ratio" between the engine and the drive wheels. Just like a bicycle, the car has to switch gears in order to move at a wide range of speeds. Unlike your bicycle, the cars drivetrain also has to allow you to back up. Well, you could push it backwards if you ate your Wheaties

Oil / Lubricants

I receive a lot of questions regarding oil and the least understood part is the number system used to rate oils.

Your Fuel System

The fuel system feed your engine the gasoline/diesel it needs to run. If anyone of the parts in the system break down your engine will not run. Lets look at the major parts of the fuel system,

Changing a Tire

It always happens at the worst times! You need to know how to change a tire even if you have an auto club membership. Depending on where you get a flat, there may not be a phone nearby to call a tow truck. Lets take is step by step and always remember to read your owners manual, there will be detailed instructions relating to your car there. I should mention also a few tips for getting to the side of the road safely if you have a blowout on the road. Stay calm, do not panic Slowly take your foot off of the gas and let the vehicle coast to a stop. Do not make any sudden braking or steering actions. Put your flashers on to alert other drivers. Now that you are safely off of the road.

Your Cars Electrical System

When the automotive industry was in its infancy, it used electricity only to ignite the fuel inside the engine. By the late 1920s, the electric starter replaced the hand crank, electric headlights made acetylene lamps obsolete and the braying of the electric horn drowned out the squeak of the hand-squeezed air horn. Today, an automobile requires an elaborate electrical system of circuits just to produce, store, and distribute all the electricity it requires simply for everyday operation.

How Your Cars Suspension Works

"Suspension," when discussing cars, refers to the use of front and rear springs to suspend a vehicles "sprung" weight. The springs used on todays cars and trucks are constructed in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, rates, and capacities. Types include leaf springs, coil springs, air springs, and torsion bars. These are used in sets of four for each vehicle, or they may be paired off in various combinations and are attached by several different mounting techniques. The suspension system also includes shocks and/or struts, and sway bars.

Auto Tools For The DIYer

If you are a car owner who occasionally works on his or her own car, please dont go out and spend thousands of dollars on high priced tools. Professional mechanics make a living with their tools and need the best. If you are doing minor repairs on your own vehicles a lower cost tool set will do just fine. We have teamed up with to bring you the best price on tools for the DIYer. Keep in mind you can find most of these tools at your local parts store, but probably not at these prices. Lets look at the basics you will need for most common jobs.

Checking Fluids

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape requires constant monitoring of vital fluids. Read you owners manual and look for a diagram of the engine. Most times there will be a diagram showing where to check all the major fluids. This should be your starting point. If your manual is lost in the glove box or you never had one, then ask your mechanic or a friend who knows cars to show you all the places to check. There are 4 major levels to check on most cars.

Used Car Auctions: Dos and Donts

This is Part 1 of a 4 part series on how to buy a car at an auction

Explore Less-Traveled Paths in Camping Comfort

Innovations provide the power to enjoy RV amenities miles beyond the last electrical hookup.

Newspaper Information And/Or Police Reports Regarding Your Motor Vehicle Accident

As the accident victim you should check to see if there were newspaper accounts reporting the accident. If there were clip out the relevant articles and save them. The area’s local newspapers should also be checked for the possibility that they may have published a synopsis of the weather on the day of the accident. Upon clipping out such an item a notation should be made indicating the name of the newspaper, plus the date and page, etc.

What to Remember When Purchasing Your Car

Buying a new car is the second most expensive thing most consumers buy. Next to houses of course. That is why it is important to know all the tips on making car buying easy and less stressful. Think about the car model and features you will want. Also think about how much you are willing to spend and STICK TO IT. Car salesmen are almost always paid on commission which means all they want is your purchase. Also, don’t be hasty or feel rushed into making a decision. If you are not sure about something, come back later.

Welcome To The World Of "Upside Down" Motorcycle Loans!

With the depreciation on motorcycles being so enormous after they are driven off the showroom floor, the potential for a buyer owing more on their motorcycle loan than the bike is worth it quite high. Owing more on your bike than it is worth is often referred to as the world of “up side Down#8221;.

More Hybrid SUVs in 2005

It is common knowledge among car enthusiasts and car owners that the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the amount of fuel it consumes. With this in mind, several automobile producers have begun diverting a big chunk of their efforts to producing more hybrid 4x4s in the year 2005.

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