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Dan Baldyga

There’s nothing that has a greater impact on evaluating a personal injury insurance claim than the damage done to your body, the medical bills that are a direct result of that injury and the “pain and suffering” you were forced to deal with.

Besides botching up your body and sometimes your love life what else does the injury mean to you It means a ton of financial expense’s, including repairing your motor vehicle, lost wages, a shock to your life style, a tremendous inconvenience and short or long periods of pain and discomfort - - all of it a direct result of your injuries.

Plus, theres a long list of possible medical expenses. For example: Doctor/Chiropractor, Prescription Drug Bills, Ambulance, Emergency Room Care, Hospital or Clinic, Specialist and/or Dentist, Laboratory Fees and Serv

The Cooling System
The purpose of the engines cooling system is to remove excess heat from the engine, to keep the engine operating at its most efficient temperature, and to get the engine up to the correct temperature as soon as possible after starting. Ideally, the cooling system keeps the engine running at its most efficient temperature no matter what the operating conditions are.
Car Insurance No Claims Bonus Explained
No Claims Bonus is a term used to describe the number of years you have had Car Insurance without making a claim. Put simply, if you have had Car Insurance for 4 years and you have not made a claim in that time, then you have 4 years No Claims Bonus. No Claim Bonus is probably the single biggest factor affecting the cost of your Car Insurance premium. Every year that goes by without you making a claim is another year of No Claims Bonus. Generally speaking, the more No Claims Bonus years you have, the cheaper your premium will be for the car you need to insure. This is because Car Insurance companies can see that your history regarding making any claims is a good one. When changing provider, Car Insurance companies will usually ask you to prove your No Claims Bonus in the form of a renewal notice or a letter from your current Car Insurance company. If you have several years of No Claims Bonus but then make a claim, the Car Insurance company will usually apply its rules of how much to knock back your No Claims Bonus Years. Some companies such as Accept Direct to protect your No Claims Bonus for an extra fee during the quotation process.Having full no claims bonus can also entitle you up to 75% discount on your car insurance premium.
Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim Guide
This is a FREE Insurance Claim Guide created especially for the readers of ARTICLECITY.COM as a 2004 "Gift",
Effective Online Car Sales on Ebay Motors
Remember back when selling online was a new experienceDealers tried everything to sell their vehicles online.Today’s market has expanded to include several hot online marketplaces.The largest online marketplace is Ebay.Ebay has evolved into an online solution for everything from whole towns to your favorite paperback book.Big or small it doesn’t matter, Ebay has everything for the savvy consumer.
Auto Accident Collecting For Your Lost Wages
A couple months ago you were toolin on down the avenue, minding your own business, when out of nowhere, this fumbling, stumbling man by the name of Freddie Fuddle flew through a Stop Sign and plowed into you with a gigantic, rip-roaring, screeching broadside. You were wearing your seat belt but it was still a thundering crash that wrenched and whipped you around the inside of your motor vehicle something fierce!
Improve Gas Mileage Without Damaging Your Car
Many of the gas saving devices being advertised do not work and can actually damage your vehicle.
What is Road Hazard Warranty Do You Really Need It
You are prepared to spend an average of $300 - $500 for new sneakers for you vehicle. Its a maintenance item that is not optional and then the salesperson asks you if you want to purchase the Road Hazard warranty.
Auto Tools For The DIYer
If you are a car owner who occasionally works on his or her own car, please dont go out and spend thousands of dollars on high priced tools. Professional mechanics make a living with their tools and need the best. If you are doing minor repairs on your own vehicles a lower cost tool set will do just fine. We have teamed up with to bring you the best price on tools for the DIYer. Keep in mind you can find most of these tools at your local parts store, but probably not at these prices. Lets look at the basics you will need for most common jobs.
How to Change Your Cars Motor Oil
First, lets answer the question; Why should you change your own oil Because you can save time and money. You dont have to wait in line at the service garage or quick oil change shop. For ten bucks you can get the best oil and a brand new oil filter. And, its so easy to do that you could train a monkey to do it.
Where to Buy Used Cars at Bargain Prices!
One of the most important things you can do to purchase a used car at bargain prices is to do your homework.You should check your local classified ads and see what the asking price is for the type of vehicle that you are in the market for.Make sure to get the high and low Blue Book Price on the vehicle that you are interested in.Here are some excellent sources for getting pricing:
Car Ground Effects : Should You Install Yourself
To make your car handle and look better you need the right car ground effects. Use aero-dynamic wings, spoilers, dams or skirts to get the down force plus the stylish look you have been looking for. These car ground effects features are not just pretty add-ons, they are designed to really work on your car, truck, jeep or suv ! Generally, they are wind-tunnel tested to generate huge rear down force to dramatically improve traction and keep your vehicle stable at high speeds without draining power from the engine.
Handling Your Motor Vehicle Accident With Your Own Insurance Company
This “How To” article is crucial, up-to-date information concerning what to do if your insurance company is giving you a hard time regarding your own motor vehicle accident claim with them and you’re positive it’s “Legit”. If there’s some problems with whatever position they’ve taken regarding your Property Damage Loss or any other coverage-questions they may be ducking/stalling/ignoring and/or disputing you don’t have to sit back and take it!
Low Speed Impact "Injury" Facts
Low Speed impacts are those that take pace at speeds under 10 MPH. There’s often little if any visible Property Damage done to the rear of ones motor vehicle. However, those who are struck especially in the rear often have injuries, especially neck injuries. The most common of them are identified as “Whiplash”.
Sharing The Road Safely With Commercial Vehicles
NC — Since the 1970s, the number of vehicles on Canadas roads has increased by 80 per cent. Despite this dramatic increase in traffic, the number of road fatalities has been cut by more than half.
Selling Effectively on Ebay Motors
Remember back when selling online was a new experienceDealers tried everything to sell their vehicles online.Today’s market has expanded to include several hot online marketplaces but there is the largest online marketplace, Ebay.Ebay has evolved into an online solution for everything from whole towns to your favorite paperback book.Big or small it doesn’t matter, Ebay has everything for the savvy consumer.
Buying a New CarUse Feng Shui to Select Your Success Color
With September’s arrival comes the annual car buying season.But while selecting the type of car comes easily to most people, making a decision on the color of a car can be a stumbling block.Some people simply go with their favorite color, while others mull over color choices by considering factors such as climate, type of vehicle use, or the most practical choice, going with what is least likely to show dirt.But what if even that failsThen try feng shui.Yes, feng shui, the Chinese guide used for arranging homes and offices, can also be used for selecting colors based on an individual’s own personal feng shui.
FAQ on Modifying the Toyota Supra
What does BPU™ stand for BPU™ is a trademark of
From Mower To Thrower
NC—The days are getting shorter. The nights cooler. And finally, your grass has stopped growing. Looks like its time to store your lawn tractor or mower for the winter. And get that trusty snow thrower ready for use.
The Latest Mercedes Car Technology
Automobiles have become normal fixtures in our lives, and they will continue to be our daily companions in the decades to come. Since its earlier days, innovations on automobile technology have been continuous. Engineers and manufacturers have sought to give the public improved performance, more comfortable features and safer cars. And this goal continues up to now and the process has even become more meticulous as car buyers have started to become more specific about what they want from their cars.
Your Money, Your Life, or Your Seat Belt
A seat belt is one of those things in life that just doesnt make sense to about 40,000,000 people in the United States.After all, freedom of choice is the Free World cornerstone and when it comes to our automobiles, we want to ride them any way we choose.

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